Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the verdict is....

 My Lobsters are happy,  and so am I. The possible future sofa I posted about yesterday now belongs to me. It's BRIGHTER in person and it's actually orange, yellow & red. It's in AWESOME condition "Better than I even expected." And I paid $50.00 for it.

 This was the photo from the classified ad, (Which I decorated a little.)

*Fabric closeup*
The seller was a friendly older woman named Eleanor who had quite a lovely 1940s - 1950's home.
One of the rooms in the basement of her house had 1950s bi plane wallpaper on a whole wall. It was really cool and I totally wish I had took a picture to show you guys "But I didn't want to look like some weirdo snapping pics in a strangers house."
The seller told me that the couch had belonged to her parents who died in the 1970's. She then took it and had it in a spare room in her basement and and had only used it 4 or 5 times.

The seller also had a HUGE aloe vera  plant sitting in the window sill of the room the sofa bed was in. I told her it was nice and looked to be thriving. She then asked if I wanted some of it to re-plant. The next thing you know shes digging in her aloe plant pulling me out some pieces.
I planted what she gave me and I hope it survives the moving shock. I will show you my newly acquired aloe in my next post.

The fun doesn't stop there... I was then asked if I wanted to keep the bedding that was on the sofa bed because if not She was just going to donate them to a thrift store.
I have not taken a good look at them yet they are still in the vehicle and I need to wash them,  but I know that two of them are vintage wool 50s - 60s  blankets and for sure one has satin trim. There is also a 60's floral sheet.
*Sigh of happiness*

Thank you Eleanor!!

 This is the bed mattress inside the hide-a-bed.

 As I type this I am sitting on my new to me Sofa. When I suddenly thought to myself... I hope I don't wear the foam out in these cushions of this couch because I like it way to much.
"I seriously think the weirdest things"

 Apparently it will give me a HEALTHFUL sleep too so that's a bonus.

I am looking forward to garage saling on Saturday morning.
Maybe I will find some throw pillows.


  1. Yuss good score! Love a good sofa re-homing story! I also like to hear that my blogging friends are getting healthful sleeps. LOL
    Have a good garage sail tomorrow! x

    1. *LOL* Healthful sleeps are very IMPORTANT!
      I will have a good garage saling day... well at least I hope. *hehe*
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great score! The sofa is fab! And double yay for free vintage bedding too. I'm sure the Lobsters will be right at home on that delightful sofa. Xx

  3. YAY lucky you!! It's gorgeous and score on the free vintage linen too. xx

  4. And the verdict is - you did GOOD! The sofa bed is a stunner. And how kind was Eleanor? She sounds lovely.
    Good luck with your garage sales. xxx

  5. Aww, that is such a sweet story; I love it when you get amazing stuff and meet neat people with their own stories in the process of doing so! Congrats on the couch and hope you find the perfect throw pillows to match. :)

  6. Oh HELL YES!!! I loooooooove your fabulous couch. And this insomniac is coming over for a healthful sleep as I'm bloody sick of unhealthful sleeps!!! Good luck with your thrifting - may the throw cushion force be with you.

    Sarah xxx

  7. Ahhh bless her heart she sounds like a right old sweet old ;-) Im so pleased for you and can imagain how excited you must feel ;-) Can't wait to see the bedding. Enjoy it, dee x

  8. Wow! It looks even better than the original picture! I love it and to think you'll get a healthful sleep makes me even happier!!! Good luck with the cushion hunting tomorrow! xxx

  9. I wish I could've seen the bi-plane wallpaper! The sofa is great I'm sure you'll have many healthful sleeps on it! xxx

  10. I'm so glad it was all you'd hoped for and more. I love it!

  11. Anything that promotes a "healthful sleep" is worth trying out - I'm so happy you snaffled the couch, it's absolutely gorgeous and looks incredibly comfortable - I can def picture you blogging, snoozing and watching old movies with a lovely hot cuppa with some gorgeous crochet cushions behind you:))) ONLY 50 bucks - bargain and the colours are so vivid! Woohoooo!! xo

  12. LOVE!!!! What a fab shape and design! The lobsters are just too cute!

  13. Yay!! What a steal! Such beautiful colors.
    Looks so comfy with little lobsters.
    Hey you can now eat lobsters and have a coconut drink while blogging in your new awesome couch.
    Aww amor dont worry about the Mexi-sombrero.

  14. Great buy! I know what you mean about wearing out the sofa. It's made it in good nic this far and you don't want to ruin it. Enjoy!