Monday, May 7, 2012

I bought a potato at a garage sale

I am thrilled with it being Garage sale season again. So thrilled.. I created myself a "Garage Saling bag" I found a vintage Star Wars bed sheet months back that had some holes here and there. I wanted to make something out of it... and finally I did.

One side features Darth Vader

 The other Chewbacca! I love both of them.

 I paid .75 cents or Mrs. Potato head and most of her accessories a few things are missing,  but for a price like that I couldn't give a damn.

 A huge stack of postcards from the 1950s - 1970's $2.00
The seller told me they were her Mother's

This ones from 1951
I wish I could Harvest some Pineapples.... MMM I love PINEAPPLES!

But not as much as PICKLES....  Pickle Container .25 cents

 Cabbage Salt and Pepper Shakers $1.50
I have the Cabbage dish to go with these.

Wingtip Doc Martens $2.00

 Simon Randers Mobelfabrik 1960s teak Danish sculpture $1.50
(I call this one... My find of the day!)

 Vintage glasses case .25 cents

 Coro thermoset Necklace $1.00

 Austria Brooch $1.00

 Floral Rhinestone brooch $1.00
I get so excited when I come across old jewelry at Garage sales I sometimes forget to give them a good look-over That's what happened here with this brooch. I would have left it behind had I seen a stone was missing. Maybe I will be able to find a stone to replace it in the future.

 I love this (I am saling Today) Striped tote bag. It's so cute and I am crazy about the rope handles.

Jersey See's a Kitty on his walk. See his back leg? He started doing some serious dirt kicking while staring at this cat. It was so funny apparently he was a bull planning to CHARGE!

The cat must think Jersey is some sort of Circus freak! *lol*

And I will end with this photo I took yesterday evening of the Slough near our house. I love this spot...  Just last week I was walking through it with Jersey and now it's filling up with water and  lots of ducks.


  1. That coro thermoset necklace is heavenly!
    My friend Amber would KILL for that fabulous Star Wars bag!!! Clever possum! I suspect she'd like Mrs Potato too. I love those cabbage salt/pepper shakers!I'm suddenly having a desire to collect such things,I don't know WHY!Must be wintery nesting or some such bollocks!
    The brooch is beautiful,and I often prefer them a bit damaged.There's something sweet about missing stones,or being a bit scruffy!
    Great haul,sweets!Hurrah for garage sales!!!

  2. I am positively drooling over those Doc Martin shoes. Those prices are crazy town!

  3. Those Doc Martins are devine!! My nephews love my mrs potatoe head I wish mine had that many accessories. I know another blogger how would die for those postcards. xx

  4. Love Mrs. Potatohead! When I was a kid, they didn't come with heads. You really stuck the parts into a potato! Jeeez, I'm old.

    1. I seen the advertisement for the first Mr. Potato head. They have some of the old commercials on youtube. I thought they were funny.

  5. Holy cow! You picked up heaps of bargains! I have bought a potato head (well two) from a garage sale before and despite trying to keep it all together there are arms. lips and feet all over the show. I can't believe you got the Docs for $2! The necklace is really nice too.

  6. My heart skipped a beat or 10 when I saw the Doc Martins. They are so cool. What an incredible bargain. You found some real treasures, well done.

  7. Oh the "force" was with you!!! The bag made you a Jedi treasure hunter at the garage sales.
    I am with all the sweet-peas the shoes are amazing!!! So looking forward to seeing them on!!!
    Oh oh and the necklace is wonderful too. Yay for fab finds.

    Jersey the pussy cat spotter, tee hee!
    Love v

  8. OOooooh so many TREASURES!!! I love your Star Wars bag (so clever!) - the necklace is fabulous, the cabbage salt and peppers are lovely, the Docs are marvellous - but my FAVEY FAVEST is the fruity brooch - it's GOOORGEOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  9. Oh wow, what a fabulous haul. Yeh, I remember having a potato head thingy and playing with real potatoes (such innocent times.....). Love love love the Star wars bag. Love it I tell you!

  10. I love the postcards!!And all your amazing bargains!!
    Mrs Potato is so cute, what a lucky gal!!!
    But my favorite item on this post is your awesome creation!
    Now I'm dreaming to own a Chewbacca bag! Lovely!

  11. Someone has her garage sale mojo working...!
    You did GOOD!
    The Docs are a fabulous bargain, the salt'n'pepper shakers are cute (I was given some lettuce leaf dishes, salad servers and jugs), love the teak sculpture, and the necklace, and I'm intrigued by the container for one's pickles...
    But I'm with Sarah, the fruity brooch is Top of the Treasures for me. And the Star Wars bag comes in a very close second!
    Have sent you an email cos I just got my PARCEL, yippeee!
    PS. Jersey would have a great time playing with Charley! xxxxxx

  12. I don't know if I am more jealous of your postcards or pickle container. The jewelry is fab and your saleing bag is perfect.

  13. I love the postcards and the cabbage cruet! Those Docs are a great find, too. I've never seen or heard of a pickle container before. What do you do with it? Carry gherkins around just in case?
    The bag is just brilliant, hope it gets well used with carrying bargains all summer long. x

  14. I AM SO JEALOUS of everything you bought!! Look at the DMs!!! I have never heard of a pickle holder in my life, sounds filthy, but looks amazing

  15. Amazing finds. Love Mr. Potato Head!

    1. oh i adore the star wars bag you made! so fabulous darling! and these brooches are really beautiful i can´t resist to stuff like that neither, even if i rarely wear it i love it;) and i also love your sailor bag! so great finds as always!

  16. adorable finds amor!
    clever biatch on making your own garage sale Star Wars bag but I think it should be way bigger, you always find loads of treasures.
    first: I adore the Coro necklace cant believe it was un dollar.
    I used to wear Mrs. potato heads lips all the time.
    cabbage salt and pepper shakers are so cute. wing-tip Doc's are awesome. I'm sure you will be rocking your fruty brooches and sailor bag this summer. Oh I don't mind missing stones just glue some fake rhinestones.
    A pickle container? I seen a banana container once ,but the idea of carrying a banana container made me crack up.
    I been looking for sunglasses case similar to yours. Jersey is a tough little torito. The Simon Randers Mobelfabrik teak Danish sculpture sure is the find of the day.
    beautiful Slough,

  17. aahh great finds got to love mrs potato head my boys had both mr and mrs when they were little thanks to Toy story the film ;-) Love that necklace to. dee x

  18. More lovely thrifted things!!

    Loving Mrs Potato head and your awesome sailing bag

  19. I have a similar Austrian brooch, they're just lovely.

    1. I saw yours in a blog post and was totally in love with it. Imagine my Happiness when I seen this one. I even thought of you when I came across it. *heheh*

  20. Well, you know that I'm jealous of you finding that Austria pin. I have what must be part of a set of fruit--mine is a pear with the same one chaton, two navettes for leaves. I need to come up there and go saleing with you--the pickings are slim to nil down here plus it's bloody HOT already! Why not pin the brooch with the missing stone to your saleing bag and then when you're out and about you'll have it with you so you can find the perfect replacement stone. I have a friend who decorates her purses with jewelry missing a stone or two.

    1. Finding jewelry here at garage sales is rare. And usually when there is vintage jewelry it is priced sky high. I was totally surprised when the seller at the sale I bought the stuff from said everything was $1.00 each.
      Great idea about putting brooches with flaws on a bag. I might try that.. I think I will sew another cloth shopper bag in some funky vintage floral fabric. =D
      It's nice to see you back Christine.