Saturday, May 19, 2012

Do you have some time?

To look at my garage sale finds of the week?
 This is my favorite find. A 1950s alarm clock
("It still ticks when you wind it up and had a rather "ALARMING" ring.) I will admit I spent a little more on this item than usual.
The clock cost me $10.

 Real shell compact / trinket box 0.25 cents.
( I looked them up on Etsy and the cheapest was $8 most expensive $24)

 Glass table lighter $2 (I have a weakness for these, this one is my third)
"Uh-oh they say once you have three you have a collection"

 Pink flower bangle 0.50 cents

 Mouse pad & coasters $1 (I have not bought a new mouse pad in I don't know how long. My past three have all been purchased brand new from yard sales for super cheap!

 White fat lava triangle vase 0.75 cents

 Plastic buck figurine 0.25 cents (He is going to drive my cute plastic doe's nuts!)

 These Lavender trellis's are so cute! I just finished planting my flowers this week but didn't purchase much vines because I didn't want them crawling all over randomly. Looks like I will have to go get some now as my trellis's are lonely.
$2 for both

 Vintage blue suitcase in great condition

(The inside)

 Horseshoes $1 (I have been wanting to find some horseshoes since the beginning of last year garage sale season. FINALLY my patience paid off. And even though the Mr. and I had a LONG day.. we played a game this evening. He won the score was 15 - 11.)

 The Mr. bought these 6 books the dates are two 1952, 1953, two 1954s & a 1958
They are in such good condition I imagine they sat stored in a box for most of their lifetime.
$4 for all six
Do I ever NOT buy toys??

 All pieces accounted for price sticker $40 we paid $5

 *Says a little prayer that the future children REALLY like Mr. Potato head*

 Spud Buds! Look at the corn *hahah* "I actually got embarrassed at the sale I was at when I seen this. Because the seller was sitting where I could not see her, so I thought they were just inside the house....
I spotted the Spud buds and was like " OMG THERE IS A CORN AND A CARROT... look (To the Mr.) They are Mr. Potato's friends...."  I then heard a giggle and finally noticed the seller in her chair laughing at my excitement. So I said "As you can tell I love toys!" And she said "That's okay so do I"
I then said "I don't even have kids yet... when I do I will probably be fighting with them over toys" She also confessed she didn't have kids either... "WOOHOO I am not so strange.." Okay maybe I am!

 We stopped at a thrift shop after garage saling. I spotted Hamtaro ... I could NOT leave him behind. Not with those eyes!
Japanese cartoons have the cutest characters.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

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  1. Ooooo,the alarm clock is FABULOUS!!! I do like an old fashioned alarm sound,hate these modern peepy things! Love the buck,if that was lifesize it would be the perfect garden ornament.I have a dream about an enormous garden ornament liek that,or a crocodile,OR an Easter Island head.
    I've been having a pleasant,but bargain free weekend,thank you very much!XXXXXXX

  2. I absolutely LOVE the alarm clock and the fat lava!

  3. Wow, you have a great eye for bargains. I love the stag, but I think I love the books more.

  4. Oh Miss Coconut you are an awesome treasure hunter. More spud mates, Yay!!!!!
    I just love the clock. Warren & I just can't leave them either.
    I am the same as you, I seem to always come home with some kind of toy. But since I can't have kids, it really is naughty. Oh well!!!!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love v

  5. Wow! Do you find the best treasures or what? I love the clock and the bangle (50 cents!!)I buy toys too and my kids are 21!

  6. Fantastic finds....that clock is sensational, such funky styling. I have never seen anything like that clam thingo....very unusual. And I had never heard of a table lighter either. Thanks for enlightening me! Love the bangle, the buck & the blue suitcase. Weekends must be heaps of fun at your place! Xx

  7. That clock is blooming amazing!! I would love to have found that. Scarlett x

  8. Hell-o my dear!! Well you found way more and better than me, my finds were pitiful this week. But then it's winter *cough* here now, i.e. under 20 degrees celcius, so the sales slow down for a few months, boo hoo.

