Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day at the Chinese Buffet

 A picture of my Mother and I and our GIGANTIC plates of Chinese food.

Every time we go I grab at least one oyster... but once I get it from it's shell and examine it. (No clue why I do that.) My feelings change. *lol* I think it's the 3rd time it's happened. So I think from now on I won't put the tongs near them.

 My Inspiration for my outfit was a Flamingo eating a Kiwi!
Since it was Mother's day and I am not yet a Mother I decided to take Mr. Coco to the park.

 I wore my Valentine Cowboy boots cause they matched my pink dress pretty much perfectly.

 "Yeee - Hawwwwww"

 "You naughty Dinosaur!"

 Be careful Loo!


 On Saturday when I was out shopping I noticed Walmart had their "Big Balls" on sale for $2.50
I like to buy these for Jersey every once in awhile. He LOVES them but makes sure to KILL them within minutes. So they are a special treat.
Here he is sitting waiting patiently to get his ball.
Let the craziness begin....

It's a &#@!*# ALIEN POD!!

 "Go back to your PLANET!!"

 Success in Alien pod extermination
Well that was a bit of my weekend.
I will share my Saturday garage sale finds with you on Tues or Wed as I still need to take photos.
On Saturday I went and had my weekly Ramen. I was thrilled when I realized the green onion in the bowl matched my freshly painted nails!

Yes I am easily fascinated!

Happy Mother's day to all the Mommies!!
Whether your a  mommy of a human child or a dog mommy, a cat mommy, a bird mommy, a rabbit mommy, a snake mommy, a goldfish mommy, a hamster mommy or any sort of animal mommy.


  1. OMG...everything about this post was so cute. I loved the photo of you and your mom. The mental picture of a flamingo eating a kiwi was priceless. The park pictures were hilarious. The ill-fated Big Ball pictures reminded me that I promised one to my rowdy grandsons who will no doubt kill theirs too. (Mental note: I also promised them another Barrel of Monkeys, green this time.) But I actually laughed out loud at your nails matching the onions!

  2. Your mum is so gorgeous and you are absolutely scrumptious! I adore your Mother's day outfit so much, especially with petticoat bursting to spring forth from the loins of your skirt:)). I want to send a crate of balls for your dog. Oh and my rule of thumb for seafood is "don't look, just eat". Xo

  3. You are a hilarious bunch! I love your cowboy boots I'm jealous of their awesomeness. Those photos of Jersey are priceless. xx

  4. We have mother's day in March (mothering Sunday) in the UK, but it sounds a similar deal. It's lovely to treat our mums to a nice lunch.

    That chinese food looks delish! I love all sorts of seafood and am immune to their ugliness. I don't inspect them haha, maybe that would put me off!

  5. Oh oh you must be the proudest mummy ever!!!! Jersey is the best ball munching planet eater ever!!! So so cute.
    Oh and you look so very cute in the pretty pink dress and boots. Perfect for dinosaur riding.
    Love v

  6. That's your mum? I swear I thought that was your sister or something! She's so pretty!

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha bless you, you are so sweet and funny what a great post ;-) You and your mum looked gorgeous and your dog bless him he had fun with that ball. Brilliant. Look forward to seeing your finds, dee x

  8. Your mama is a gorgeous lady (where you get your looks from, obviously!) and good for you, pile those plates high! I'm afraid I can't resist over-eating at those Chinese buffets...
    Never had oysters but would like to try - I like Desiree's advice!
    Oh you two Cocos and your dinosaur rodeo! Good to see you matching your frock to your cowboy boots, not to mention your eyeshadow to your nails, and nails to the spring onions. Now that's dedication to the matchy-match!
    The pic of Jersey waiting for his ball is a classic. What a relief for all concerned that that he managed to foil the alien invasion of Canada! xxxxxxx

  9. Has anyone else noticed that the oyster looks like lady bits?! No wonder you couldn't chow down. Your mum is really youthful and radiant, rather like your good self. I love your flamingo/kiwi combo and your dog vs ball photos are hysterical! I love them!
    I want Ramen so badly

  10. That oyster looks... like something... else... Never eat seafood that looks like genitalia.. like the.. GEODUCK!

    Jersey looks so crazy and cute chasing that big ball - her mouth flapping about is the funniest thing! xxx

  11. Gerk - is THAT why they're supposedly aphrodisiacs?? Blee.

    I'll take the mother's day greetings, despite ours already having been in March!

    ***Ta-dah! Tuesday tomorrow - link up your amazing makes, fabulous finds and outrageous outfits!***

  12. I can totally understand why you couldn't eat that oyster...ewww! Great post, I love the Pac Man pic and noticing your nails match your food - lol.

    1. flamingo eating a kiwi? haha you are so funny and i love your kiwi nails and the pink dress is so darling on you! eeww me too i can´t eat oysters.... but beside that it seems you had the perfect mother´s day;)

  13. You and your Mama look lovely with high plates of Chinese food.
    Your flamingo eating a kiwi outfit is pure genius! Love al the matchy matchy.
    I love oyesters ! Best thing is not to look just slurp. I add lemon and chile sauce to my oysters while drinking a Corona beer.
    You sure know how to ride you cowgirl.
    The most adorable cowboy boots perving at you slip peeking out.
    I love that love my boot sale vids, i always tell Buddy but Vintage coconut will be dissapointed if i dont make a vid of my junk. I also enjoy your fab finds.


  14. Oh i forgot to say i love your yellow prosti eyeshadow!
    Jersy sure loves his balls, see he is not afraid to touch genetalia looking objects.

  15. Yummm I always get hungry looking at your make up looks great.Just love your boots.xx