Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Royal Mail arrives in Canada

NO! Not from Queen Elizabeth... from Curtise my faux fur loving friend in the UK.

The package was waiting for my when I woke up Yesterday morning.

As soon as I seen it I did a quick little package dance and opened it up.

Inside was: Carousel Jug, a sweet little doll, birdy card, Canada tea towel (Now how did that make it all the way to the UK? lol), cute ocean theme postcard
and last but not least a adorable vintage dress.

Dress top is white lacy fabric, separated by a pink ribbon waist, leading to a lot of cute-sy flowers.

Dolly: When she got here she was quite shy. I don't really know what she thought about Canada. But once I told her she could have a dog her shyness disappeared.

I named her Kinsey which means 'Royal victory'

Totally fitting isn't it?? *hehe* Her Boxers name is Muck and they played outside all day today in the melting snow.

This reminds me of when I was a kid. My parent's used to take us to the States and I would ride on the outdoor carousel in Seattle. Come to think of it I would ask to ride on every darn carousel I seen.

Picture on the postcard

Which will now have a place on my side bar.

And the tea towel that tried to immigrate from Canada to the UK but couldn't get a Visa. Better luck next time little towel.

Thank you so much Curtise for your sweet and thoughtful package. It came at a perfect time. I haven't been in a thrift shop since Friday and I SWEAR I am going batty. And then like a dream come true...without entering a shop some vintage goodies arrive at my doorstep. What could be better than that??

Not much!

Lastly I am sure you see that Vintage Coconut has a new Crustacean-ious look.

That is because on February 14th (VALENTINES DAY)

It is my 2 year Blogiversary. I really hadn't updated my blogs look since I started it up. So I thought a little change might freshen things up

(You know... like misty Ocean air.)

In 2010 I only did 28 posts.

In 2011 I did 87

I am hoping in 2012 I will be able to get to at least 100 posts.

All I can say is if you suffer from Ostraconophobia... you might want to steer clear of this blog.


  1. I love your blog makeover it's so you!!! What a gorgeous parcel from Curtise that doll is so sweet. I hope to many post from you this year, you always make me smile.


  2. Although I confess that I've thought a time or two in my life about being bitten by a lobster, I don't think it rises to the level of a phobia. At least, so far your new background isn't making me short of breath or sweaty. In fact, I think it's adorable, so we're all good! LOL

  3. Ahoy there Ms Coconut!
    Your blog looks so fresh and kitschy. I'm loving your new header most especially.
    What a gorgeous parcel from Curtise. Isn't she a love. Kinsey is so cute and I can't wait to see you in that very pretty dress.
    Anchors away, x

  4. @VintageSweetheart It's so me?? That is such a compliment. *hahahaa* Thanks Em

    @Dana@Mid2Mod I am so RELIEVED to hear you are not short of breath or sweaty. It's the best news I have had all day. =D I know I am really limiting my... followers here supporting the crustaceans... BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT! *LOL*

    @Kylie Ahoy Ahoy Yes Curtise is a love! She is also a kindred spirit of mine. *hehehe* I will blog about the dress in the near future.

  5. aahhh what a lovely parcel love the doll she is sweet and so is that little postcard i would frame it if it was me its really cute. Your blog looks lovely i was the same as you, i started mine 2 years ago and hadn't up dated it until a couple of months ago. Its good in a way because it shows us how much our taste and styles change on our little journey ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  6. The blog is looking LOBTASTIC!! What a bunch of fun gifts from a fun lady!

  7. Oh my, the lobsters and the coconuts! Definitely a fabulous combo. Love the look of the dress. When are we going to see you in it? xx

  8. Curtise is the best! Love that gorgeous little doll and I cannot WAIT to see you in that frock - pics please pics please!!!

    Sarah xxx

  9. I go away for a few weeks and VC's gone and got herself a fancy new blog and it's so cool.
    Curtise is the best, that doll is adorable and I'm dying to see you rocking the frock. x

  10. Well you are very welcome, my dear! You know, I have a feeling the frock might be a nightie really, but as we all know, that doesn't stop you wearing it in the daytime, not one bit! I imagined you sitting at Hazel with your daisy curlers in, looking sexilicious, waiting for Mr Coco to come home from work... Is that an inappropriate fantasy to have? Most probably, hahaha!!
    Loving the lobster/coconut
    makeover on the blog, and the squeeze of lemon is just perfect! Looking forward to a record number of posts, this year.
    PS. Kinsey - that's cute! So pleased she has a pet to help her settle in! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Oh sweet your blog looks terrific and a wonderful lobster haven!!! Love love the treasure from the gorgeous Miss Curtise. That wee dress looks so pretty, can't wait to see the pics of you wearing it.

  12. Lobsters and coconuts Clobconurts! I love the new look and the sweeties in your gift packet.

  13. Wow, you have been busy, I have missed a few of your posts. Phobia of shellfish - hee hee. Love the dolly, she is a cutie. x

  14. That little doll is so adorable.Love all those presents.I love the new look of your blog.xx

  15. Oh hon, what a wonderful surprise all the way from Queenie Land - I cannot WAIT to see that delectable frock on your cute self and I love the card and the delicate goodies that all made it in one piece! Kinsey and Muck make a great pair - look at her face, so expressive! Completely died when I saw your awesome new wallpaper:))) xoxoxoxo

  16. LOVING that butterfly frock!
    And the mermaid piccy. Always love your posts. x

  17. Oh you lucky ducky!
    What fab parcel, love your dolly and doggy. Reminds me of you with Jersey.
    I make up stories about my dolls too.
    Oooo cant wait to see your rockin that pretty frock.
    Your new profile makes me want to eat lobsters all it.