Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday afternoon and Saturday Garage sale finds

Hello there! Friday afternoon after posting my FOF pics I left in a mad dash to one of the thrifts I usually stop by weekly. Glad I went because new on the shelves were these two ferocious beauties. My eyes lit up when I spotted them, then I thought ahhhhh nooo I bet they will be marked high. (But as I have learned "It is always better to ask" I have been surprised a few times recently with price responses to stuff I thought would be marked up for big bucks and ended up only being a couple of dollars) As for the Panthers $4 each. There was another guy in the store who (MAY) have been eyeing them too because as soon as I asked on the price for them.. he looked over and was like (Ya those are real cool hey) Then continued looking them over as I was checking for cracks or chips. As soon as I seen they were blemish free I said "I will take both!!"

I also bought this wood carved jewelry box stamped India for $1

And this cute mermaid lucite soap dish for $1 also

Besides a few silk flowers and some articles of clothing that is what I purchased from the Thrift shop. My guy and I then went and had lunch at the only Diner style restaurant in town left.

(We used to have a Peggy Sues but it didn't last long.. Too bad because I really liked it.) I had a Philly style cheese steak sandwich and fries. *MmM*


After dinner I rode a Alligator to burn some calories! (I don't really know if this works but you should try it...?!)

Saturday morning (Woke up at 7 a.m. to go garage saling) Got ready felt half asleep as my sleep i had was not all that good. (Camped out in a tent with Guy and Jersey (Boxer dog) I think out of all of us Jersey had the best sleep. He snored and was content as I hear (Barking dog, Coyotes howling.. then came emergency vehicle sirens...) WOW what a night and we are doing it again tonight!! So half asleep Coconut lady only spent $3.50 Today at yard sales. This week I found the least finds since I started in the spring.

Here is what I bought:

Lovely Mid Century lava vase marked (Tilgmans Sweden) $1

Red and Grey lava Vase $1

Funky flower platter .50 cents

Stopped at Salvation Army cause I had garage sale money burning a hole in my pocket. Purchased this gorgeous Ginger jar for .50 cents (Probably my best find of the day) started doing a little research found some lookalikes.. I imagine this one is pretty old.

Also my Guy looked HORRIFIED when he saw it in my hands.. I said "What?? I am buying this!" ("YOUR BUYING A URN!!") *lol* "Uhmm Honey I think its a old Ginger jar. " ("I'm pretty sure that's an urn") [He then breaks out his blasted Iphone to look it up online] ("Alright well it could be a Ginger jar") Then he holds it for me so I can finish looking. HAHAAH


  1. My Fav would have to be that platter so cute! That's a funny coloured alligator your riding ha ha. Did you sleep in a tent in your backyard just for fun???

    E :)

  2. Ha ha you alligator riding coconut you.Least the man goes saling with you.You shoulda told him the jar was for your ashes lol

  3. @VintageSweetheart Yes we did it just for fun. We do it a few times during summer when we can't actually go out to the lake or to a campsite.
    Plus my dog likes "Camping" so much as soon as he sees a tent he gets super excited and tries to get inside before it's even fully up. =)

  4. @Nelly ahahaha NOOOO if I told him that he would have broke it so I could not buy it. ahahah Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. hehe - great post. Totally agree its better to ask the price, ive been surprised too when thinking it would be a high price tag (esp at the boot sale when they have had their stall done up like a antique shop!). Scarlett x

  6. See? OK, you didn't find a tiger like I found, but they are big cats!

    Can I have your lava vase? lol...

  7. Those cats are very cool at a great price, how big are they? Love the exercise routine ;-)

  8. HA!You and Helga both love riding the giant reptiles! I LOVE the tray and the beautiful ginger jar and those vases were absolute bargains!

    Sarah xxx

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys camping out in the yard! Like Sarah says, you and Helga both rock the giant reptile rides!
    I've seen those fruitwood boxes being carved in India, so intricate and amazing to see that level of craftsmanship hasn't changed in hundreds of years. x

  10. cute pics! how did your own garage sale go???

  11. That mermaid soap dish is so darling.

  12. @Scarlett Ahhh yes the stalls done up like the antique shops I run into those every couple of weeks and I wonder... should I look or pass. *hahah*

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house Oh your right I did find some cats! I still think I will run into a lil stuffed kitty sometime soon. LOL about the vases! The horses said they like them too much! =p ahahaha

  13. @Uncle Atom
    The cats are 12" long by 5" high
    There's no better excercise routine than a fun one! *lol*

    @Misfits Vintage Once you have rode a giant reptile you will never go back!!! lol

    @Miss Magpie Now all I need is a lamp to go with them! lol

    @Vix I totally love camping! One thing on my list of wants is a cute little trailer. I can't wait until I finally get one. I will be having a blast decorating it and going out as much as I can all summer long. Then I don't have to be so scared of bears getting me. *lol*

    @Kitty Had to postpone it to this weekend. My Brother wanted to join in and sell some stuff but needed a bit more time. So the good thing was I got to go garage saling.. bad thing .. I don't get to go this Saturday. *lol*

    @Beach Vintage I love mermaid stuff it is just so whimsical and intriguing. =D