Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage sale buys Luggage & Vases & Pictures

Alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m. (Press snooze), alarm goes off again 5 min later... Spring outta bed. Make coffee * Put in contacts * Brush teeth * apply makeup. All is going smoothly until time comes to wake up my Mr.
I told him 3 times to wake up and he is just not getting outta bed. Finally Mr. gets out of bed.. and has a HORRIBLE HEADACHE. ("I swore in my head")
Mr. takes advil and lays on couch. I get a cold cloth and throw it at his face ("Okay I did not really I placed it gently on his forehead, like the loving wife I am.") The clock is ticking 30 min goes by... ("Oh dear the Mr. must have fallen asleep.") I then think ("Hmmm I suppose we will just stay home.") BUT just to be sure I ask him how he feels. He sits up and says: It's gone! ("Jeaz I never been this happy all week")
And off we go to buy other peoples treasures that they actually think is junk!! But little do they know I am dreaming of it late at night...

Here is what I purchased:

~Red train case~


~OoOoO 8 sides~

~Octagon red Jetliner carry on case~


~Funky brown vase~

(Anyone know anything about these?)

It has a 7 digit number stamped into the clay bottom and is quite heavy


~Grey, cream, black & white vase~

50 cents

~Light yellow rose vase~


~Child with Rabbit print~

10 cents

~Original painting done in the 70's~

50 cents

~Two new vintage albums~

~Closeup of fabric~

~Third album... These are all so silky and vivid I love em~
$4 for the three

(On the subject of photo albums)

I haven't put a picture in one for years. And then a weeks back my Mom told me they were gonna see some extended family no one has seen in years and asked me for a recent pic of me and my guy. *uhhhh* Hrmm they are all on my computer.. and I was not about to hand that over. For months I have been saying I wanna start getting photos developed again and having some family albums for times when they could be useful. I love looking through our old family albums and I am sure others do too. So hopefully these albums I found will give me the kick in the pants I need to start going to the photo lab!

I have more to show but don't want to bog down your internet *wink* Will post the other stuff in the next day or so.

P.s. I found a lettuce green vintage nightie, I want to dance in a cabbage patch!


  1. Oooooooooooooooooo the octagonal case,darling!!!EEEK! Love it!
    I'm sure Kitty will know something about that brown lamp,she's pretty up on that kinda thing!!
    Hurrah for hubby's miraculous recovery!!!

  2. Oh wow that octagonal case is fantastic, is the lining as good as the outside condition?? Were these people super tidy as nothing looks trashed or unloved!! Lucky score & special mention to your husband's noggen, glad he's better, must have been the way you lovingly placed the cold cloth on his head. Love Posie

  3. @Helga Hurrah for his recovery indeed. If he had not got off the couch, I would have nothing but a wallet and some small bills. And really.. What good IS THAT?!!? *Absurd* I say

    @PosiePatchwork The inside of the octagonal case is pretty darn amazing except one dime sized near the hinges. It even still has the mirror. I will get a picture of it, and add it in with the other things I post soon.

  4. I love that Jetliner carry on extremely much...lucky you x

  5. Ooh - tha vanity and the case are AMAZING! And I love the floral vase too.

    Be careful with those old albums - they are lovely but not great for keeping your pics in shape for long. You really need some acid free storage solutions, or your prints will deteriorate in no time, unfortunately.

    Sarah xxx

  6. Thank goodness for his miraculous recovery! Loving the cases and those albums. Your right it so sad people don't give you there albums to look at their photos instead they hand you their camera or laptop!

    E :)

  7. Ooh love the 'train case' as you call it, here's it's a vanity case or vanity bag, great shape to it. I'd have to see the mark on that brown vase to say anything but really I'm no expert! If it were bakelite I'd know!

  8. I LOVE the train case and the octagaonal one woo hoo how lucky were you.
    I am with Sarah with the albums just make sure they arent those sticky down ones from the 70s and 80s not good for your pics at all.
    I am like you kep saying I am going to print all the kids pics off so they can have their own albumes like I used to and yet they are still sitting at photobucket(just in case my hard drive dies) so I will never lose them.

  9. I love that vanity case, it's an absolute beaut and well worth getting up early for.
    Jon's a nightmare for getting up and needing a couple of fags when I'm desparate to go and rifle through other people's trash! x

  10. AWESOME! I LOVE your vanity cases, really friggin' beautiful.

    The top vase looks like it's West Germany, late 1960's or early 1970's.

  11. OMG i lovvvvvve those cases and red is my favorite color.i a a blue one that was my moms.The lining is falling to bits but oh well.Love the vases too.x

  12. I have that same JetLiner case in blue! Right now it holds my tiny stuffed kitty collection and their little sweaters.

    Arg those 70's "magnetic" photo album pages absolutely wrecked photos because after a while, they glued themselves on the pages so you could never remove them without ripping them. Be warned, use only digital copies in those. :)

  13. @Everyone who has mentioned the albums
    My plan is to try and use them as scrap books somewhat. I was going to place patterned paper behind the photos. And just cut a slit in each corner for the photo tips to sit in, in hopes they will not grab on and never let go. *lol* I will also have all photos saved on a CDR just in case something was to happen to the album photos.

  14. Yes, photo albums can be a disaster. I have some of my grandmother's albums that are nearly 100 years old and of course back then they had no idea that gluing the photos down wasn't a good idea. But then they did use the corner holders, too, so those pix are ok. When I was a kid in the 50's I used tape, which isn't so bad since after 50+ years the adhesive disintegrates anyway. Now that we know how to properly store photos we can save them for the next generations. Oh, and those pink cases are gorgeous!

  15. Your lovely man needs a very special Coconut treat for getting his arse out the door, just for the two TRAVEL CASES THAT ARE KILLING ME! Sorry for screaming but I've got a real thing for luggage at the moment and cannot believe your scores. I've bought a couple of old albums too and want to get pics in them so the kids can flick through them like I used to do as a child. xoxoxo