Friday, August 26, 2011

My self timer and I Frockin on Friday

~*Your too close to the camera Coconut*~

~*The camera is still taking photos Coconut*~

~*Your missing the top of your head Coconut*~

~*Oooh finally a semi decent photo*~

So look at the back of the dress.. (IT IS NOT EVEN FRICKING DONE UP!!) How in the flaming pepperoni did I not notice this while I was wondering around in my back yard.
I did not notice this until I came inside to load my pictures onto my computer. I did my hair, applied my makeup, put on the dress & went outside and took the pics. THANK GOD I did not go out to grab something at the store.. I would have been sooooo embarrassed. So I suppose I can be thankful I was trying to get this posted before continuing on with my day. Or I would have looked like a complete hair brained loony!

*Whispers* Sooo uhh shhh don't tell anyone I feel stupid enough *lol*

*Heh* Thanks

And thank you Nelly for your comment on my last post. The line ("You poor aging thing") Made me smile and gave me a laugh.

Vintage Sweetheart I stopped looking forward to B-days after I had my 25th. When I turned 25 I no longer wanted anymore Birthdays too come. *haha* But I do suppose if I was going to go somewhere super cool.. then I may be happy and excited for it. "I better tell my guy we need to flee to Hawaii"

Thank you all for the comments on my last post. I am glad I am done my garage sale and that everything went well. Now tomorrow I can go crash a buncha strangers sales! *YAAY*


  1. I love that dress Ms Coconut, it looks lovely even with its zip undone! The fabric looks like someone painted it...

  2. Love the dress! The photo are adorable, even when you are too close - quite 'artsy'!

  3. @Kylie I agree it really does look painted. Or maybe a woman was wearing a white dress when she got attacked by people with blue, orange, pink and white paint... and VOILA out came the dress from all the mayhem. *heheh*

    @DearHelenHartman Thank you Helen! I always try and hurry when I am in my backyard as I sort of have a nosy neighbor.. who is alway sworried about what everyone else is doing. *lol* Thank Heavens I did not see her outside. She would have called her friends and told them my dress was unzipped. LOL

  4. Great photos! Every last one...even the undone back. Love the dress. BTW, 60 is right around the corner for me so don't let me hear you talking about "aging". You are a spring chicken girl!

  5. Ah,you gorgeous beast!!Loving this frock!YUMMO! Self timers are totally bizarre!I think I've sort of got the hang of it-luckily,cos I'm always in a hurry! I like these shots,though,becaue they are just what it's like using one!!
    O,so pleased the garage sale went well,you looked so gorgeous in that last pic!Dont worry,though,when you get to my age you just don't care anymore!!!

  6. Speak for your bloody self Helga! He he :) I try to be fussy about my photos, but then I'm the self-conscious type. You're lucky (or smart!) to have gotten a camera than does 10 pics at once, so much faster, mine only does a max. of 3 on burst mode...and they all look green!

  7. this dress is so amazing and fabulous and your fotos are awesome, seems like fun with the new cam;)
    love and kiss,mary

  8. That dress suits you so well even if you forgot to zip it up you hair brain you!!lol And again you look ever so cute!! I thought it looked like it had been attacked by paint and I liked it for that reason.Never heard of that brand must be a Canadian one?

  9. I love that frock on you!
    Brilliant action shots and the undone dress looks rather hot, I must say.
    I still haven't mastered the art of the self timer, thank god I live with a patient and long suffering bloke.
    Good luck with the garage sales. I'm just back from a car boot sale (I managed to drop in before it started peeing it down). x

  10. I'm loving the maxi. Don't worry I constantly leave the backs of my dresses undone because I forget. I'm going to have to use the self timer soon when my photographer goes on holidays. I think my pics will turn out pretty similar to yours ha ha.

    E :)

  11. @Midcenturymadam I will ask to have Spring Chicken written on my cake. *hehe*
    Happy Birthday right around the corner to you. =D

    @Helga! You probably don't care anymore because you know you always look fabulous!! THANK HEAVENS FOR SELF TIMING! *WOOOO*

    @Kitty You should not be self concious Kitty! You look beautiful in any pics I have seen of you! Your camera sounds like my old one. Whenever I used the burst they always blurred like an action shot or something. I didn't even know my new camera did this 10 pic thing till after the purchase. I was so excited I had 10 shots of my guy and I in the McDonalds drive thru!! LOL

    @Mary Lou Thanks Mary! After dealing with a horrible cam for a year and a half I can easily say that I am immensly in love with this new one! *hahah* PURE CAMERA LOVE!

  12. @Nelly Hilo Hattie is a Hawaiian clothing brand. I think I have 3 vintage dresses by them. They started up in the 1963 apparently
    Here is the link:
    Of course being a Vintage Coconut and loving Hawaiian things it just makes sence to grab it when I see it. *lol*

    @Vix Yes you better thank you lucky stars for your man. Mine would be way too inpatient to take my blog photos for me. Thank Gawd he enjoys garage saling, or I don't know what I would do! I hope you found yourself some vintage goodness. I should have been out the door 15 min ago but the Mr. woke up with a headache. (Come on Advil start working!!)

    @Vintage Sweetheart I think your pics will turn out good even if your photographer is away. I need to find a new tri-pod mine is wonky and has one stupid leg that likes to slide down. *hhahah* That's what I get for purchasing a $1 tripod at a yard sale. Next time I will look over the darn thing a little better.

  13. I'm at the mercy of my self timer or my 4 year old to take photos so I feel your pain

  14. OMG! Are you stunning or what?!
    Love your hair sweetie, and the dress too, of course.

  15. Love the dress and love the pics.Can't believe it's Hilo Hattie.I just got two Hilo Hattie hawaiian shirts.Was going to post about them but want to model them for the pics not just them hanging on the hanger