Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garage sale purchases of the weekend

~*A cute Hoot*~

50 cents

~*Two green spring blossom pyrex bowls*~
Very good condition $3

"Owl cutting board in background FREE from a garage sale last Summer"

~*Funky Teapot*~

~*Petti point pendant*~

(Has 1 little pearl missing but I will glue one back in.)

.50 cents

~*Petti point blue and pink*~
.50 cents

~*Rose locket*~
.50 cents

~*Rose pendant*~

.50 cents

~*Big locket pendant*~

.50 cents

~*Vanity display tray*~


~*Tassel necklace~


~*Needlepoint change purse*~

~*Powder Container*~
("I think but am not too sure")
I got this for my future vanity. It is quite heavy and I love the green color. Do you know what this is? Am I right?
One thing I do know is it would make a excellent trinket dish.

~*Brass seahorse letter opener*~

"I love me some ocean stuff!"

.50 cents

~* My new morning coffee mug*~


My weekend campout in the backyard was pretty good except for the fact it started raining lastnight. Did you know rain on a tent sounds like static on a record? Jersey was very excited when he saw the tent going back up. If the weather is good we will do it again next weekend and I will take some pics of the setup. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


  1. wow! all that great jewellery! the little cross stitch pendants are so sweet and I love the words on your coffee cup too x

  2. Did you score well or what? Tenting hmm think I have done more than my share of that in my life.

  3. I love that green chunky pendant and that cute tapestry purse. Rain on a tent does sound like static and it always sounds way more ferocious than it acutually is. x

  4. Great pendants. 50c-ers are always a thrill!
    Nice work!

  5. Oh so many great finds!

    You hit the pendant jackpot! The rose pendant and big chunky locket are my faves! The vanity tray is just gorgeous - It's rare to come across a mirrored vanity tray and for so little! I usually come across metal gallery trays but I need a mirrored bottom tray to sit my perfumes on!

    The letter opener is so darling!

    Can't wait to see your vanity set up! xxx

  6. Ha ha! I love the mug. Soo true! :)

    The owl is amazing too, so cute! Fantastic finds as usual!

  7. The jewellery has to be my favourite for sure! I wanna go garage sailing with you. You get great deals. Shame you live on the otherside of the world haha.

    E :)

  8. I used to go tent camping a lot. Then I did field work tent camping for a decade. Now it's big RV or luxury hotel, TYVM lol... Got my fill.

    Great finds. All I ever see around here in yard sales are Wal Mart junk and more newer junk. boo!!

  9. @EVERYONE All the jewelry came from a garage sale that had the biggest collection I have ever seen. (The lady said: The collection is from her, her Mom and her Mom's Mom.) I probably could have spent alot more money there but it would have taken a couple hours to sort through everything and I had my man sitting patiently in a chair. *hahah* Sometimes you just have to grab what catches your eye and be done with it and that is what I did. *BUT* If I see that address listed again.. YOU CAN BET YOUR BUNS I will be back there and dig a little more.

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house Oh don't you worry.. I want a cute little trailer more than ever I probably think about it weekly during the summer. It would be so nice to have everything already packed up and set up inside. I am thinking for our first purchase we are going to try and get a small boler or trillium. Hopefully next Summer but if not it better be the Summer after that. LOL 2013 *BAHAHA*

  10. Camping in your backyard is the best kind - you can traipse to the fridge, loo, shower ... no problem! Plus it's an exciting experience for the dog too:)) "Yay, they coming to my place for a sleepover!". I love all the beautiful pendants you found, isn't it amazing how we get a good run on a certain item one day then on another day it's something mad like tea cosies? xoxo

  11. Blimey, you had an amazing lot of finds! I love all the pendants - just fabulous! Scarlett x

  12. Great finds!!
    Having 2 giveaways on my blog, don't miss out!


  13. oh...i love that seahorse letter opener! what a great stealofadeal :)