Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Orange and brown and striped all over

I have been on the lookout for a replacement vintage Hide-a-Bed  for our "T.V. room"
Last year I saw one at a garage sale for $50.. It obviously didn't sell because I noticed the next day it was listed in the freebie section of the classifieds. ("So I went and picked it up") It worked good for the first while but we realized quickly the cushions that went along the back were a little too worn in and ended up sinking into blobs after watching a show or two. *lol* So we took those off the darn couch and have been using the couch without them which is... well hard and springey at times.
 So I started my search for a new one in the beginning of January and have seen a few but they get snapped up QUICK or are priced higher than what I want to pay.
"After all I am a bargain hunter..."

This afternoon this sofa was listed on a classified site. I e-mailed the owner within the first 30 something minutes of it being posted. I have plans to go look at it tomorrow afternoon.
I just LOVE it. 
So I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will look as good in person as it does in it's photos.
For some reason I have always loved plaid couches.
I will give you a update soon....
If I do get this loveseat... I need to get some crochet covered cushions ASAP!

There is one thing I am wondering... I wonder if it's a Simmons?


  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! That's the sound of me trying out your possible-future-sofa:))))) Oh my, I really, really hope it's going to be your perfect sofa coz it's perfect and it needs you and it really, really needs some crochet cushion covers!!!! Good luck Ms C!!! xoxo

    1. By the sounds of your trying it out I imagine it's.... Good?! *LOL*
      Thank you for the luck! I need it as I am soooo in love with the darn thing I wish I could show up on the owners doorstep right now... too bad it's midnight and they would probably think I was a whack job and not let me purchase their Sofa bed. They could even go as far as take out a restraining order and then I would never have a chance to try it out myself.

  2. I hope it's in good condition because it's freaking adorable. xx

  3. ooohhh its gorgeous my fingers and toes are crossed that its what you want ;-)) dee x

  4. Looks a great colour and shape! We always call them sofa-beds here.

  5. Oooo,me likey!It would rather fab next to my splendid cocktail cabinet,yes?! I'm sure it will look glorious in the flesh!Love those Simmons ads,especially the second one-that frock!I hope your is a Simmons,then we can SQUEE merrily!

  6. Perfect compliment for the vintage home! Lovin that you found the couch in ads. It was meant to be.

  7. It's a gorgeous couch, I can understand your affection (and desperation!) for it. Good luck x

  8. Go get that sofa bed, Mrs Coco - it's meant to be yours! xxx

  9. It's fab, you must get it! I'd fight you for it if I lived closer! x

  10. I love the light blue one the best! go get that amazing sofa!

  11. Such a cute sofa! Hope it looks as great in person as in the photo...and that it's super comfy!

  12. Loving the retro sofa! Hope you get the one you want

  13. That sofa is so retro! I love the color and i think it is super rare to see a sofa like that)


  14. Go get that retrotastic sofa!