Friday, February 10, 2012

Frocking up in undergarments ... Preposterous


Thank Heavens I had a coat because it was quite cold!

Snow on the mountains, ice on the edges of the lake and Coconut up in the mountains.

But the cold didn't stop me...

I danced in the mountains anyways...

When I came across the little ruffle bottom piece I new I totally had to have it.

It's silk and those ruffles where way to cute to pass up.

I have a fashion rule that if I am going to wear lingerie out in public. I make sure to double up on it! (Meaning) I am also wearing a black slip with some lovely lace detail and a black camisole. And when I do that it makes everything better. Because obviously it can't be underwear... when I already have underwear on!

Beaded sequin bag

Bow rhinestone headband

Thank you to my Mr. for taking my pictures!


  1. If your Mister is the one who takes all the great shots of you, then he's not only quite handsome, but he's also quite talented with a camera. You always look fantastic!

    And I like your logic about the undies. Clearly, a pile-up means the outer garment can't be underwear.

  2. I like you workin that slip chickie! Mr Coconut is quite the cutie too. You guys make a beautiful couple

  3. I have got any undies as pretty as yours to rock on the outside. I love the ruffles!!! Cute photo of you and hubby. xxx

  4. aahhh your like a little Charleston Godess you look adorable. And you and Mr make a gorgeous couple. Have a great weekend, dee x

  5. Well done you on braving the cold. Lovely pics. The ruffles and headband are soooooo pretty.

  6. wow those pictures are really beyond fabulousness darling, you look so good here, obviously freezing yourself to death like me the other day haha but i really love love love this pictures very 20´s so let´s dance charleston;) and you coconuts both together look so great;)
    love and kiss,mary

  7. Go the 20s. Love the ruffles! Brrr, cold though I bet.

  8. Ooh you look like a gorgeous 20s chick - I love this! Very very pretty indeed x

  9. Oh my darling Moconut, you have been bitten by the knicker-bug - YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! I actually squealed when I saw these pics of you in your GLORIOUS slip - you look absolutely amazeballs and I love the sequin bag and headband. Oh god you are the most beautiful couple - please make baby Coconuts soon so I have an excuse to search out vintage nursery goodies. No pressure;)). The Phoenix and I absolutely, totally approve of an elephant name Paraphenalia!!!!! I'm so ready for one:))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. Mr and mrs coconut how cute you both are and th etalent oh wow imagine how amazing the future little cocnuts will be oh and spoilt with all us bloggy aunties sending gifts over,Now if that doesnt urge you on what will?lol

  11. you'll catch your death out there. I'm going to follow your example and start wearing more underwear on the outside... it's not underwear if I already have some on after all! xxx

  12. Ou-lala! Love the frock lingerie and the hairband bow. You are so cute.

  13. Hahaha, I was just thinking Nelly will be envisioning those Future Coconut Babies and drooling - and indeed she is! (She and Desiree are quite right though, they will be Adorable Coconut Babies, cos you and the Mr are one handsome couple!)
    Now, I am admiring your impeccable logic, Melanie - if you are wearing undies, the top layer CAN'T be underwear. It's genius!
    You're as brave as bad-ass Vix, being out in the chilly weather with bare arms in your scanties. And you look beautiful too. Loving it all!
    PS. What were you checking in the 4th photo where you're looking down? Was there boob adjustment going on, or just playing with your pearls? (That sounds vaguely saucy... Hahahaha!!!!) xxxxxxxxxx

  14. I love you in ruffley 30's lingerie amor!
    You sexy minx!
    your eye make up is divine.
    I am so jealous of your lovely fur coat. I need more fur coats.
    Your in the Desireeita club now.
    I enjoy paradeing in lingerie. I wear my petticoats around the house most of the time.
    Mr.Coconut is quite a cutey.
    You two make a gorgeous couple.

  15. That dress is really cute (very brave to have a photo shoot in the cold!) and you and Mr Coconut are seriously cool!xx

  16. You are one good looking couple, Mr & Mrs Coconut!!!
    Vintage underwear (and nighties) should always be doubled up and worn as outerwear, it's far too fab to hide. x

  17. Love your under ruffles.You look fab and you and your mr are the cutest.xx

  18. I love your coat, it's so cute!

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