Friday, July 29, 2011

And an Angel called down from the Heavens and told her to do Frock on Friday..

*Hehehe* Not really but it does look like it doesn't it

I found this blue-tiful dress at a thrift shop I frequent. I stashed it in a $5 bag sale. (You will hear me say that alot) So the price I paid would surely be under $1

Here's a little glimpse of my backyard. See the little red bird house I picked up from a flea market in the tree? (I like it)

*Camera shy Boxer* ... he will pose just fine when he FEELS like it.

Red nails, blue and leopard bangle & my green tiny stone ring.

Ruby Lou! I am liking the name. Funny thing is my guys nickname (one of many) from me is "Loo" The weird thing is.. he calls me "Loo" too!

So we are loo and loo.

It's such a habit we don't realize it until after I yell "HEY LOO" at someones garage sale and all eyes are suddenly on us.

*Ruffles & Flowers*

*My non vintage Walmart shoes that hurt the back of my ankles*

There ya go Nelly! First Frock on Friday down!


  1. Hehe, yes it looks like you've got some heavenly intervention going on there! Yay for frocks - I love your garden and this Ruby Lou number looks great against all the green:) xo

  2. @Kylie lol That *Loo* thrown in there gave me a laugh!

    @Pull Your Socks Up! Surely a heavenly intervention going on. =p haha

  3. Love that dress and such a cute tag! Love the last pic the best!

    E :)

  4. You poking your tongue at Moi? lol so glad you joined in and its a very cute frock.I used to call Laura Laura loo and my 2nd grandaughter is Ruby so I am loving that tag xxx

  5. Oh I do love the blue flowers. Super indeed. What a shame your dog was camera shy, well you know what they say in showbiz 'never work with children or just don't know what they'll do'

  6. Such a pretty frock and the writing on the label is juast delicious, too.
    Fancy your boxer being camera shy, I can't control my moggies, they are always trying to get some blog action. x

  7. You look super gorgeous in your pretty frock and your garden is lovely!
    Sarah xxx

  8. I want to go to your bag sale with you


  9. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

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    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  10. Love that dress.Your nails look pretty and I love your braclets.I also have flats that make my feet hurt if i work to long in them.but it's worth the beauty of pretty shoes.xx