Friday, March 23, 2012

The Purple People Eater spat out my frock

Happy Frock on Friday
Dress - Bag sale $0.50
The Poncho Salvation Army $1
Silver high heels Bag sale $0.75
Floral Headband Desiree FREE
Purple Flowers Dollar Store $1
I found my purple poncho on Wednesday afternoon & was thrilled because I was planning to wear this dress for FOF and new it would go perfectly.
My artistic photo
Where am I? Well... up in the mountains...
I promise there really is one!!
Poncho / Dress
At the Veiwpoint
~ Fly away with me..... ~
*Such Grace & Focus*
Face making time! *hehehe*


  1. Have a perfectly purple weekend! You do make me laugh with your pics xx

    1. oh i already found the deer before you put the solution foto :P and how gorgous you are in purple and blue!!!oh your pictures are always so much fun darling, well honestly in this fly away pic i had other thoughts in my mind as that you were flying haha
      wish you a superfabulous weekend!

    2. I wish you a HAPPY (Enter color you are currently wearing here)weekend too!!

  2. You look lovely in lavender/purple.Love that dress.I love you silly face make the cutest ones.Happy weekend.xx

  3. Thank goodness you pointed that sucker out,I was about to get very annoyed,as I just couldn't SEE it!I'm dreadful at these spot it thingys!
    Now,Ms Cocnut,that frock is FABULARSEHOLE!!! The colours and styling,and above all,INCREDIBLE posing are just KILLER! I think you might be my posing twin,only G tells me off for pulling too many stylish poses......!!!

  4. Oh that purple combination is lovely. I love the frock on you. What a fabulous place to take photos! I'd say you are a natural born poser in the best way of course! Xx

  5. Ohhh that dress is really pretty! I wish I could find a poncho at a thrift store all ours are crap!
    I love your posts so much lol

  6. ha ha ha ha it was like wheres wally with the deer ;-) Gorgeous dress and that poncho is lush ;-) Such beautiful colours, have a great weekend, dee x

  7. Tee hee I found the little monster, that is deer, oh and the monster at the start too.
    Look at you, just gorgeous in purple. The poncho is super amazing and I love the floaty wings on that dress.
    yay have a great weekend
    Love v

  8. Don't you look scrumptious!
    I found the deer straight away - huzzah!

  9. aaahhh thats where the deer was! I love that purple frock, it's a bit sexy isn't it?

  10. So the most expensive items in this whole outfit cost a dollar? Bloody hell! You are giving Bargain Queen Vix a run for her money!
    LOVE your frock and the poncho, such a beautiful colour. Are those ties at the back of the neck? They are so pretty, I need to know about the details please!
    Deer? I see no deer! Are you kidding? Or do I need to go back to my optician?
    I see you pulling a face though. Check out Smallest LB in my post, I think you'll recognise a kindred spirit!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. I saw the deer straight away despite being distracted by your gorgeous and bargain-tastic outfit! You know I love a poncho and that was a fab find, it's perfect with that divine frock. xxx

  12. I flippin' love a jolly nice colourful poncho ever since my Nana crocheted me a pink one when I was four - your $1 purple number is beautiful and goodness what a gorgeous frock!!! Yay for the headband and silver shoes! I think I spied the deer at the left of the pic? xoxoxo

  13. Hi there, got to your blog after Curtise comment on Shelley's blog! Beautiful dress, gorgeous poncho and for a $1 woopsydoo Lady! Queen of bargains, nice to meet you!

    Where are you from? Canada?

    BTW, am i a follower, not certain will have to check at home because the google follower does not work here...

    Anyhoo, i am a new follower whatever...:)

    Ariane xxx

  14. I adore this post! Your blog always makes me smile!! I love your poncho and that cute dress has such a fabulous print! Great colors! I also like your hair flowers! Very Frida!

  15. I love your lavender prosti pose floral frock.
    A pretty purple poncho.. wow only $1!
    loving your silver shoes and floral headband.
    I could barely see that deer.