Friday, August 12, 2011

Barkcloth Tiki dress Frock on Friday

Well it's 5:30 p.m. here and this is my Frock on Friday post. (For some of you it's already Saturday. *haha*) It is so blinking hot I had to go get ice cream after these pics were taken. Once I post this I am going for a swim and to play some pool beach ball. *yay* This is a Barkcloth dress I paid $1 for on a dollar tag sale Sunday. I was super excited when I purchased it and got it home because it pretty much fits me perfectly.

*Lovely Rail*

*One foot wonder*

*Bracelets all thrifted*

*River in the background*

*STOP in the name of lovvvvvve*

After swimming we are setting up the tent again for the weekend. AGAIN I am not having my garage sale this weekend cause (Mr. wanted to sell stuff too cancelled) So that's it no more waiting for others, I am having my sale on my own... that way I don't have to depend on anyone else. I pushed it a week back so I have more time to organise. so I get to go garage saling tomorrow and I am obviously

Then next weekend I can have my own and make more money to buy vintage happiness!

*Nifty Sneaky Tiki mug thrifted today for .75 cents* By for now see you all tomorrow probably with my garage sale finds


  1. The head piece really make the outfit ha ha. It's a cute dress you need to be on an island somewhere sipping cocktails!

    Bummer about the garage sale but at least you get to go out and buy more stuff this weekend.

    E :)

  2. Oooh - you look LOVERLY in that barkcloth frock - it does fit you like a dream! And I can't wait to see your garage sale finds (Annabel calls them 'granddad sales' - I don't know why!) Happy weekend!!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Nice dress. I love the tiki beaker even more!

  4. woo hoo you that dress so suits you.Cant wait to see what you found at the gsales.Hope you got lots xxx

  5. oh how cute are you, I might have to start calling you the tiki queen now!! Guess what I scored a whole fishing tackle box full of jewellery for FREE this morning, woo hoo!! Did n't get much else though!

  6. @CRY Ahhh noess don't be jelous. There is lots of Barkcloth dresses in the world Cry. =)

    @VintageSweetheart DANG I wish I was on a island sipping cocktails! After I go to the garage sales of course I am just getting my face ready right now. lol

    @Misfits Vintage Grandad sales *LOL* That is sooo cute. I wonder if she will call them that when she is an adult. hehehah

    @Perdita I like it alot too! One because its green and the other because of the cool man on it. hah

    @Nelly I am doing my makeup right now and will be headed to the sales in under an hour! *WOOO* I am excited!!!

    @Kitty WOWWWW KITTY a tackle box of jewelry?? Holy shizz I cannot wait to see it!! Hopefully there are some lovely treasures in there.

  7. What a great dress! Love the price too! And triple bonus that it fits perfectly!

  8. Fantastic frock,darl!!! Ha,yeah,I think we could call you the Tiki Queen!!
    Hope you score well,I love to see your treasures!Wowza! XXX

  9. O,and I have no idea what the itchy left ear could mean....I'm glad it wasn't your bum,though!! HAHAHAHA! xxx

  10. the perfect dress for a vintage coconut!

  11. What a darling little frock. It makes me quite desperate for warm weather! Love your blog xx

  12. That frock is so perfect, I love it on you.
    I'm not sure whether you or Nelly win best poser today, you're both naturals. x

  13. amazing pictures!!! and this dress is so fabulous, it seems elvis could jump every moment out of one of the bushes haha
    really like your blog, i´m a new follower;)
    love and kiss,mary

  14. georgeous dress! amazing photos!!

  15. this dress is so fun!

  16. Your pictures always make me smile, you're so cool. :)
    I love that dress and a big mazel tov to the tiki mug bargain.