Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recent vintage finds (lots-O-pics)

*Atomic dish $2.00 Anyone have a clue what the top right picture is? I can't figure it out!! Also this is that bumpy rough glaze, what is it called?*

*Chalk ware Seahorse Miller studios*
Purchased in a fill a bag for $2.oo sale
Along with items below

*Funny rubber magnets (Lady at the till asked me what they were.)*
(bag sale)

*Tea cup magnets* I had the one on the right before. Found the one on the left this weekend. They are monthly tea cups. I have October and December.
(bag sale)

*Silver velvet turban*
I am going to find a fitting button to sew on where the safety pin is. As whatever used to be there is long gone.
(bag sale)

*Green polyester turban*
(Bag sale)

*Rose Brooch $1.99*

*Went to a Antiques and collectibles show this weekend*
Entry fee was $4.00 a person. I was not gonna leave there without something. So I bought this locket. It still has the paper in each of the photo holders. I paid $12.00 I think its a bit much but I bought it for memory sake and am going to put some black and white pics in it.

*Aldo Wicker Purse (Not Vintage) $0.75*

*Whisk $0.50*

*Rempel 1950s donkey planter*

*I love how alot of vintage things still have their stickers on them*

"Sorry Donkey for showing everyone your underside"

*No don't step on the babies*

*I am doe eyed for you, YES YOU*

*Cute spots*
"Above you see 5 ceramic knick knack animals" I went to 10 garage sales this Sat and I only bought stuff from my very last one.

(Which are the cuties above) I asked the Seller how much he wanted for all 5. He said $2.00 (I was so happy) So I said I would take them and then I saw the Eternity perfume. I asked how much, He said: "You can have it, so you can smell good for him *looked over at Mr. Coconut* later" I WAS STOAKED!

A 100 ml bottle costs $92.00

Now I can feel like this


Thanks to a Random man

Which reminded me of over a month back when I bought I new bottle of Thierry Mugler Illusion for 0.50 cents (Which I love by the way)

*Hawaii leaf dish 0.50*

*Silver plated vanity tray engraved with a S*

After some research I found out this is a tray from 1890's most likely.

Made by Fenton Brothers

*Rose tray 0.75 cents*

What is with me and little trinket trays?! I keep buying them, can't stop!

Have you seen The Secondhand Years post? She got a cute "SHAKE IT" dress from E-bay for 99p. It has the most amazing ruffles. Which reminds me of the apron I bought on Friday from a thrift shop.

Today when I tried this on I instantly wanted to bake something. I got it in a $5.00 bag sale I went to on Friday. Okay so I have mentioned two bag sales I went to which might be the reason why my Grandma calls me [The Bag Lady.] *lol*
So I told PastCaring the only thing she was missing with her little dress was some maracas. Well I didn't wanna miss out on any fun.... and since I don't own maracas just yet. (Don't you worry I will) I had something just as good.



  1. Hahahahaa,fabulous gif!! Whisk dancing!
    O,I'm crazy for those turbans!!! I know nothing about ceramics,but love that first dish,and I think the top right pic is of a cornucopia.
    The Hawaiian leaf dish is divine too! there used to be a regular fill a bag for $2 at most opshops,but I haven't come across one in years....POOS! I love those! Jeez,you've scored well,darl!! XXX

  2. Truly awesome scores. Those funny rubber magnets are so funny (loaf of bread and a doughnut?) Love the apron hand mixer dance.

  3. I love that apron Ms Coconut (and your little dance too!)
    I think the picture on that cool little dish is of a horn of plenty...I could be wrong though...

  4. That has to be the best apron ever!!!! Polka dots and ruffles! The dance is fabulous, happiness!!!!

  5. That apron is worth doing housework for. Maybe. SUPERB!

  6. I love your ruffle apron and the lil dance too ha ha. Those deer are so sweet! You scored with the bottle of eternity.

  7. Hehe!Love the whisk dance!The upper right thing is it a cornucopia?

  8. You are such a funny little coconut cant wait till you have a bunch as well.Then you can say Look at my lovely bunch of cocnuts!!
    I LOVE that apron how cool is that and I am still waiting for your tutorials on how you do your wonderful pics xxx

  9. Hahahaha! Wish I knew how to do the thing with the photos, I could have done that with my frock! Love your moves, and what better to dance with than a whisk? If there are no maracas to hand, that is...
    You did WELL with your scores.
    I agree with everyone who says the "horn" is a cornucopia (insert your own joke), lovely little dish, fab turbans, great brooch and pendant, and all the ceramics are adorable.
    And you get to smell nice too - winner!
    A successful weekend, I think!

  10. That apron would almost have me wanting to do housework. The whisk is a fabulous accessory, too.
    Loving the turbans, the antique fair locket and the plate with the horn of plenty the most.
    You've made up for a lean couple of weeks! xxx

  11. I agree with Helga1 I thought of a cornucopia too!

    You found so many gorgeous things!

    I absolutely love the first atomic plate and my favourite item by far is that amazing chalk ware seahorse! What a beauty!

    I'm loving the whisk dance.. that apron is fantastic! So pretty! xxx

  12. Oh you are just HILARIOUS!!! Those gifs are sooooo cute!! And the apron is totally awesome!! I always look out for cheap perfumes at the sales too, great scores hun.x.

  13. @Everyone To all who said it's a cornucopia / horn of plenty.
    That is what Mr. Coconut told me he thought it was. So since so many of you also think the same. I suppose that is what it must be. *lol*
    I really wasn't to sure I think I stared at it for too long.

    Thank you for your help

  14. You are too much, girlfriend! Too freaking much!

  15. What great finds.Love the magnets.espesh the tea cups how cute to have the donuts to go with.Your fridge can have tea and cake now.hee hee.Love the rose broach.was cracking up about the horse and babies.Love your apron and your little dance.x

  16. What awesome finds!
    I love the tea cup magnets,dounuts. pretty rose brooch.your too cute and funny.
    oh that gorgeous apron makes me want to dance the mambo.

  17. Best. Thrifted. Apron. Ever. I collect them like a crazy girl who has found purpose in her kitchen. If you ever want to sell it... Seriously, it is super cute.