Friday, August 19, 2011

Not so Frocking.. this Friday

You know I thought I would have time to do a Frock Friday post but I have failed.

In 14 hours my garage sale will begin.. (Probably earlier because of them damn birds!! *hehe*) I have been pricing, hanging, making & a buncha other things all afternoon. Of course I am not selling my vintage stuff because *Pssshh* I could never do that. I am clearing out some of the "normal" stuff I have laying around you know.. stuff from Walmart and other department stores we have these days. I need to make room for MORE VINTAGE! *LOL*

I will try and remember to take some pics for you all.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Aw,no worries,lovey!
    Hope it goes well!!!

  2. We both failed this week so we better go all out next Friday ha ha. Good luck with your garage sale tomorrow. I hope you make some money so you can go and buy more vintage goodies.

    E :)

  3. Oh heck what a huge day you have ahead of you - I hope you get rid of all that stuff cluttering up the house. xoxoxoxo

  4. I have one on next weekend have had so many over the years but its been since oct 09 we had last one.Hope yours went well xx

  5. Hope your garage sale goes swimmingly and you make heaps of cash - and heaps of space for more vintage nonsense!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Good luck & make loads of money! x

  7. Well, here it is Saturday afternoon and I'll bet you're (as we say down here in Mississippi) "dog tired"! Hope it all went well and you made scads of moolah.

  8. yup make money, we can wait for the frock!

  9. oh i definitely have to organize something like that too, there is no more space or should i buy just a bigger houser haha
    hope your sale day was a big success!!!
    love and kiss,mary