Saturday, March 17, 2012

My St. Patricks day

Here I am standing in the Walmart parking lot
But lets rewind.....
When I woke up it was snowing!! I had plans to go to a Estate Sale that had been listed a few weeks back in online classifieds. Thinking that I seen the opening time for 7:30 a.m. I set my alarm for 6:45 a.m. Alarm goes off I check my email and then go to the add to write down the address. When I see that their start time is 10:00 a.m. ("WHAT") I am tired as heck (Because I had only went to bed at 3 a.m.) my one eye is like only half open, and I am awake for no blinking reason. I was going to just stay up "But I was way too tired and at 7:30 I went back to bed until 9:30."
It was foggy out this was the view from the bridge we crossed heading to the Estate sale.
"Turns out this "ESTATE SALE" was a sale where a lady who liked to craft wanted to sell her crafts at outrageous prices. There was no 25 cent items or even $1 The pricing for knick knacks and decor ranged from $10 - $50 "MY HEAVENS" There was no estate to be sold...
It was just a small sale of crafted items and weird 90s decor and kick knacks being sold for more than you could buy the same thing for at Walmart.

(Lady... you ruined my morning)
I didn't have the huge wool coat planned for my St. Patty's attire but when I realized it was freezing it became something that needed to be worn.
A sign on the ceiling of our mall
Stopped here for our weekly visit
I will cry if this place closes down!!
Okay now to the HIGHLIGHT of my St. Patricks day. Mr. and I went into a retail store we visit every now and again. He took off to go look for headphones and I was browsing through some woman's clearance clothes. When I looked in the direction Mr. Coco had went and spotted a Mis-placed item in the Men's department. What was this item I spotted.
On the shelf like 15 - 20 feet away I spotted a BIG RED ....
CRAB BOOK!!! I seriously ran from the clothes instantly and grabbed the book with the biggest grin. I am sure it has a age limit on it (4-6) or something but that didn't stop me from being COMPLETELY enamoured. Then I saw Mr. Coco coming towards me and I showed him the book as he was walking towards me..."I was Shaking Mrs. Crabs eyes up and down"
I didn't even ask for the book. Mr. Coco just grabbed it and held it.
OBVIOUSLY he bought it for me...
What a GREAT man!!!
Do you guys want me to read it to you?? *lol*
Look at this toadstool chair, Isn't it adorable!
I think Em would like it just as much as I do.
Well it's a kid's thing too... but hmmmm (Now I know why my Mom always asks if I missed out on my childhood) *hehehe*
I ended my night by visiting my Grandma. We had pie and I helped her with her computer. Here is a pic I took of her Bichon/Poodle.
Hope you enjoyed your St. Patty's day.


  1. Hee hee you crack me up! Lucky you checked the ad and didn't show up to the rubbish 'estate sale' at 7.30!

  2. Hehe sounds like a fun St Patty's day! Don't you hate it when garage/estate sales are advertised falsely. Soooooo irritating. So glad you found something to brighten your day. I love those glasses on you too! Xx

  3. Oooh, fog! I miss fog! We don't get a lot of it here.

  4. Oh my goodness I want that chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only you didn't live a million miles away. I think you had a very good St Pattys day. A crab book with eyes that move? It was destiny. xxx

  5. oh god Mr Clown/Leprchaun I do not want you anywhere near me! I do covet your mushroom stool though, it looks like the ones that were in the kids section of our local McDonalds til about 1998

    I want ramen soooooo badly right now!

  6. What a cool book! I love your green eyeshadow!

  7. Bless you, you do make me chuckle you looked so annoyed in those photo's and i can understand why. But just think if she hadn't have annoyed you might not have gone into that shop and found the crab book ;-)) Enjoy it, dee x

  8. Estate Sale Fraud - it must be stopped! I hate it. But getting Mrs. Crab's books was Karma for having fought the good and foggy fight.

  9. I hate estate sale busts! But I love the Mrs. Crab book...:)

  10. Oh sweet I know that feeling so well, stupid lady at the so called estate sale. Grrrrr
    BUT happy happy for the Mrs Crab book. Yay
    Oh oh and a mushroom stool, that really is happiness.
    Love v

  11. Eugh that estate sale sounded terrible! All came good with the crab book - amazing! Scarlett x

    1. haha i would really love that you read this weird book to me darling!!!
      i had to tag you and i hope you don´t mind ;)
      love and kiss,mary

  12. Oh no! Sounds like another bad estate sale!! :( Hope you have better luck soon!!

  13. How very RUDE of that silly lady to dampen your morning with shitty pretend estate sale! At leats you looked smashingly GREEN and later scored a crabtaculous crab book!It wasn't all bad,obviously,as the mushroom stool will attest!Hurrah!
    O,you look GORGEOUS in that frock last post!

  14. Such a bummer the estate sale wasn't quite what you expected. Love that first photo - AWESOME.

  15. Are you sure it wasn't 'a state' sale? How bloody annoying.
    Glad the crabby book cheered you up!

    I have a toadstool stool somewhere, I got given it for my 21st birthday, it's not very comfy but it is cute!

  16. Bad lady! The overpriced crafty woman, not you!
    YOU are always a delight, you ramen-addicted crustacean- lovin' fool!
    MORE things for the Future Baby Coconut's room? That not-yet-child will want for nothing! (Though it might cry for noodles as soon as it's born... I blame the parents. Hahaha!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. That sucks about the estate sale!
    You do look more adorable when your annoyed.
    Atleast you found a crab book with googly eyes.
    I would love a mushroom toad stool to play mario party but without the clown.
    Your making me crave ramen noodles.

  18. I hate when people say they are having a sale and you get there and it's crap.I would have been mad to getting no sleep.Love your little coat.It looks warm.I am going to have to make a trip to canada just for ramen.hee hee.I'm hungry book looks so cute.Love the big eyes on it.xx