Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celebrating being a Honorary Canadian Mexicana!

 Dora from VPJLM fulfilled my wishes on being a Honorary Mexican! I was so happy when I woke up and seen her blog post "Right Here" That I phoned Mr. Coconut at work on his lunch break and told him the news. I then told him we had to celebrate, he didn't put up much of a fight... and told me he would take me to the Mexican restaurant I have been badgering him about non stop for the past while. *woohoo*

 Here I am sitting at the table, I like the cute little "window" behind me.
They also had like 4 sombreros there... I was so jealous!

 Our waitress brought us out free tortilla chips and salsa *mmmm* (There was more.. but we were half way through munching them when I remembered to take a pic.) *lol*

 I ordered what they call the Taco Loco!! It was SOOO good. The half with the cheese on top had ground beef under it. The other side had bean on it. Once I was ready to eat I mixed it all together added my favorite thing (SALSA) and ate till I could eat no longer. "I was not able to finish it... it was quite big."

 Mr. ordered beef nachos. He is sort of picky with sauces and wanted to eat something he KNEW he would like.

 He also ordered a beef enchilada with a bean sauce.

 They had Spanish music playing and the inside was decorated real cute, bright & fun.

 I was tempted to tell them of my Honorary citizenship... but I worried they might kick my a$$!! *LOL*

 I also received a gift from the one and ONLY Nelly . And look what treasures she sent to me from Australia to Canada!!

 A Lobster mitt, A wooden lobster a Australia t shirt & a exquisite sugar bowl. Now the Sugar bowl did have a partner. It came with a little jug for cream. But SADLY it arrived in lots of pieces. I was sad at first... but like I told Nelly. It will give me something to search for. I will Scour (E-bay) (Etsy) & (Thrift stores) until I find it's mate.

 Look how gorgeous the design is! I didn't have a slightest clue this set even existed. I love it.
Thank you very much Nelly for the gifts.
I love them lots!
You know just what will put a smile on my face!

 *High Five*

This picture is for Clare Here is my old plastic Scottie dog. He seems to be in "puppy love" with yours. *hehehe*


  1. If you ever make it down to Texas, I'll take you and Mr. Coconut to eat Mexican food, Texas-style. My ex of many years is Hispanic (as you can probably tell from the pictures of my daughter and grandsons), and I kept the last name Perez for my daughter's sake. You can use it any time you need an alias. Nobody ever believes it's really my name anyway. LOL

    1. This Blogspot place is just FABULOUS, first I get a honorary citzenship and now a Mexican Alias!! Is there anything you can't get on here?? *haha*

      I would have never guessed your last name was Perez! And yes it all comes together now... I have seen your beautiful daughter and cute grand kids.

      P.s. I want to see texas sometime and load up on cowboy boots. =D

  2. Hehe you looked adorable in your sombero! I loved that you celebrated you honorary citizenship with Mexican food!! How thoughtful of Nelly I hope you find a new mate for your sugar bowl. xxx

  3. Awesome! I love mexican food, so much fun.

    PS: i LOVE your new profile pic!

  4. Yummy Mexican food is one of my favorites and i cook and make it loads. From enchilda's, to frahita's and chilli i make it all from scratch vegetarian mostly. I always make lime flavoured rice to go with it and along with sourcream tortilla chips and guacamole. I make the most tasty nacho's to with loads of vegetables and different sorts of spicy beans etc...god now my mouth is watering ;-)) What a lovely gift from Nelly i hope you manage to replace the suger bowl. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  5. Ooooo I love how colorful decorated the Mexican restaurant is.
    They wouldn't kick your ass, probably say your half Mexi maybe you might get a discount.
    Your food looks deliciosa!
    Buddy and I always polish off the chips and salsa too.
    Nelly did well! Look at all those goodies.
    The lobster pot is just so you. The lobster mitt is my fave. I bet you will use it a lot for your baking.
    Besotes you Honorary Mexicanita!

  6. You have the best restaurants in your town! I want Mexican food!!!

    My scottie says Hi! Yours is exactly the same isn't it? Wow! So cute. I wish we knew more about them.

    I love your crab pot! Will keep an eye out here for something for you! xxxx

  7. I knew Dora would invest you as an Honorary Mexicana! And what better way to celebrate than with a load of delicious Mexican food? The restaurant looks great. Mmm, salsa (in my Homer Simpson voice!)
    Nelly sent you such fab gifts, what a shame about the matching jug, we will all be keeping an eye out for one now. Love that lobster mitt, don't scare Jersey with it, he might think it's another alien (have you seen District 9?!) xxxxx

    I knew she'd make you a winner!!!

    O,lovely gifts from Nelly,spot on!!

  9. Yay for being an honorary Mexican!!! That dinner looks so delicious - I am going to make divorced eggs for dinner tonight :)

    That Parcel of Joy is delightful! Shame about the breakage :(

    I collect Westies and Scotties too! (Westies are besties)

    Sarah xxx

  10. hooray honorary mexicana;) ooh those pictures make me want eating enchiladas even more, note to myself: i definitely have to go to a mexican restaurant this weekend..
    and woow what an amazing lobsterspectaculous parcel you got! i bet your heart skiped a beat opening it;)
    love and kiss,mary

  11. Mexican food is a staple here in southern CA!

    Just had a shrimp taco for lunch. :D

  12. I can't believe i'm just now getting here to comment. Dang work and people expecting you NOT to read blogs when there's a deadline due. Congrats on your new status - and the lobster sugar bowl who needs its mate. Also - your finds this week make me sick. I mean it, sick with envy. I am going to spend the next hour pouting. Have a lovely weekend.