Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Blogiversary

There isn't a better time to wear a red petticoat than on Valentines day!

My Valentines day was spent with Colonel Sanders and my Mr.

There isn't a better way to celebrate your love... that celebrating with some fried chicken. *lol*

Truthfully Hubs and I bought our "Valentine" (Perfect excuse) Cowboy boots a couple weeks ago. (Yes he got a pair too) NO his are not pink... they are just brown...


Two years ago today I wrote my very first blog entry. I don't really know why I even started blogging, I think it was because I would look up specific interests of mine and find other people with the same interests who blogged about them.

And I thought ... hey I think I could get to liking this.

As of right now I surely have no plans to stop this blogging nonsense sooo here we go onto year 3.

It could prove to be a interesting year... Especially if plans I have for Fall come in to place. (EEEAAAK!)

*Calm down Ladies* ... (You know who you are!!)

Thank you to all my Blog followers for your comments & friendships
I have found many great people through blogging and I assume there will be even more in the future.

I made this little stuffed heart last night for Mr. Coco
("Why?! he didn't take it to work with him in his pocket... is beyond me")


  1. I'm so jealous of your petticoat!! I need one!! You're going to send a lot of ladies wild with that baby coconut picture. eeeekkk exciting! xx

  2. AARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Ooooh I'm excited and you know why - OMG, calm down Desiree ... breeeeeeeeeeeeathe through the paper bag. Breeeeeeeeeeeathe. There, that's better. Happy anniversary gorgeous woman!!! I am flipping out over your entire fabulous ensemble, even the cane screen in the background - red is YOU!!!! Oh I would DIE for your pettiskirt ... come join the circus darling!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Wacko!!!
    LOVE that petticoat,I was gievn an almost identical one a couple of weeks ago!
    2 years?! EEEK! That flew by! Yup,blogging is a great way to meet fab peeps!
    Yay,everything is going to go your way,baby,I feel it in my waters!
    O,adoring the new background!!! Squee!

  4. Happy, happy blogiversary to you! Isn't it amazing to meet all these fantastic people of all ages from all over the world who all share a common interest?

    I'm looking forward to many more years of reading your blog. And I must say that you look quite festive in your Valentine's Day petticoat!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine day! Love that you guys celebrate with fried chicken (AWESOME!)

  6. oh your red petticoat is love! and haha the picture of the baby coconut thas so you darling ;) wow 2 years of blogging and it will take no end right?;)
    a lot of love and kisses,mary

  7. Great skirt, love red. Congrats on two years and looks like exciting times ahead...yeah!

  8. Happy Blogiversary and Valentines! I agree there is no better excuse to don a fabulous peticoat :o) Baby Coconut huh - going to be a very exciting year :o)) Heres to year 3 of your fabulous blog! Scarlett x

  9. Happy anniversary Ms Coconut.
    Oooh A teeny, tiny coconut how sweet will that be...

  10. love that petticoat! Keep up the blogging xxx

  11. Happy anniversary - and I adore your red petticoat... and HOLY GUACAMOLE, ARE YOU KNOCKED UP??? Need more information please Crazy Coconut!!!

    Sarah xxx

  12. You are so cute love the petticoat ;-) Happy anniversary, raising my glass to another year of fun and frolicks ;-)) dee x

  13. You are so cute love the petticoat ;-) Happy anniversary, raising my glass to another year of fun and frolicks ;-)) dee x

  14. Ooh, what a fabulous petticoat!!! Needless to say I have just bought one, hahaha! Mine's minty green, will be showing it off soon. Love the hot red, perfect for Valentine's and your 2 year blogiversary.
    Future Baby Coconuts are going to be soooo spoiled by their international vintage-lovin' aunties!!!! xxxxxxxx

  15. Are you hinting that they'll be the patter of tiny feet on the way?! Eeeek! You are a naughty, teasing coconut!
    Loving that red petticoat, you look like a minxy bar girl!
    happy bloggoversary! xxxxx

  16. I have nominated you for an award! Please see my blog for more details xx

  17. Hey hey, will Coconut milk be needed soon? Very exciting. Bonne Blogiversaire!

  18. Happy Blogday! Looking great as ever in that petticoat ensemble.

  19. Just love that red pettiecoat.And the shirt and boots.Sounds like a great valentines day.Happy blog anniversary.xx

  20. Happy blogaversary amor!
    I heart your red petticoat!look at your rack!
    I plan to get one in every color.
    mmm I love me some fried chicken and real biscuits.
    Oooo a baby coco you say!
    well pratice to the max amor.