Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating my garage sale finds

 Finally after weeks of wanting a Sombrero I found one I didn't deem to pricey.
Two weeks ago I saw one at a yard sale priced for $10 (It was brown) the week after I came across a black one for $15 *eeep* too high for my yard sale funds! (I only bring $25 dollars to spend each week) This past Sat I went to a yard sale where a man had not one but two Mexican Sombreros for $5 each. *woohoo* I bought the green, now I wish I had bought the red too. It was a bit dusty from storage soooo... I vacuumed it. How many people vacuum sombreros on a Saturday afternoon? *smile*

 I picked up the maracas a couple sales later for $0.50 cents from a friendly old couple who had a black and white shih tzu doggie.

 If your wondering about my purchases I will be happy to explain I like Mexican stuff. I love the food (*mmm*), I like the clothing and Mexican decor. I even like Mexican people like Dora fromVintage Passiones Just like Mine. Maybe she can make me a Honorary Mexican!

Skirt was .75 cents Top was .50 cents they were both purchased sometime last month.

Cute Donkey  .25 cents

Huge Shopper .50 cents This big bag now sits in the vehicle waiting to be loaded up with my garage sale & thrift purchases.

Baby bootie planter .50 cents (Stamped 1960)

Vintage glass bowl with red berries and gold leaves .50 cents

Pyrex S&P shakers .50 cents

Brand new flocked Zebra wallet $2.00

Bracelet .50 Brooch .25 Brooch .25

Chalk ware birds $1.00
There was a few small chips but nothing my nailpolish collection couldn't handle. The birds now look fabulous again.

Douglass Fir glass carafe .50 cents

Grand Garage Sale

Most expensive item being the $5 Sombrero

This is my 150th post!! *Throws Confetti*

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x_ Vintage Coconut


  1. I like Mexican goodies too!
    I been kicking myself for not buying a couple of mini sombreros last time we were in Mexico.....dork!SO doing it this time!
    I suspect Dora will be more than happy to make you an honourary Mexican Senorita! XXX

  2. Aye carumba!! I wanna be an honorary Mexican chola too! You look super duper cute in your fab bargain outfit. All of your gorgeous bargain finds are lovely - I especially LOOOOVE those bluebirds! Sarah xxx

  3. I love the salt & pepper shakers & those birds make my heart giddy. Love your mexican inspired outfit. Xx

  4. Oh oh oh oh-lay!!!! You are such a pretty mexican lady.
    Congrats on 150 posts, I just love popping in to Miss coconuts world.
    Yay what great garage sale finds.
    The little birdies are cute, and I love the bowl.
    Love v

  5. YOu look awesome in the sombrero! What great finds, the little birds are so cute.

  6. I'm desperate to go to Mexico but my littlest has put his foot down as "there are tarantulas and scorpions"! Which admittedly I'd not be that keen to encounter either. He does love a fajita though and he's very fond of hats so perhaps he can be persuaded. Excellent outfit - glad the gods of thrift came through for you! Oh and I use my nail varnish all the time to 'mend' things, that's a known usage right?
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. You got some great finds! Love the cute little birds and pyrex.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Hola, lovely Vintage Coconut. I used to have a sombrero too - nothing quite as magnificent as yours though. I do have some maracas though - must dig them out. As per usual, you have done very well indeed. Love the pyrex shakers, birds and spotty bowl. Adios amiga. xx

  9. aiii! I love your little birdies! Only $1 that's ridiculous! I love your Mexi look, it's gorgeous. That sombero is amazing, such a good find. So hungry thinking of Mexican food now...

  10. Wow, now that's what I call a sombrero! I think Dora will be pretty impressed when she checks you out, you could definitely be an honourary Mexicana!
    Delicious skirt, and all your garage sale finds are cute. Favourites? Well, if you insist I choose, I'd say the bowl and the shakers. And the chalk birds. A giant baby bootie planter? That's bizarre, but I trust it means we are still working on the Future Baby Coconut's decor (and working on making the FBC too, hehehe!)
    Congratulations on 150 posts (I'm getting near 100, woo hoo!) and I love that gorgeous last pic, how pretty are YOU?!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. AJUA!!! *Shoots Guns*
    I crown thee an honorary Canadian Mexicanita!
    You look so good as a Mexicana!
    I wish I lived closer to cook some Mexi-food for you.
    I want more Mexi-hats in every color.
    That Mexi-embroided skirt is gorgeous.
    My favourites are the little ceramic donkey and chalk ware birdies. I been looking for some chalk ware mermaids.
    oh the pyrex shakers and the bowl.You found the most adorable baby bootie planter. I will look out for baby stuff for you amor. The big shopper bag is great for all your treasures. Douglass Fir glass carafe. I am adding you to my prosti list on my profile. You earn it amor!
    The last picture of you is precioso.
    Mexican Besotes

    1. Olé!!! Me gusta mucho!!! Your pictures makes me wanna join your fiesta and eating a lot of tacos y nachos haha skirt, shirt and sombrero are prefect! and those little birds are supercute!!! oh you always find the best stuff darling!
      amor y besos, mary ;)

  12. Hola, Chica! Gotta love some Mexi action! That outfit is totally fabulous and so is that donkey and little fishes! xxx

  13. Yay for sombreros and yay for Dora shooting her guns in approval!!! I love your garage sale pics, I only wish I had the patience to do the same:))). I love your skirt and top and cute wee birdies xxxxx

  14. You make a very pretty lady dressed in your Mexican apparel.

  15. Your garage finds are mind blowing!!
    Can't believe that the total cost was so low, you brought home lots of amazing things!!!
    I love mucho the mexican sombrero and the maracas and so the whole outfit, the skirt is so beautiful!
    The baby boot is adorable, so the chalk bluebirds and one of my favorite is the glass bowl with the red polkadots and leaves!!
    Congratulations for being crowned Honorary Mexican by the lovely Dora in person!!

  16. I love it all.and you look great in all that mexi clothing.That hat is amazing.