Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's 10:05 p.m. here Thurday night

It's 10:05 p.m. here Thurday night I am in my curlers.. What are you doing?? LOL (Kidden kidden) But you can tell me if your like. Fact is.. I am 2 hours away from Friday.. So I am in preparation for Frock on Friday!! *woo* I have picked out what I will wear. See that bottle of nail polish above?? Well I am gonna remove the current orange shade and re-do it with the mystery color. I hope my curlers do not give me too much trouble. Once I press publish on this post, I will do my nails to a randomly chosen movie off netflix. Last night I watched (Million Dollar Babies) the story of the Dionne quintuplets that were born in the 30's. I had only seen bits and pieces before so watching it together everything finally made sense. Its is quite a sad story though. Funny thing is I found a old book about it in a thrift store last week, so I will finish that too.
Also I am super EXCITED because I was supposed to be having a garage sale this weekend which meant I can't go to the sales myself. Well it has been postponed to next weekend because my Brother who was the main one wanting to have a sale is not quite ready. So I said we could move it a week later... little did he know my pure joy inside bubbling over!! *hahaha* Alright see you tomorrow
I am excited!!!! Is anyone ELSE excited or am I just weird?? *SCREAM*

I can't wait to do my makeup.. but I have to sleep first. *lol* WAIT maybe I am over tired...


  1. Ha ha you should be in for an interesting night! I have slept with rollers in but they were flat so not so bad! Can't wait to see your fabulous frock! Get some sleep woman!!

    E :)

  2. Hahahahaha,scream!!!
    You are too adorable!!
    Wow,it's still Thursday night?! It's 5:35pm Friday evening here!!! I just can't get the hang of all our weird time zones!!!
    Yep,you're weird,darl.In the BEST possible way!!

  3. Na your jst weird thats wh I luvs ya.I have my FOF ready to start blogging and I wanted to curl my hair too but my curlers are all in storage oh well.I also painted my nails you copy cat you lol xxx
    Ok bette go do my post now xx

  4. Ha ha you are SO adorable!!

    I tried curlers when I was young, then VERY quickly used rag curlers. Much easier to sleep on!

  5. @VintageSweetheart *Interesting bumpy sleep I had!!* Uhhh I always forget how much I hate curlers when I decide to sleep in them. Everytime I say to myself "Never again" But then I forget. *lol*

    @Helga! Gosh Helga when I post my FOF it's already Saturday! LOL *How strange* I suppose you are the Chic of the future.

    @Nelly I seen your nails! Lucky we didn't do the same color. *close though* hahaha I loved your Frock muchly Nelly!

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house When I was little my Mom did rags in my hair on a few occasions. I thought about it recently and want to do it again. I AM GOING TO FOR SURE NOW because my sleep lastnight was UN-COMFY, every place I moved my head was bumpy. lol