Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Coconut!

 Here is the Mr. and I after his Birthday dinner.

 Mr. Coconut loves Japanese stuff. So I wore a Japanese fan shirt to celebrate his Birthday.

 Mr. Coco ordered Ribs! The restaurant we went to has a free Birthday meal.
(Can't complain about that.)

 I ordered the calamari dinner!

 I told Mr. to stop at the park so we cold take some pics. Thankfully he was in a picture mood and was happy to pose and dance with me.

 Mr. Coco wanted to go to the Ramen shop for his Bday but it was closed due to being a stat holiday here in Canada. The Holiday is (Victoria Day) "

Quick Facts

Victoria Day is celebrated in honor of the birthdays of both Queen Victoria and the current monarch of Canada.

Happy Birthday to you Loo! I love you very much badly.
Your the best husband I could ever have. How many men would be able to put up with so much garage saling and thrifting? *hhehe*

 Now your older than me... but only for 4 months so you better enjoy it.

Have I ever mentioned I love Hello Kitty? Well I do and this seemed like a perfect excuse to dance with her.


  1. You are so cute.I just love that top and I see your cute chinese shoes on your feet.I wore mine to work today.Looks like your mr. had a lovely B day.You two look so cute.Yumm ribs and calamari.Sounds like what me and hubby would have.Just love the hello kitty pic.xx

  2. Happy happy birthday Mr Coconut!! What a wonderful way to spend a birthday. Love the one of you dancing with Hello Kitty. xxx

  3. Happy birthday to Mr. Coco! Looks like you both had a wonderful time. Ribs or calamari...tough choice!

  4. Oh happy birthday to your adorable hubby! I'm salivating over both of your delish meals I think I could have polished up both platefuls! I love the pics of you two frolicking in the park, you are such a gorgeous couple and you in the fan top - love!!! Xxx

  5. Happy Birthday, Mr VC! You've got yourself a fab man there, anyone who loves trawling around junk shops as much as us is a keeper.
    Love your top. x

  6. mmmmm all that food!! You've got a great hubby, we all need a partner who can tolerate our collecting habits! I'm a bit of a japanophile, love your hello kitty pics! squeee!

    also jealous of your close proximity to the ramen place

  7. Yaaaaaaay,Happy Birthday Mr Coconut!!!
    Fab fun pix and a womnderful time had by all!HURRAH!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER COCONUT!!! Hope you had a lovely day and a FAB year! Sarah xxx

  9. Yay Happy happy birthday to Mr Coconut!!!! It looks like you had a happy and fun time.
    Yip it is fabulous when your partner is a treasure hunter too!!!!
    Love v

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Coconut!
    Mmmm Calamari, love me all kinds of sea creatures.
    You two make a lovely couple,adore your Chinese tiger pose.
    love your happy Hello Kitty pic.
    Thank goodness for hubby's that love putting up with our junk shopping.

  11. Happy Birthday to Mr C!
    Love the photos of the two of you, you make such a lovely couple!
    Mmmmm... I feel hungry looking at that food...
    Pretty Japanese shirt, perfect for dancing with Hello Kitty! xxxxxxx

    1. oh happy belated birthday to mr coco ;)oh and i guess you are the best gift he could ever wish to have ;) love your japanese shirt so much!!!

  12. Oh I missed this - Happy belated birthday to Mr Coconut!