Monday, August 1, 2011

The search for my sanity begins... I mean VANITY!

Where do you do your makeup? bathroom, bedroom, living room or car maybe? lol I usually do my makeup sitting on the living room sofa. I don't know why.. I have been doing it as a young teenager and it just stuck. I grab my (current leopard print) makeup bag sit down and start applying all whilst looking into a small round compact mirror. A few posts back VainGlorySinner asked: "Could we please have a sneak peek of you vanity area.. I love to see where other women do their magic!"

Now I sort of have a little vanity area going on in my bedroom. I found a cute
50s-6os blue dresser in the free ads on craigslist and picked it up asap. I put a vintage oval mirror in front of it and have my jewelry and other stuff I love on the top. But it is not where I apply my makeup. The set up is just not practical.. *neither is the couch really*. Now I could go into the bathroom but whats so exciting about that. The bathroom in my house does not even have a window! I have always admired vanity's when I came across them.. but always thought (Maybe one day) well heck.. I don't really wanna wait much longer. No more one day... sometime soon sounds better to me. The trouble is I a not bursting with free space by any means.. The blue dresser will have to be stored and most likely the hamper next to it. But WHO CARES... If I could have a glorious vanity would it not be worth it??

I have only seen a few of the people I follows vanity's and all of them were very cute and I swear I was envious because my vanity is a suede looking sofa! *haha* So I am gonna start uhhh.. organizing and moving things around.. and then scouring classified ads until I find what I am looking for. I did see a gorgeous one a month ago for a very decent price. (Too bad I was in the "Sometime in the future" state of mind and passed it up.)

I am not 100% sure on what I want and there is so many styles and colors to choose from.

But if you wanted to know.. The ones that always catch my eye are the waterfall vanity's with the round mirror. I have not a clue why they impress me above most others but they do!

Now these can go for quite high but sometimes you can also snatch one up for $75 - $100 and that is what I hope to do. Because I admit it but I really LOVE to find stuff I want for a good deal. I can't say I am a cheap skate cause if I was I would not garage sale almost every Saturday. (Not this week though.. this week I am holding a sale of my own.) "So anyone who has a vanity to sell in my area.. PLEASE HAVE YOUR SALE ON THE 13 instead of the 6th cause I will be busy that day and do not want to miss out."

Pictures above: Are all vanity's that are listed for sale in Canada British Columbia

Who reading this has a vanity? If you do what type is yours and do you use it alot or does it just act as another dresser? Does it make you feel fabulous? *lol*

Those that don't have one.. Do you want one like I do? Or is it something you don't think you need?

Lastly while lusting over vanity's this afternoon I came across this beauty below. My FREAKING gosh is it gorgeous had this not been posted over a year ago and had been in my area I would have it in my room RIGHT NOW! It SURELY would be my dream vanity. I mean it's green!! Can't get any better than that!

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. I hardly ever wear makeup... mainly because I am lazy and I also suck at it! ha ha. Saying that I would still love to have a vanity I have a dressing table with drawers because I need the storage, I'm a clothes whore! When I move out I would definitely consider buying one though!

    Hope you find your sanity sorry I mean vanity soon!

    Em x

  2. I love old vanities......but haven't the room! i just do my makeup in the bathroom mirror!Funny how you get into habits,I think it would be hard to get used to sitting at a vanity!XXX

  3. I dont have one but would love one but would be another thing for the kids to touch but have been eeing of a few.One I saw was a gorgeous 60/70s one ( I prefert wood tho) I wish I had bought it anyway for my shop ha ha whenever that will be. So for now I do my makeup in the bathroom.What I really want is an old style home so I will feel more at home than in this modern house.Then I would have a vanity in all the bedrooms.So then the kids could touch their own and leave mine alone.bla bla bla yes I am tired
    Ps your parcel is nearly done.I said nearly so dont hold the breath xxx

  4. You've seen mine (I've got a couple), one looks just like that green Deco one but I painted it pink.
    It's not until I started reading blogs that I knew you guys called them "vanities", here they are known as dressing tables. x

  5. I have a beautiful antique triple mirror vanity - that was a gift - but I only use it to keep jewellery on - I do my makeup magic in the bathroom too - I need REALLY good light!

    The green is fab!

    Sarah xxx

  6. gosh if you did get that green,awesome vanity I would think about sending you my green vintage phone to go in the same room with it.
    My great Grandmother had a vanity like the first picture with the round mirror in the back. My brother has it and his daughter uses it. I wish I had it.
    I put my makeup on, on my bed with a little hand mirror and watch tv. I dont wear much makeup so it doesnt take me to long

  7. I have always wanted a vanity to do my makeup on every morning. I always end up running around the house doing it bit by bit here and there in between packing school lunches and the like. One day....

  8. I finally found my vanity.Well have my eye on one.It's from 1920.I am getting it next weekend hopefully.fingers crossed.

  9. hiya-
    just saw your comment over on Gypsy & Nell about starting a crazy quilt; if you do start one, please let me know how you get on because I've always wanted to make one- the need for squares and hexagons to be precise on traditional quilts is too much for me to even contemplate, but I love the free-form of crazy quilts!

  10. The Phoenix bought me a lovely 1940s wood vanity with a ginormous round mirror - I use it for heaping all my jewellery on. I use the bathroom mirror as it's bang next to a big window that makes me look incredible ancient - essential equipment for disguising wrinkles:). I LOVE the green one too - my favourite colour - yes, we both love green! Are you in Vancouver? xo

  11. My dressing table is 1920's with his and hers wardrobes from the local auction house. I have pretty things on display and all my junk in the drawers. I style my hair there and put my make up and jewellery on there too. I adore it . Happy hunting for yours.

  12. @Pull Your Socks Up! I about 4 hours or so from Vancouver Des. I have been there a few times. =)