Sunday, February 12, 2012

My weekend = JUST DUCKY

Saturday I had plans to go to go do a little thrifting and then go back to the Ramen place I went to last week. (Because I wanted my Parents to come with us and try it.) It was nice and sunny... so I decided to also dress the part in a vintage yellow cardigan complete with a flower in my hair and in my ears!

Just before leaving the first thrift shop I spotted a little fellow that really looked like he wanted to get the heck off of the toy shelf and into a loving home.

So I did just that and bought the rubber duck which I named Murphy.

Murphy was a little dirty and looked like he really wanted a bath.
There he sat in my sink getting all soaped up and clean.

He was thrilled I had purchased him brought him home and gave him a nice sudsy bath.

That is when he told me about his past being a street duck & not having a home. He used to eat discarded bread crumbs people would leave him but they usually had some spots of mold.

But Murphy is no ordinary duck ... can you tell how he is different?

"He's a flipping HUGE rubber duck"

Which is the main reason I needed to bring him home

When I saw him I thought he would be great in a "future" babies nursery.

But until then he is a great story teller. He always has TONS of bath stories!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.



  1. How cute! That's a great piece for a future nursery. :)

  2. Very sweet and funny.
    You weren't joking about Murphy's size either, he's a whopper!
    I'd say he was eating more than just a few breadcrumbs out there on those mean streets!

  3. He's amazing!!!! Whats better then a rubber ducky? A giant rubber ducky of course. I love how you use the future kids excuse to buy toys for yourself. Smart lady you are he he.


  4. @Vintage Sweetheart
    Shhhhh... don't tell everyone!! LMAO

  5. Ahhhh bless you, you are just so cute ;-) Murpy coundn't have found a better home he is one very lucky little well BIG boy ;-))dee x

  6. Funny post - made me laugh! Nice to meet Murphy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. you're flippin hilarious! Good thing you got him off the streets before he started on Qwack! Ha! See what I did? I bet someone else made that joke already xx

  8. Fab duck! I have a Frank-n-Furter duckie.

  9. Ahh, Murphy was definitely destined to come home with you - he looks slightly crazed, and so are you (in a GOOD way, love, in a GOOD way!)
    I wonder if all abandoned toys have a sleazy past? Ask the kewpies about their history, I bet they can tell some stories too!
    You know Nelly and Desiree will be so happy you are filling up the Future Coconuts' nursery - those babies are coming, I just know it!!!
    PS. Yellow cardigan+daisy earrings+hair flower=very cute!
    PPS. Push-up bra, Melanie? Look at your boobage, it's magnificent! xxxxxxxxx

  10. Love-a-duck, that's one massive bird!
    You are quackers, but that's why we love you. xxx

  11. Man I love your duckie! I have a red devil duckie and he has a shorter chubbier pink girlfriend duckie :)

  12. Hahaha, love that last pic. And of course Murphy's cute little towel turban - we're obviously kindred spirits, I never dry my hair properly!

    I used to have a graffiti rubber duck somewhere, maybe he migrated, I've not seen him for a while...

  13. Bahahahahahahahahaa!!! You've brightened my day no end lovely Moconut and your new BFF, Murphy:))). Feck he's huge!!! No wonder you had to bring him home to a loving Mama and Papa, he just needed some lovin' - oh I love his wee towel turban and if only all rubber duckies would kiss and tell!!! Love you in yellow:))) xoxoxoxox

  14. Hee, hee the towel on the head cracked me up.

  15. Ooh yellow and flowers and ducks - some of my favourite things! You look super cute, you lovely nutcase!!

    Sarah xxx

  16. Mr duck is so cute.Love the photos of him.sooo cute.xx

  17. Cute ass ducky!
    I bet he didnt tell you when he used to hang out with cholos (gangsters)in the his towel.
    you suit yellow amor.
    adorar your yellow gingham curtains they match my apron.