Friday, February 17, 2012

The Royal Coconut Frock on Friday

*Hello Hello*

I have been waiting to show you all this dress.

I purchased it for $1 on a color tag sale.


But first ... let me show you the outerwear.

I found this cape/robe coat at Salvation army last Fall. I remember it clearly because I thought it was amazing and wanted to try it on.

Once on Mr. Coco told me it looked like a Wizard cloak *LOL*

Okay so maybe it does look a little wizard-ish but it's still amazing and I had to have it. It looks to be from the 60's and is
Bouclé fabric.

I wanted to take pics outside but we got the biggest dump of snow I have seen since the winter of 2010 and I did NOT want to get this dress wet.

The dress is deadstock still complete with tag.
The Original price for it was $168.00
(That was a big chunk of change back in the day)

Tag on my hip & Jersey scowling at any people that even think of getting close to his Mama! In case you were wondering... I did NOT ask Jersey to sit there.
After his many years with me he knows what a photo shoot is and likes to pose from time to time. *Seriously I am not joking*

The tag is still on the dress because I will probably sell it. It's too pretty to sit around and not be danced in. *Tag says:* (Dance Originals)

~* Snow Queen *~

~* Inside tag *~

~* Hang tag *~

I left to stop the self timer on the camera... APPARENTLY Jersey was not done.



  1. Hehe, Jersey is such a cutey! How regal, the both of you! I love the frock and that colour looks DIVINE on you! Surely you can wear it down to the shops to pick up milk, and that kinda thing? :) xxxxx PS. Love the wizard coat too!

  2. You look positively princess-ish, and Jersey is divinely handsome. :)

  3. Gorge-ous!! I love that color on you! Jersey is certainly looking fierce! Next time you talk to him, tell him "YOU BETTA WERK!" LOL!

    Nevertheless, that cloak is divine! This post is totally inspiring my inner princess!

    1. wow what a beautiful dress and it is turquois, i love that colour!!! you really look like the queen of coconuts now;) oh yesterday i had to think of you because i was window shopping and guess what i saw two elna sewing machines, so maybe i will get one too ;)
      love and kiss,mary

  4. That is the most beautiful colour on you, your royal highness!!! Wow the original price makes it a right royal price in it's day. Love the label.
    Jersey is so cute!!!
    Happiness to you! Love v

  5. Beautiful blue on you Mrs C. That colour makes your eyes Pop!

  6. WOW and double WOW that is one gorgeous dress, you have to wear it out at least once please find a ball to go to or arrange one with all your girlfriends its stunning and the cloak is wonderful to. What a great combination. Jersey is great bless him just has handsome as that gorgeous dress. dee x

  7. Beautiful coat and beautiful dress! I think you should keep that dress as it looks gorgeous on you xx

  8. Oh Your Royal Highness Queen Coco, you are looking magnifique! And your royal guard dog is rather a cutie too.
    The robe is fabulous, maxi coats just have such crazy drama about them.
    And the dress, OMG, what a beautiful colour on you! Do you HAVE to sell it? It looks like it fits you perfectly and it's a beauty... I love finding deadstock with the labels still on! That was one expensive frock back in the day.
    PS. I think Jersey would like his own blog, hahaha! xxxxx

  9. I'm with Curtise, it seems such a crime to sell it when you look so pretty in it, like a fairytale princess!! I love it and obviously so does Jersey, the way he'shanging around in adoration. xxx

  10. Yes, concensus is you look very regal! I do love Jersey, what a grumpy face. I'm in love with the cape, you need an opera to wear it to!

  11. You must keep that dress I love it and I love it on you perfect colour and looks so regal.Bow to queen coconut

  12. Wow you look awesome in that color! I love your hair like that too :)

  13. The color is royal, the cape is majestic and the price... WOW! I can see why you'd be excited to show it off and why Jersey wouldn't want anyone getting close to you in it.

  14. I bow to you Queen Coconut and Sir Jersey. I can't believe he poses what a smarty. You look lovely in blue.

    PS. I had a dream I went to Canada and we went shopping but I had no money!!

  15. That dress is so the color and you look fabulous in it.And the cape looks great with it too.Aww jersey is so cute.Jetta only wants to get in my pics when she sees me doing them but as soon as I pick her up to be in the photo she puts her pouty face

  16. We walked past Buckingham Palace today but you are definitely the most regal sight I've seen this week - love the royal look! xx

  17. Oh my Queen Coco biatch!!
    loving the stunning turquoisey color.
    I so adore your wizardy amazing, magical cape.
    you better wear it out before you sell this gorgeous frock. Jersey seems to love the attention as a King.

  18. You look amazing in that dress! Love the drapey neckline and colour. What a great buy at $1!!!

  19. Ooh the dress is LOVELY... but the coat is FRICKIN SPECTACULAR!!! I love the fab collar/capey bit and the colour is gorgeous. Sarah xxx

  20. Wow, that must have been one classy dress for that price back then. Hope it does well when you sell it!