Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beaded Necklace Head (If Cleopatra thrift shopped)

Hello there all! I assume your wondering what it is I am doing in this ensemble. No I am not channeling Cleopatra.. well maybe I am (Had she run out of eyeliner.) Misfits Vintage put out a fun challenge. In her words "Consider this a challenge -
what non-hat item can you wear as a hat?"

Check out her hat! It's very cute!

Nelly did feathers (*Hehehehe* She gave me a really good laugh and looked like a pretty convincing parrot.)

This is what I chose bead necklaces worn as a hat. All of the necklaces are beaded strings except my lovely medallion on a chain necklace. I also wore a robe tie around my head to keep my necklaces from falling down and hitting my nose every couple of seconds! *LOL* (It was starting to hurt) Actually this whole ordeal caused me pain.

The freakin sequin top I wore for the first and last time, Cut and scratched the insides of my upper arms. *owwwie*

The Supplies 7 necklaces (4 thrifted)(3 garage saled) 1 Robe tie (thrifted)
I did use 4 bobby pins to keep this attire on my head!

~Stupid sequin top thrifted / Genie pants thrifted / Underwear Brand new (Probably cost me more then the whole darn outfit)~

~*Arabian Nights*~

See you soon!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Gave me a good laugh!! Very creative!

    E :)

  2. LOL loved it!!! good giggling going on from this feather head.I used to LOVE those old arabian movies as a kid didnt you? xxx

  3. PS I put an edit at bottom of last post I did you may want to have a gander xx

  4. Check you out, that head dress is so sexy on you, I reckon you should wear it more often.
    Ouch, hate it when clothes attack. xxx

  5. @Vintage Sweetheart I really did have fun.. (Playing dress up is not just for kids) *hahaha*

    @Nelly Its been years since I have made a feather head laugh! =p My night is complete.

    @Vix If I was to wear it ever again I would have to glue it together. *lol* Although that could be an idea for the future with cheap necklaces I find when I am out saling or thrifting. I could make a fancy headpiece!

  6. Oh way too cute, I'm sure, but an way to pissed to write anything coherent, soreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  7. You must learn to belly dance now
    its something i have always wanted to do but my badge of motherhood had changed my stomach, it would scare people

  8. ironically they just showed a Cleopatra movie on TV yesterday.

    You are adorable!

  9. @Kitty lol I seen a few of yoru other comments and got a chuckle! You silly Chic!

    @CRY I am afraid I would not have enough time to learn as I plan to start a family in about a year and a half or so. LOL I would probably just start getting slightly good then *BAM* I would be pregnant! *hahaha* I doubt your stomach would scare ppl.. Buy a how to dvd and start at home. I actually have one I bought a few months back because I thought it would be a good workout. I need to actually use it!!

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house I have Netflix and I saw it on there yesterday. *haha* I might have to have a Cleopatra night tonight. lol

  10. Your blog made me smile and giggle!! So I'm totally subscribing to it :)
    I tried belly dancing one time. It was also the first and LAST time. I felt the burn.

  11. @Lucky O'Day hahah Well I will try a few moves from a begginer dvd. Hopefully I don't injure myself!! LOL
    It's been a good whie since I felt any kind of burn! *haha*

  12. Lovin' your headgear hon, totally wearable - I would!! Hey don't chuck the sequin top - I know some of them can be a bastard to wear but pop a thin woollen or cotton long-sleeved top underneath and you can still wear it. x

  13. you look so it.Cleopatra would be proud.xx

  14. LOVE your headpiece - I want to make one too! And I agree with Desiree - wear something under it!

    FABULOUS post!

    Sarah xxx