Thursday, August 25, 2011

The yard sale

What took me so long to post this? My laziness of course... it took me a few days to re cooperate after having my Saturday yard sale last weekend. I made all the signs on Friday and decided to add a little sparkle piz-zazz to get some extra attention. I have a personality that hates normalcy. I don't like boring, bland & simple. I like eye catching, dazzling & fun!! So I portrayed that through my signs. And no worries I did not sell a zebra.

And if I did have a zebra I would have never sold it, I would dye its white fur with green kool-aid and ride it around the neighborhood with a set of fairy wings on my back and a little green elf hat. (Woops there goes that damn imagination again.)

(Early Sat morning before setting up)

I decided to make a little *Welcome* sign for the front yard to greet the people saling.
The purple balloons were for extra excitement. *lol*

I forgot to take pics of the whole setup. Behind the clothing rack was two tables. One with kick knacks the other with electronics and dvds and stuff. This garage sale was not that big because last spring we had a ginormous multi family sale and I sold most of my unwanted items then. And since then I have been pretty much only purchasing vintage items which I do not want to rid myself of. heheh

The main thing I sold was clothing and surprisingly it did quite well. I sold at least half of my clothing on the rack at the prices of 2 & 3 dollars. At 12:00 one and a half hours before garage sale end I marked the clothing all down to 1.00 each in hopes to clear out a bit more before the end. That got some people quite excited and I really did sell more clothes than I expected too. *wooohooo*

This was one of my last customers vehicles. I asked if I could take a pic as I thought it was hilarious!! I don't think I would ever be able to garage sale on a Scooter like he was. The fact he purchased a air conditioner and a set of lights that were sitting where his feet go gave me a good laugh.

After the sale last year was done we packed everything into the vehicle and donated it to Salvation Army.

(Which is what I did at the end of this yard sale too.)

It was getting so hot on Sat I could not wait to pack things up at our 1:30 p.m. closing time. By then I already was sun burnt and intensely hot and uncomfortable. The temperature outside was 32 Celsius which is 89.6 ºF
Thank goodness I wore a checkered fedora on my head since the beginning of the day or I probably would have felt much worse. Once packed up I sprayed myself with a water bottle and sat in front of the living room fan. *hahaah*

(Not so spry and happy as the early morning photo)

After donating un sold items to Salvation Army. My family went out for a Chinese buffet!! (I mean really its the best way to celebrate the ending of a yard sale.) We had a delicious dinner and it was actually very nice because we haven't all been out together in quite a long time.

After dinner I came home and had a much needed 2 1/2 hour nap. I did not get much sleep the night before because my mind just would not turn off. I kept thinking of what I had to get done and where I would place this and put that. It was ridiculous!!!

The money I made was mostly to go towards the purchase of my (Not found yet) Vanity. *Bites lip* BUT... I have been naughty spent a bit finding some other things I liked in thrifts. (I am not too horrified that I spent some because you see its my B-day in exactly 1 month minus one day.) "I have been dreading this one" *hmmmpff* So I talked to my man and I am sure we will be able to work something out. *lol*

"After all... I will need a mirror to peek into to inspect for any new wrinkles"

*hehehe* *CRY*

No worries I am just being dramatic I am sure most of us have all felt this way about aging at one time or another.

I suppose I am not thrilled about it because I still feel like a teenager. (Even though I have not been one for 10 yrs...) Just Yesterday I ran away from my man in a department store and phoned him on his cell and told him I was hiding and I bet he could not find me. It was a fun game.. I would see him pass and say "Nope wrong way Babe" And run off briskly to another department. This went on for 10-15 min till I decided I better let him find me. *hahaha*

I suppose getting older doesn't mean we have to "Grow up" I will still be a teenager in my mind and that is what counts.

(I was 23 in this picture)

But I just don't want to go and dig for my teenage year pics atm.

It's almost the weekend



  1. Miz Coconut, you are toooo cute! And that guy getting an airconditioner on his scooter is hilarious! Where there's a will there's a way, for sure!

  2. I've never had a garage sale but I think I'd be grateful if someone just bought one thing! What a great result and it must have been so exciting to see people leap on the clothes when they were reduced to $1. I love your signage - you put so much effort into everything you do my lovely friend. The scooter is cute and I cannot believe it's been so hot there! xoxo

  3. Oh Vc you are cute and funny I love ya.Glad your Gsale went well ours is tomorrow and after weeks of great weather its raining and will be tomorrow too.Lucly LLs shed is big just cant put the tent up to show people.Its not going to be one of my best sales (have had many)tho but as long as some goes that will be great and oppies can have whats left.But am sure Ill go thru it all again just in case lol.
    I havnet even done any signs like usuall opps but am tooo tired to care.
    You poor aging thing just wait to get in your 40s then you will start panicking lol and yes we all still feel like we are 18 well most of us anyway xx

  4. Ahh wish we had more garage sales here in blighty look like loads of fun. I know the fear of aging, i turned 30 last year as was mouring my youth on that day ;o) Scarlett x

  5. that should have said mourning - my silly typos! Scarlett x

  6. That scooter is absolutely hilarious!!!!! Love it! I guess 32 is hot for you, you certainly do look like you were feeling it! And isn't it always good to have extra cash to buy more vintage with-LOL!

  7. That guy on the cotter sounds like the man on a bicycle who bought our old hi-fi. He must have got some looks on the way back home!
    You look gorgeous, I'm not surprised people were flocking to buy your old clothes. Well done on declttering and making a packet of cash, too.
    Good luck with the quest for the perfect dressing table. x

  8. You my dear are hilarious! I'm glad you sold alot of your non vintage clothes. It's funny how your dreading your b'day and I can't wait till mine. So funny how you played hide and seek with your man who says we have to grow up?

    E :)