    1. Our season is just at it's beggining. Do you know HOW MANY SATURDAY'S I was bored out of my skull from November thru March!!! *lol* It's about time we switch. =p

  9. What a haul!! Loving the deer (I bet your ladies lurve him, quite the magnificent beast, isn't he?), the bangle is so pretty and the Pincher coasters are adorable, what a cute little mutt!
    I'd love to get really drunk and play that horseshoe game, that would make BBQs so much fun. x

    1. I suppose it would make a BBQ fun as long as you didn't peg someone in the head with one of the shoes. *hahah*

  10. Great finds.Love that clock,and the mini pin pad.Reminds me of books are so cool.I just love cowboy stuff from the 50's.

  11. What glorious finds amor!
    Oh that clock is divino, i am eyeing the shell compact you can keep your pearl necklaces in there.
    The pink flower bangle is so sweet.
    Oh man i been lusting over good vintafe suitcase. You found a clean brand new obe.
    More toys!at this rate your going have a toy store in your house.
    Potato head story is so cute.your never too old for toys.
    Horseshoe game must loads of fun, you guys should make the loser drink tequila.
    I bet hubby liked that fat lava vase.
    Your right i wouldnt be able to resist a Japanese cute mono with eyes like those.

  12. Fun, fun and funner! That lava vase is cool - or is it hot? he plastic logs are so cute, can't wait for you to build a cabin for the potato pals to move into.

  13. Ooh that clock ROCKS!! And I love the buck and the books! Hurry up and have some babies, will ya!? Sarah xxx

  14. You get the BEST stuff! Like me though - where the hell do you put it all? But who cares about space when there's so many amazing things to be had!! Love it all - especially the flower bangle and allll the toys and the mouse mat (awwww) and the lava vase (that looks pretty collectable to me!) Though I have to say the shell trinket boxes are quite cheap over here at the seaside, still I love them, got one on my dressing table!
    ps: my boyfriend wasn't as excited as me when I said "this nice blog lady has the same scotty dog as me and she lives in CANADA!!"

    1. I can't believe your boyfriend wasn't excited about our scottie dogs!! *He must learn to appreciate the IMPORTANT things in life.* *LOL*
      That makes perfect sence about the shell trinket boxes. Thank goodness there is people who live Alaska to purchase the most expensive ones. *hheheh*

  15. I'm your newest follower - I've just been reading some past posts, glad to find you via Her Library Adventures. I passed by a blue suitcase the other week, I've been thinking about it ever since....
    All your finds were great!

    1. Hi Jill nice to meet you.
      I really hate when you pass something up and then realize when it's too late that you really want it. *I have the same feeling over a painting I didn't purchase 2 weeks back.* hahah

  16. The clock is fabulous!
    You have done some good shopping there, Mrs C - more preparation for the FBCs is always good! Your suitcase is wonderful, your shell trinket box is like my lip balm case from Lucy, and I hope your does are flirting wildly with that handsome buck!
    I think sellers always appreciate enthusiatic buyers, and who wouldn't get excited about Mr Potato Head's carrot and corn spud buds? Only someone with no soul, that's who! xxxxxxxxx

    1. I agree! Your not human if you don't get excited about plastic vegetables.

  17. OMG I had that exact frontier log set when I was a kid (I am 42). I loved it, most loved toy (other than my Red Baron remote controlled flying Snoopy and stuffed Big Bird). I played with it for hours and hours.

    1. I had the Sesame Street Honker men and I loved them so much!! But later when we got a bit older they got sold at a yard sale. *SAD* I hope to find another honker. *lol*

  18. My word you really did good on this outing. I have never seem to find things like that.

  19. OMG! I just loooove the shell compact and the bangle!
    Really great finds!

    1. oh the alarm clock is soooo fabulous and gosh i love the blue suitcase!!!it is so chic and beautiful i want one like that too!!! well next weekend my mum and me are going to a bigger flea market near here and we both have a really long list with things we would love to find there, and on mine there is a vintage suitcase too;)
      have a great weekend darling!