Friday, February 3, 2012

Butterflies in the flowers maxi

Frock on Friday

My $0. 60 cent dress

The look on my face is the:

"I hope the neighbors aren't spying on me.."

*Prancing on the patio*

The accessories

From the top to the bottom...

Jersey said: He wants some Chinese food.

Book I got from my Mother-in-law for Christmas.

(I totally love it and was so surprised to receive a gift that had to do with VINTAGE. (my favorite)

See you Soon


  1. GORGEOUS! If I wore that I'd look like Auntie Mame gone mad. And what a price, the neighbors are spying to find out how you find those deals.

  2. What great photos! The dress looks amazing on you...and what a steal!

  3. You look like a modern geisha! Oh man I LOVE that dress on you with the butterflies in your hair!That necklace is also awesome as well as your sunnies!

  4. 60 cents??? It's amazing and I love those sunnies! I was going to buy that book but hadn't read any reviews, but I trust your judgement and I'm adding it to my wishlist. xx

  5. wow i totally adore this dress, you look as beautiful as one of the most expensive geishas ;) no seriously, i love this dress on you, and also your hair looks amazing with this cute butterflies. i got the same book from my mum and i absolutely love it, all this beautiful frocks, i have a lot of ideas for frocks to sew every time i open it ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  6. You look beautifuk! I adore todays frock and of course the little butterflies in you hair :o) Scarlett x

  7. SSOOOOOOOOO cute!! You really suit the asian kinda look, and you also look fab in black and white!! As the old 70s Osti ad (Osti was a clothing label that sold tons of maxis), "how does she do it for the priiiiiice??" LOL!!

  8. Whoa 60c!! Looks gorgeous. Like your new look blog too!

  9. You look so cute.Love the colors.Little Geisha.Love the butterflies in your hair.I'm working all you have a good weekend too.xx

  10. That gold and green necklace is divine!

  11. I love every little thing - the dress, the sunnies and the butterflies. Stunning!

  12. Oh you precious, gorgeous creature!!!!! You have brightened my shitty day with your beautiful frock and butterflies:)). I love your hair style so, so much and the pic of you reading your beautiful book is priceless! Big hugs to you darling woman:)) xoxo

  13. Oh good grief - 60 cents? What a great frock for a ridiculous price!
    Love the first photo, ooh the drama! But then I always love your photos, they make me smile!
    Not sure Jersey's enjoying modelling though, he looks like he wants to slink off and hide - never work with children and animals, they let you down big time! (You saw Charley taking the piss in my last post, right? Little bugger!)
    That book looks great. I'm thinking I should educate myself a little more about vintage history. xxxxxxxxx

  14. That's one fabulous frock, worn beautifully, of course! Loving your butterfly hair, too. x

  15. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  16. aahhh you look gorgeous ;-)) What a bargain. I love the way you have edited your photo's you so cute ;-) Hope you have had a great weekend, dee xx

  17. You geisha bargain biatch!
    Looking bella amor., love your in this style.
    Love the butterflies in your can wear that frock next time you go to that japanese restaurant. They will totally love you.
    Jersey is too cute.
    vintage book looks cool, you must show us the inside.