Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strawberry Smushy Face

Sometimes I used my dog as a throw cushion

I figured I better drop in and show my face around here before Friday.
I was so excited for Frock on Friday last week ... and then I didn't even get around to taking any photos or blogging. *Bah* The dress I am wearing (Which you really can't see much of).. was found in the pajama section on the weekend SCORE!
That pic is of me (*obviously*) sitting in the little Japanese Ramen shop (Yet again) on my fourth visit. This weekend will be our fifth I am sure since the Mr. is obsessed. I am sure the owner knows us now as we have been there every week since his opening.

~Here is 3 things I found on the weekend~

Vintage jewelry box $2

("Message to thrift store owners: STOP putting sticky price tags on the tops of vintage things. Because when they get purchased and the tag needs to be removed.... it sometimes doesn't happen nicely.")


The Inside

I don't know what my obsession is with these paper mache / cardboard jewelry boxes but I love em!

Brand new / old lampshade skeleton

(I have a plan for this... I will show you in a future bloggie post)


The tag (Oh look at all the funky shapes and styles)

The style number is so faded its barely visible

WHAT!!!! Another pair of cowboy boots?

"Yes but these ones are vintage Justin cowboy boots."

I paid $11.99 for them and was so thrilled when I came across them.

These are now my second pair of cowboy boots and oddly enough... I got my first pair in the beginning of this month!!

For one reason or another... I have became a little cowboy boot obsessed.

I think they will get ALOT of wear this spring & summer

Before we all know it.....

You will be calling me..

Cowgirl Coconut!



  1. You nutcase! I love cowgirl boots too - and I can't wait to see you what you do with the lamp shade! When Helga and I were in Sydney last year for our long weekend we ate the Sushi Train EVERY SINGLE MEAL for three days. We even made up a Sushi Train song. NORMAL.

    Sarah xxx

  2. I love LOVE that box! So kitschy cute.
    Looking forward to the magic you make with that lampshade skeleton! x

  3. those pillows.Yumm ramen.My son loves it.Pretty jewelry box.I hate that to when they put tags on top of things and it messes it up.Love the boots.I have had my eye on a pair at the western store since christmas and hope to get them next weekend.Can't wait to see the lamp

  4. cowgirl coconut, ooh, pass on that one, LOL! I bet you've got a cool project lined up for that lamp shade frame, you should have enough vintage fabric lying I daresay *winks*

  5. Gosh I hate when they put stickers or write in MARKER!! I think you are officially that restaurants regulars. I had cowboy boots but my feet grew, I need some more for sure. xx

  6. That lampshade thing is fabulous, I'd be tempted to use it as jewellery display, it's shape seems too quirky to cover up. xxx

  7. Loving that jewllery box but what a pain those stickers are i agree they ruin something old and beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with the skelton shade ;-)dee x

  8. Bahaha!! We will indeed!
    Digging that sweet jewellery box! I like Vix's thinking outside the box re the lampshade skeleton thingy!!! Gawd knows I need some inspiration for stroing my mountain of jewellery!
    Dang,first day fo Autumn here....but yay,we'll be seeing you frolicng in Spring frocks soon!XXX

  9. Love the jewellery box! You are so right about the stickers - really annoying - especially on delicate items and even the front of books!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. OMG...I'll be laughing about the Cowgirl Coconut photo all day. Thanks for the smiles. Too bad I don't still have my old pair of raspberry colored Justins to give you.

  11. grrr... I've bought rare vinyl before and had to remove the STUPID sticker which just leave a nasty tear.

    I love that lampshade - you have to add tassels!

    Always buy cowboy boots, those look well worn and comfy - in a good way!

  12. I get the Cowboy boot obsession I love them too.I have been a slacker with my blog too arghhh now when you get time Go to my Movie star Monday blog you are mentioned lol xxx

  13. Now I don't possess ANY cowboy boot - here is where we differ, Mrs C! But we need to see you rocking yours with a great frock please.
    Ask whether your noodle place does a loyalty card scheme - if they don't, they should!
    Love the jewellery box - I am with you on the sticker thing, how hard would it be to do a tag, or put a sticker underneath? Bah! We should run these stores, we'd do a much better job!
    Big kiss for Jersey the Cushion Dog. xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hi Ms Coconut,
    It drives me insane when the ladies who work in oppies stick price tags on things which is only going to wreck them when you try to take them off. What is with that? and it's obviously a universal trait too.
    Are you going to paint that lampshade a bright colour and leave it otherwise naked? I love that look x

  15. Haha...where I come from, all the best girls have as many cowboy boots as possible in all colors and styles! xxoo

  16. Your cushion doggy looks so comfy.
    We need to see you in daisy dukes while wearing your new boots.
    That crazy coconut wearing your cow girl boots.
    I need me some ostrich boots.

  17. Cowgirl Coconut to the rescue! Love it. That jewelry box is precious but I agree with you - sellers obviously are placing a value on something they sell with a sticker, why let that sticker DEvalue the treasure?

  18. OMG, love all your finds. Can't wait to see what you do with that lampshade thingummybob.