Sunday, February 5, 2012

How I spent my weekend

On Friday I FINALLY got to go do some shopping after a WHOLE week. (Gosh that seemed like a long time to not step into a thrift store.)
But before I went to any second hand shops the Mr. wanted to take me to look for my Valentines gift. On my wish list was a pair of cowboy / girl boots.

Now we were really just going there to look and find out my size. But there was a awesome sale and well... you know how it goes. One box left in my size and the color I liked best so we were not going to leave without them.

The first time they set out on pavement

My Lobster shirt which I told you all about and then didn't show a pic of until now. I wore it out shopping on Friday.

And it's from Mexico so I think Dora would love it too!

Isn't he a classy lobster?? Ray bans and a white suit jacket complete with a corsage.

A Saturday me

I found the owl necklace just minutes before for $3 in a hospice thrift shop.
That makes owl necklace count up to 3 now.

Dinner on Saturday night.

We saw the sign for this new place in the beginning of Dec and they were just setting up the place. The windows were all covered up and the only giveaway of what it was to be was the sign above the business that said "Ramen coming soon" My Mr. has a thing for Japanese stuff and I don't mind it myself either.

So when I pointed out the sign he became OBSESSED with waiting for the shops opening. (Sometimes we would even drive to the opposite side of town where it was just to see if they had opened yet.) *lol* He would also take the route passed there anytime we were even in the vicinity of the place.

I told him by mid January that I had a feeling they would be opening in the beginning of Feb and wouldn't you know it?! I was right.

Everyone in the restaurant at the time we were there was Asian. (We have a University here that has alot of International students.) We sort of looked like the odd ones out... SO I MADE SURE to try and use my chopsticks like a professional so I fit in better. I only had one incidence where I almost lost control of my noodles. *heh*

Here I am with my schmancy chopsticks and a red Buddha laughing at me.

The Ramen was Delicious and I know I will be going there alot from now on.

The owner was a really nice Japanese guy who was super friendly. I will have to take a pic of the interior next time I am there. There is 21 stools and the seating is in rows. So if you sit at a table complete strangers can sit across from you. *hehe* Something I am not used to at all. But in Japan that's how they do it.

The sign outside the shop. I am pointing to the one I ordered.

Apparently Jersey had a rough weekend so he has spent his time lounging like some spoiled celebrity dog.

So how was your weekend? I would like to know!


  1. Cute boots! And that dinner looks amazing. It made me so hungry that I had to go make some cheap ramen.

  2. Pink boots! That tiki guy was TOTALLY checking you out!! I love the owl necklace and your ramen looked yummy

  3. @Dana@Mid2Mod Cheap ramen is better than no ramen! *lol*

    @pinktutu72 I love that tiki guy, I want to buy one! But I thought they were probably expensive so I didn't even bother looking for a price. haha

  4. Oh the wee owl pendant is so so cute. Yay ooooowl collection!!!!
    These boots were made for walking, amazing and pink to boot! Tee hee
    Happiness to you sweet!!
    Love v

  5. Oh those boots are delightful! I can't wait to see them with a pretty dress. A whole week on no! I haven't step foot in an oppie it 2 weeks suprisingly no withdrawels yet.


    Oh Jersey is so cute my dog is the same except with a pillow!

  6. Em's right, those boots will look fabulous with a pretty girlie frock. Valentines Day came a little early for you, but in a very good way!
    Hmmm - another owl necklace, eh? Now why isn't that a surprise?! He's a little cutie.
    I always think it's an excellent sign if an ethnic restaurant has lots of folk from that culture eating there - it means the food must be good and authentic. You just have to be prepared to slurp a lot with noodles and chopsticks! The food looks delicious.
    Jersey looks thoroughly fed up - did you disturb him to take the photo? Leave the poor boy to snooze! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Those boots look like they're made for more than walking! I love them Ms Coconut.

  8. Oh, VC, you look so pretty in that fifth picture down, quite the little minx.
    Those boots are so cute, perfect with a vintage frock and a heap of sassiness! x

  9. oh i want a pair of kinky cowboy boots too and yours really freakin awesome, red and black together are always killer;)and oh my god is your dog adorable!!!soooo cute!
    love and kiss,mary

  10. Your red boots are amazing. Look so comfortable.
    Bet you will do lots of cowboy photo shoots.
    Ibeen looking for some real cowboy boots. I use to wear boots in my 20's.
    That cool Mexi lobster top is the cutest... I do love eating lobsters with loads of cheese and butter. ;)
    Mmmm Your ramen looks delicious.

  11. I really like what you are wearing in the Sat pic. The blues look great. The owl is really cute. I bet you'll get heaps of wear out of those boots.

  12. lurrve the boots. I adore ramen but the only Japanese restaurant in town is massively overpriced. Lovely blog - Curtise introduced me x

  13. Japanese food, yum!! My weekends are full of work as always hon!