Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thrifted finds & My new Etsy shop

(Okay did that scare any of you??)
I fell in love with this weird little handmade clown. And I also kind of bought it cause I knew The Mr. (Clown HATER) would dislike it. *hehehe*
This one is intriguing and pretty
Vintage celluloid mirror
Tooled Leather handbag
This handbag must have came from a extensive smoker... Any clue how to get the smell out?!
I am thinking it is not possible... but what the heck!?! I suppose asking never hurt.
Cute Chinese Mary Jane's
I will wear the heck out of these this spring/summer
My first pair of silver heels!

$0.75 I loved these as soon as I seen them.
In other news... I started to put things in my Etsy shop in the middle of Feb.
I still have alot to add but am just going slowly week by week.
Right now I am selling stuff from the 50s - 80s.
I haven't really told anyone about it as I am trying to get to 100 listings. *hhaah*
If your on Etsy let me know I would like to add you to my circle. I have found a few of you bloggie chix but I am sure not all.

My Stores Facebook page... I am not the biggest fan of Facebook (Sorry to those who are)

But I hadn't been on it in a long time & the new timeline layout screws with my BRAINS!!

I learnt a couple new things about it this afternoon after messing around for a couple hours.

This is my shops FB

Like it if you like.... You may be my VERY FIRST PERSON!

And I kinda need a first person.


UPDATE (I got a first liker!! Thank you Vintage Bird Girl)


  1. I'm very pleased to be your first facebook Liker! I enjoyed a browse through your etsy store too. It looks great. I love the tooled handbag & the silver shoes. Those prices are insane! Well done you! Xx

    1. I lucked out and went to St. Vincent Du Paul's thrift on a sale day. Normally things would have costed a bit more.
      Thank you for being a liker! =D

  2. For the bag, I know baking soda is used a lot for odors. Maybe open a new box and zip it up in the bag for awhile?

  3. A Thrifty Mrs had a ton of tips to remove odours last week. Such brilliant finds!!! I don't have facebook I have too many other internet addictions. Congrats on the etsy shop, I still haven't got my butt in to gear quite yet! xx

    1. Thanks for the info Em.
      Re: Facebook (Your not missing much) *lol*
      Although I do figure you need a Etsy shop. I could just see your favorite items list being full of MUSHROOMS!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Dana
      I was you 847th!! lol
      DEAR HECK! you have alot of likers. lol

  5. Well congratulations on your new shop ;-) I have had a break from facebook for a couple of months but i did open my account back up the other day just for networking with the local vintage community by me. But i have to say that timeline i am not even going there it messes up my brain to im a nice and simple girl ;-) dee x

    1. Thanks for the congrats! =D
      I am a nice and simple girl too. *lol*

  6. I had a pair of those Chinese shoes and I wore them until they fell apart! They were so comfy, in fact I should get myself another pair! I also wore Chinese beaded slippers as shoes, but alas they wore out really quickly!

    Such lovely finds, I am itching to get out to the charity shops. I found a clown dirty baby clothes hanger I made while at school yesterday!


    1. Ohhh I was looking at some of those satin Chinese mary janes. They are soooo cute.

      "Send in the Clowns!!" HAHA
      I actually like clowns... it saddens me there is so much hate for them. :)

  7. I can't believe everything is so cheap! well done! they're all amazing, even that scary clown

    1. I wanted to go to a thrift shop today... but the other half said "NO!" I even pouted and it didn't help. lol

  8. Aargh! The clown of terror!

    How do you manage to find all this stuff under $1? Love all the shoes and the bag if you can de-stinkify it. I was going to mention Mrs T's post but I see Em has beaten me to it. I can't remember if cat litter was mentioned but you could try that as it's supposed to absorb odours. Hope you can make it fragrant again!

    Have liked your FB page and will check out your shop when I get a moment (sick child today - knew I shouldn't have written that post!) x

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

    1. I found the stuff I found in this post because of a 50% off sale at our local St. Vincents.

      I should buy some cat little for all the smokey stuff I come across. I have a pair of old cowboy boots I found that just send a lingering scent of stale tobacco all over the place. They must have been the Marlboro Man's boots.

      Your posts are appearing for me!! =D

  9. Off to LIKE you on Facebook. Love your finds - esp the Mary Janes, we used to send away for those, very popular when I was in college.

    1. Thanks Helen
      I hope those shoes are easy to keep buying because I have a feeling I will fall in love with them and then be sad when they wear out.
      "I am weird like that"

  10. I've liked you! We used to wear those Mary Janes back in the 1980s, they are so cute to look at but crap when it rains (which is most of the time). Love the tooled bag and think you should hide that clown in case he comes to life and stalks Mr C in the night! x

    1. Thank God it barely rains here! Although sometimes our summers get so hot... fires happen everywhere and we all dream of getting rain.
      I think if that clown came to life he would just laugh crazily. =p

  11. You do get some incredible stuff at super-low prices - clever girl! Will be checking out your shop.
    Love the leather bag and the silver shoes. Weird clown? Hmm, might give Future Baby Coconut nightmares, be careful!
    I must be one of the few people left in the world who doesn't do Face book. Do you think I should? Would I EVER drag myself away from the computer? The kids would just go feral... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. So then I shouldn't keep the clown to tack up on the ceiling above the babies crib?? *AHAAHHA*

      I found some vintage plastic clown cake decorations in a thrift. I am going to put them on Mr. Cocos birthay cake this year.

  12. I'm not sure why clowns get such a bad rap...I'v found some awesome vintage clown stuff but no-one in this house will let me keep it. So back to the oppie it goes.
    (probably forever)

    I love the name of your shop and I think you are a clever girl to come up with it. It's the kind of name people will remember. There's lots of nice stuff inside too. Good work and good luck Ms V.C. x

    1. Awww I can't believe you send AWAY the clowns. If there is not a small amount of people that will love them... I am afraid they might feel rejected and start attacking.

      Thanks Kylie
      My love for vintage suitcases helped with my choosing of a name.

  13. Congrats on the shop! Complete bargains - i adore the bag! No idea on removing smells apart from waving it around your head outside for a bit ;o) Scarlett x

  14. Amor,
    Yay, for getting a shop for your goodes.
    I am following you on Etsy.
    I love the gold celluloid mirror.
    and that wonderous tool bag. I been looking for a big-ass red tool bag.
    those yellow flower shoes are too sweet. Oooo your first pair of silver shoes.I cant wait for the my boot sales!
    That clown is cute for a baby's bedroom.. wait Buddy said his clown wallpaper would move when he was a baby. So no fooget it!

  15. ugggh that clown is creepy and makes me want to cry.What did the Mr. of the chinese shoes.I have been looking for some but with the flowers on them.I used to have some in the 80' for your etsy.I will jon you and your FB.xx