Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garage sale buys (part 2) Dishes & Abba + Flowers

Alright here we are with the part 2 of my garage sale finds. Does the Santa I found really wear a Hula skirt and hold coconuts??? No he doesn't... but he does when on vacation. Below is what Santa looks like I purchased him from an Estate sale for $1.00 I will be sure to have him somewhere in my living room for Christmas. He is also my first Christmas blow mold. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

1965 Little Snoopy Pull string puppy
50 cents

Both dishes $1

Coffee / Tea

50 cents

So when I pulled this off the rack at the store. Abba *Dancing Queen* played through my head! hehah

Now I will admit this little number is comfy. But if it rides up at all (Well we will just leave it at that.) I do know one thing... I would not dance in it!

Plus it is rather see through *Yippee*

I secretly do love it.. But I know I will not wear it like it should be worn. So in the future I hope it ends up with a real dancing queen

Who's young and sweet and only 17.. Well age doesn't really matter I suppose she can be 65 for all I care.

Okay so I am sure your wondering about this rubber gloved look.

I will fill you in.... This afternoon I went to one of my favorite thrifts. I have a routine in this store of where I start up and where I end. So I am in my starting area. *The dresses* when I look above me and hear heavenly angels singing because I spot the sweetest Samsonite on a shelf above my head. Being a shortie I could not reach it. A quick dial to my man who is in the book section. ("Honey I need your help HURRAY!") Now I am sure he thought I must have been having a bathroom emergency or something because he arrived in milliseconds. I point up ("Please get that suitcase down, I need to look at it.")

Even though he didn't say a thing (I KNOW) He was thinking *"Oh Lord not another suitcase"* I look it over.. it is in great shape I tell him to take it with him and NOT PUT IT DOWN. (I have had things I was planning on purchasing taken right from my shopping basket in this store. So I do NOT take any chances. *lol* )

I imagine he knew I meant business cause he just straight away paid for it and put it in the vehicle. I suppose the luggage wasn't manly enough for him to carry around. *smile*

Quick explanation: Suitcase in awsome shape and pretty clean just needed a quick wipe down. Now on the other hand.. Inside was a overnight bag which looked to be used alot. IT WAS DINGY! So I scrubbed the living lobsters out of it!




OoOoOohh Isn't it lovely?? I actually had to go back inside to clean the thing because Bee's were flying up the the flowers and uhmmm landing on them?!?! See on the right mid side of the pic?? THAT'S A STUPID BEE! And more came flocking to this case. All I have to say is WTF!

Here is my Funky new set. Now I am wondering where I can take them??
I know one place I am not going... To a honey making farm.


  1. oh this dishes are so lovely!!! u always get so find so nice and pretty stuff!! also this set is gorgous, the bees have taste for sure;)
    love and kiss,mary


  2. Oh, that set is divine, I've never seen anything quite like it. I think you should back it and use it to camp out in your backyard just because you can.
    That jumpsuit is fabulous, too.
    I had that Fisher Price pull-along dog when I was a baby, in fact I don't know anyone who didn't have one. It's funny how I never see any second-hand, I suppose we abused the poor things that much they were good for nothing.
    A classic!

  3. I love the bags You can always pack em up and fly over here?I also am digging the pant suit.xxx

  4. What an incredible find that luggage set is - it's utterly divine and I'm coveting it like mad. I'm so glad you managed to grab it and put it in the car before someone else snaffled it!!! The little dog is adorable and I really love your platters and jumpsuit. Lucky finds my dear! xoxo

  5. O



    That luggage set is INCREDIPANTS!!!

    And speaking of pants - your jumpsuit is specTACular and you look FABULOUS in it - please wear it all the time!

    My little brother had one of those dogs too... isn't it funny that I never one either. I wonder where they all are?

    Sarah xxx

  6. Oh wow that luggage set is amazingggggggggggg!
    More great finds! I bought a vintage jumpsuit recently... did not look good it fitted in the wrong places a tad too small me thinks. I will have to sell it on :(

    E :)

  7. I've never had that experience where someone takes something out of your cart but if it happened there would be hell to pay! Love love love that coffee pot and you look toooo cute in the jumpsuit. I've never been able to wear jumpsuits because I'm usually too fat to look decent in them, or if I'm not fat my legs are too long and they ride up and there's no way you can inconspicuously pull down the crotch of a jumpsuit!

  8. I have NEVER seen prettier luggage!!! It is definitely meant to go on a fancy trip!

  9. @Mary Lou I may have to wait and use them in Autumn as I am scared of bee's! hehe

    @Vix You know once driving home I thought I wanted to use them as soon as possible and actually thought "I should pack em up for this weekends campout." And now that you recommended it also I think I will. About the dogs: I have seen two previously (Stickers mostly gone and earless. They more looked like odd looking sea otters with spring tails. I was sure they would make a small child cry, so I passed up on them. *lol*

    @Nelly Pack my suitcases, come visit you, Pick up a kangaroo or two & head home. Sounds good to me! =p

    @Pull your socks up! Thanks Des, I think I was most excited about the luggage set. I found out lastnight through a bit of research that Samsonite made some pretty kick ass patterns for there luggage. So keep an eye out!!

  10. @Misfits Vintage Well quite possibly during the mid seventies when everyone was high all the time. The dogs could have rolled away on their little orange wheels and inhabited a Island, and that is why we never see them.
    I can just imagine it now. It seems like such a fun place. *hahaah*

    @Vintage Sweetheart I think I have the same issue with my jumpsuit sort of... I would have to keep pulling the damn thing down or I would be getting alot of strange looks. *Bwahaha*

    @Vintage Christine
    I could not believe someone would just grab an item out fo my basket and obviously rush off to pay and out the door. It was a brand new pair of knee high wool slipper socks with the cutest pattern ever. I hope the person that took them has someone grab from there basket one day and take something they were super happy to find.
    (LAUGHS Insanely) About the Jumper crotch pulling! Ain't that the truth!! You gave me a good laugh with my morning coffee.

    @Alyssa Bee I agree with you. (Would you like the bee that had a thing for the luggage too?) *hehe*

  11. OM Fecking G!!!! I'm am CRAZY jealous of that wonderful case/overnight bag set!!!EEEEEEEEEK!!!
    Darl,ytou scored big time!Love the dishes too,love your merry banter as well!! I'd so love to go garage sailing with you,we'd have a blast!!! I WANT THAT SET!!! GRRRRRRRR!!

  12. great santa.and love your outfit.I love the suitcase set.no wonder the bees loved it so much.I would be super excited to travel with that.xx

  13. your finds are amazing, i need to trawl a few more markets and charity shops. Where I live is quite small and 'vintage' has really taken off so it's hard to find gems anymore outside of overpriced vintage events. That suitcase set is just soo beautiful! xox