Friday, August 5, 2011

Green Galore Frock On Friday

Well here is what I looked like once I woke up applied makeup and took out the curlers I put in last night before bed.

*Finally got to open a new mascara*
It works pretty nicely I like it.

Oh you wanna see my Frock??

I call it *GREEN CARNATIONS* How fitting huh? *lol*

It is a little big but I just wanted to frolic in it so bad!!

I don't know if everyone likes it as much as I do.. This morning I got yelled at by my dog!

"It's Frock on Friday Jersey! Just because you get to prance around in Tiger stripes all day long and wear fur everyday doesn't mean you have to laugh at my outfit!"

He apologized and we looked off into the backyard.

Then he told me he felt like someone was watching us?!


"Oh it's you guys!!!" *haha*


These are the prettiest earrings I have ever found in a thrift store. I have only worn them twice because I am scared I will lose them!
I was so excited once I was finished taking my FOF pics in the backyard I jumped into my flip flops and headed back inside.. Something felt weird though....

*WOOPSIE* wrong feet.. that is whats a matter.. no wonder I was walking funny!

~Off to the thrift shops I go~

See you all later!


  1. Oh BLESS HIS COTTON SOCKS!! Look at him questioning your taste in frocks! I just LOVE the pic of you sitting together.

    You look absolutely lovely in that frock - can you belt it if it's a bit too big?

    Happy weekend!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I love your dog and the dress too. Boxers are such nerds. " ) My friend used to have one and he would sit with his butt on the couch with his legs hanging down like he was a person. I miss that dog. He was so cool!


  3. Love,love,love that frock,darl!! You so funny and cute! Dawgy clearly loves you,despite questioning your frock taste(how DARE he?!)Hope Friday thrifting was successful!

  4. That was awesome VC Loved it lol xxx and what a great dress and seeing its a tad big what a great dress for growing baby coconuts

  5. @Misfits Vintage I had a small skinny green belt on for some pics but I hated how it looked. I am sure I could wear a belt and it look a little better but just what belt in what color and how skinny or wide I have not a clue atm. Most likely when I find it I will know... but as of right now my belt collection is miniscule.

    @Leslie LOL Yes boxers are nerds. Mine does the weirdest most silly things at times.. he is quite the character. We are pretty sure he thinks hes human 85% of the time.

    @Helga! Thanks Helga! I will show you all what I found at the thrift store in tomorrows garage sale post. I found a couple cool things. *YAY*

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house I wonder if Chris ever questioned any of your outfits? lol ;)

  6. This post made me smile! Those earrings are gorgeous! That dress is a beautiful shade of green! Your dog looks like a character! Lol! My persian cat thinks she is person too. She yells at me whenever she sees me setting my hair at night before I go to bed. She expects me to brush her and set her hair too! She also demands her own plate of sushi whenever my husband and I bring sushi takeaway home. She actually recognizes the plastic bag!
    Anyway, great post!!

  7. Green carnation! Love the dress and the term. I can't believe you have a doggie fashion critic - maybe you should have worn something made of bark cloth!

  8. @Nelly Yes Nelly what a very good idea I can be a large preggo woman in a green carnation dress! *heheheh* Maybe the flowers will help flatter my tummy!

    @Tara LOL At kitty hair setting and sushi. Well I have seen pics of her and she looks the diva part. ;) But very pretty kittys deserve whatever they meow for!

    @DearHelenHartman I would have never thought of that!! *LOL* How about next week.. Bark Cloth for Jersey. Then maybe I will not get yelled at over my fashion choices! That reply gave me a good laugh Helen.

  9. You sure know how to make a girl laugh. That dress is insane. Love that green and your dog what a character.

    E :)