Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someone else somewhere else could be alot like you

It's a little chilly here today perfect weather for one of my faux furs. I went to 2 thrift shops where I found a couple odd and ends. One of them being a bag of plastic glittery leaves! (Something that would have sat in Grandmas curio cabinet for 30 years) *Ohhh they are lovely* (Will show next post) I think the Mr. thought I was crazy when I said: ("I am buying these") But really... that happens all too much nowadays.

I got the owl necklace I am wearing from Salvation army back in the Summer when I was Garage saling like a banshee. *CAN'T wait for that season again*

This Black pleated bottom dress is from the late 70's I found it last week and was able to stuff it into a $5 bag sale.
Which means it's cost was mere cents since I got a lot of other things in that bag also.

I have never really worn pleats before but I have got to say I really like this dress.

Do you remember my post about Curtise http://sopastcaring.blogspot.com/ my faux fur coat twin?? http://melzaelf.blogspot.com/2012/01/going-with-faux-i-mean-flow.html
Did you know that she just recently got herself a ELNA sewing machine? I was thrilled when she posted about it. Because I am crazy about Elnas!
So crazy.... I have two!

Hows that for a advertisement??

See my Hawaiian dress?

Below is the one Curtise recently found for herself!

* It's delightful!*
(It's really too bad she didn't live closer... I could see us sipping some happy drinks out of coconut shells in our Hawaiian dresses and wearing big gaudy flowered flip flops.)
(Which I do not have yet but plan to make!!)

Hawaiian Dresses, Elnas, Owl Necklaces & faux fur coat collections.
What else might we have in common??

I am sure we will find out there is more things in the future.

Have you found yourself a blogging twin, that likes or has alot of the same things you do?

If not keep searching there surely is one out there!


  1. oh how gorgous is this black maxidress with your owl necklace and the beret a la parisienne ;) and why the hell i never heard about elna sewing machines?
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Your black dress is lovely indeed x

  3. Love the dress! It really makes you look like a pin-up girl!

  4. :D I love your facial expressions, plus that awesome sewing machine!!

  5. Love that owl pendant, it's exactly like one I found when thrifting myself. We have owl twins.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. You look taller in this wondorous black pleated frock.
    I seen a short version of your frock,but the sleeves were too short for my arms.
    I think your the Canadian hat wearing version of me especially when you pull funny faces.
    Totally eyeing your bright green turban.
    That sewing machine is like heaven.

  7. I'm a big fan of pleats and you rocked them!! Lucky you finding your bloggy twin. I'm still on the look out for mine! xxx

  8. LoL blogging twins, the closest I have seen is of course Vix and Helga. I'm all still on my lonesome though, aaaawww!

  9. bless you i did read her post and i did smile to myself its lovely when you meet someone with the interest and on the same wave lengh as yourself. Loving your black dress it looks gorgeous you have a lovely figure. Your home looks so lovely and cosy to. dee x

  10. Hello my dear girl. I have just found your blog, and I love, love it all about you.

  11. That black-maxi-and-fur-coat combo is something I would SO wear. Very very jealous of it. And such a bargain!

  12. I love that dress... my blog twin appears to be Melanie (who commented earlier) whether she likes it or not!

  13. Phhoooaaarrrr! How amazing do you look in that black maxi? Pretty hot, Mrs Coco, even if the weather is not! I love it - and it goes without saying that I would happily wear it myself. With faux fur. And an owl.
    Hee hee, it's been fun putting this together!
    So what are you going to make with your lovely Elna? (mine is just a modern one, not gorgeous vintage like yours... but it will be one day and I can pass it on to one of the kids.)
    Now I wish I could rock a turban like you, but God I look dreadful in them, so that's where we'll have to differ!
    One day we'll meet for Pina Coladas and lobster, wigs optional! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Brilliant, just saw Curtise's post too. But I told her there weren't quite enough lobsters in her post!

    Hmm, we could have some kind of bloggers' 'Twinning' ceremony, like when your town gets matched up with some industrial estate somewhere in Northern France...

  15. The black dress looks LOVELY on you!

  16. Love that dress.It looks great on you.pretty sewing machine.Not sure I have a blogging twin yet.ove your hawaiian dress.xx

  17. Love that coat!!! I adore that turban too! Your photos are always so fun! Speaking of faux fur, I have been looking for a 50s era faux fur coat but this winter has been mild here in the mid-Atlantic. The weather is just not cooperating where outwear is concerned! Nevertheless, I love your look! That maxi is divine!

  18. Your dress and your style is AMAZING! I'm so glad to have found your blog! =)


  19. Wowswers! Dunno where to start! Love the black dress, the fur, the owl and the hawaiian dress. Well, everything really. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to make with that fabulous machine. xx

  20. You look as cute as a button in that black maxi and red cap and that green turban is beyond fabulous.
    After years of being the town freak it's amazing to find so many women in blogland with the same interests and taste, I love it!!! xxx

  21. Merhabalarrrr...Çok hoşlarrrr.sevgilerrr...

  22. You look very cute! Love the turban!