Sunday, March 4, 2012

The floral Angel of Sunday

Today I wore a flower in my hair... flowers in my ears (floral earrings... not plastic blooms in my ear holes & a flower winged dress. (For Nelly)

The wing crazed one.

My weekend has been a good one so far. Last night for dinner we went to ... THE RAMEN SHOP! *lol*

We ordered some Gyoza's to go with our dinner. Gyoza are dumplings (Japanese pot stickers)Which reminded me of a Helga von trollop, check out her video at the end of the post *lol*

"I was playing that in my head while eating"

You are only supposed to get 5 ... But I think the owner gave us 6 so Mr and I didn't have to fight over the odd one out.

This was taken this morning. I was leaving the dollar tag day thrift shop and was on my way to one more. I had a huge bag.... but didn't want it in the pictures. *haha*

DEAR ME... I could have rolled around on this couch and posed for an hour... I declined because it was in the middle of a thrift store and there was people shopping all around. *BAHHH* I saw this sofa for sale last week... This week it had a sold tag on it. But that didn't stop me from sitting down for a mellow pose before it goes of to it's new home.

I AM DAMNED crazy about the color.

In the future when I have room...

(This is one of my many wants.)

(Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on)

Isn't Mexican frog cute!!! *hhahaha*

Mr. and I went out for Mexican food *mmm* Tacos!!

It was funny because he was about to start eating and I said: "Before you eat... can you take a picture of my taco" *Then we both busted out in laughter* I mean really who says something so absurd?! * (Only a blogger)

There you have it!

I had a awesome weekend with thrift scores I will show you some stuff soon.

It's time for me to go play with my mannequin... shes wants to do a fashion show.

X___ Vintage Coconut


  1. Wah! Fab frock,DUMPRINGS,tacos and a glorious green couch in one post?!
    CRIKEY! Its' almost too much,but I'm glad you overloaded my tiny little brain................

  2. Mmmm yummy foodzzz! Those tacos look tasty! I love the dress and is your blog look new? I have the worst memory. I like it!

  3. oh you are a floral dream darling, fabulous frock, i love the sleeves and gosh i never can resist mexican food! so delicous!
    big kiss,mary

  4. What a great dress! And the tacos look pretty darn good too! :)

  5. I love your winged beauty such pretty flowers. Taco's yum I haven't had any in ages. xx

  6. aahhh what a fab weekend ;-) You look lovely gorgeous dress. have a good week, dee x

  7. Dumprings! Oh Lady Helga does love her dumprings too! How sweet of them to give you six so you didn't have to get a divorce! That couch is spectacular - I should build another room onto my house to fit it in! Tacos are YUMMY!!! Sarah xxx

  8. oh god, I'm so hungry now! I LOVE ramen and gyoza! Still not that popular in the UK outside of big cities and only expensive chain restaurants. Grr. Great sofa, you need to find out where it's going and steal it xxx

  9. Did I hear my name and wings mentioned ? LOL xx

  10. That dress is perfection and totally Nelly;s thing with those humongous sleeves! Love the colour of that sofa, too.
    Japanese food is very expensive here and there's little choice for vegetarians so I stick to Indian. xxxx

  11. Oh that dress is SO Nelly! You gorgeous Angel of the Morning (ask your mum if you don't know the song...!)
    You look beautiful, and I am loving the shots of your food, oh how I could eat either dumplings, noodles or tacos RIGHT NOW!
    Looking forward to seeing what you found on your thrifting travels. How's the mannequin doing after her fashion show, does she behave like a diva and throw hissy fits if she doesn't care for the merchandise?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. What a beautiful angel you are. The dress is just yummy, the sleeves fabulous.
    So looking forward to seeing the treasure!
    We have two lime green chairs, we spotted them at an opshop through the window. Next day we sat outside till they opened, so didn't want to miss out. Tee hee love them.
    Love v

  13. Just love that dress.Love the flowy sleeves.Yummm everytime you post about the ramen shop I want to go with you.the food always looks yummy.Love the green sofa.I am after that style furniture when it's time for the big stuff.My poor am cracking up over the taco't wait to see your finds.xx

  14. Oh My love the sleeves on your fabulosa frock. you look like a whimsical fairy.
    mmm I love dumplings.
    cute Mexican frog frame.
    beef in your taco,hahaayy

  15. You like like a cool, pretty bat girl in that dress Ms VC
    I love that green couch too x