Saturday, July 23, 2011

Glorious Garage Grabs Flamingo flamenco (Pic Heavy)

"Meet my two new friends"

Friday afternoon I was going through Garage sale ads and I seen one that had a (What will be sold list) On that list was 2 PiNk FlAmInGoS.

From that moment on I was determined to get these two. And obviously I did what I set out to do.

Sadly the nice lady did not know where their legs went. *Lucky* I have flamingo health insurance, and they shall soon be able to stand on their own two rods in the near future.

Now lets get the the rest of my sale finds of the day.

~*Chanel Bath Powder*~

Big round 8 oz 226g

The container is full and looks as though the original owner maybe only used it a couple times. "Ebay told me I done good!" I got this gem for $1 from the lady who also sold me the flamingos.

~*70's Groovy Hippo Candle*~
50 cents

~*Round wicker look purse*~

Anyone know anything about these? I found a few online some were listed as 70's others 80's. To me it looked older when I purchased it, but now I am not too sure.

~*Lipstick & Nail polish holder*~

Purchased from Flamingo lady *lol* "If only she knew.. what I call her..

Will be heading to my "Vanity area"


~*Home Garden Book*~

What a cute house that is! I love the yard!

~*Vintage Daisy Skirt*~


Size: 16

(Too big for me.. But I looked it over very well before buying and thought it should be quite easy to make a few sizes smaller)

Has a cute metal zip. Also it had some tissue in the pocket.. (Uhggg..)

which had lipstick kisses on them.. I wonder if they were vintage kisses? LOL


I threw them away.. sorry.. But they were red!


These lights have bakelite plug ins.


~*Plastic umbrella cover with fringe*~

It's currently airing out.. previous owners must have had stuff stored for quite some time.. smells a little musty! It is draped over a modern smaller patio umbrella.. I hope to find a vintage one soon.


~*Green wood bead necklace*~

50 cents

~*King Leopard bed set*~

"Didn't have a price.. I was sort of thinking they would be pricey.. I almost didn't even bother asking. I thought the seller would at least say $10.00."

Finally I decided I may as well just find out..

She said: $2



~*Vintage fabric*~

~*Vintage Fabric*~

~*New never opened Tex Made flannel sheet*~


~*Lady Schick Hair Dryer*~

"This is something I have been wanting for A LONG TIME..."

I came across two last year for prices higher than I wanted to pay(One blue One Pink). I then came across a brown one with an okay price.. tested it at the store & it started SMOKING!!! My God.. The store stuck in that area for the rest of the time I was in there.

Today I found this gorgeous *GREEEEEN* beauty on sale for $5

plugged her in and she sounded like she as purring and heated up in seconds.


"Oh dear.. you caught me at a bad time.. *hehe*

I love the settings (Synthetic Wigs) (Natural Wigs) *lol*

I may start having to invest in some wigs... *wink*

~*1967 tea towel calendar*~

50 cents

~*Purple dress*~

75 cents

Surely will not fit my body. But Galaxie my mannequin should have no problem.. the scrawny broad!
So there you have it. That is what I picked up from other peoples yards and brought into my own.

Also today was the second day of wearing contacts. I got them in pretty quickly, they did not bother me at all for the 5 hrs I was supposed to keep them in. I got them out ummm alright.. I still need more practice. For some reason that is the harder part for me. *lol*

Hopefully you all are having a great weekend.


  1. So many great buys but do tell me those lepaord print bed set was $2 not $211 lol typo oopsy.The hair dryer well done and that dress 75c ? where on earth did that number come from so strange but what a

  2. Squee! Can't help on the bag,but I am DAZZLED by the flamingoes!!Fabulous!
    Crikey,I love the frock and the hairdryer too!!! Yay!

  3. @Nelly LMAO That stupid font I am using makes me exclamtion marks look like 1's! AHHAHA YES NELLY.. the set was $2 hahah
    I can't wait to actually dry my hair under that dryer and read a magazine. Maybe I can pay my Mom to paint my toes while I am at it. heheheh

    @Helga FLAMINGOS are fancy!!! I hope to find more.. I don't imagine it will be easy though. haha I am super excited about the hair dryer!

  4. You got soooooooooooooo many goodies ahh and such cheap prices! That hair dryer is fantastic and for $5 a steal! The umbrella cover amazing and the fabric super cute! oh i could go on and on but I won't I shall just say I'm jealous!

    E :)

    Oh I forgot the flamingos luckily you have that insurance ha ha.

  5. Ooh I love the hair dryer and the cute purple frock and the delightful umbrella and tea towel! What wonderful bargains.

    Sarah xxx

  6. That purple frock and the flamingoes are rocking my world today! What gorgeousness!
    My Lady Schick hairdryer is now a bedside lamp! x

  7. Woah you found the motherload!

    King size leopard bed set...$2... that is crazy!! You lucky lucky lady!

    I keep seeing those lipstick holders on peoples blogs and they are teasing me!! I've looked for them on eBay but there is either none or really horrible looking plastic things.

    Could we please have a sneak peek of you vanity area.. I love to see where other women do their magic!

    You must have quite the family of flamingos by now! xxx

  8. @VintageSweetheart Flamingo insurance is hard to come by these days! *lol*

    @Misfits Vintage I am going to hang that tea towel on the wall so I can just pretend every now and again that it is 1967.

    @Vix I was telling my guy about your amazing hair dryer and how it has been transformed. (He thought it was a really cool idea) I want to use this one for when I put curlers in. Sit down and read a magazine under the hood, just like the good ole days! *Days that were good that I never knew* hahaha Previous dryers I found were in noticeably used shape. This one looks next to new!

    @VainGlorySinner I hit about 15 garage sales and bought about 40% from the flamingo lady. *lol*
    I can't wait to adorn my bed with those sheets. Now I need to find a quilt that will match a little better than what I have.

    I started kicking myself this morning!! I was at a sale yesterday that had a vanity set. It had no price so I passed it up. Now I wish I had at least asked the price. *humm*

    At the moment I do not have a actual vanity area. I have a mirror in front of my clothing dresser and I use the top of it for my "girly stuff" When I have a bigger bedroom I really want to find myself a actually vanity table. I seen a crazy cool wicker one last weekend. But it would be way to big. *lol* I will still get a picture up for you in the next few weeks.

  9. Wow you hit the jack pot.Love the flamingos.That flamingo lady.*ha ha* had some cool stuff for you.Love the lipstick and nail polish holder.I am looking for one of them to match my set.I can't believe you got the leopardprint bed set that cheap.those things are about 60 dollars depending what size bed you have.Love it all.xx

  10. You lucky, lucky girl!
    Nice finds as usual.
    Everyone ask me this question so now I ask you, where do you put everything? ;))

  11. I Love those flamingoes, they are really expensive here! And I love the purple dress, very jealous, will you model it for us?? and the hairdryer, woo hoo! The settings are so cool, reminds me of the movie 'Grease'.

  12. OK this is the best garage sale haul I have ever seen in my life!!! People actually had this incredible stuff squirreled away in their houses? And to think that YOU were the one to make these amazing discoveries when all these treasures were hauled onto their front yards. Every. Single. Thing is amazing!!!! Persevere with the contacts, I found taking them out more scary than putting them in at first - it felt like I was popping my eyeball out! xoxoxo

  13. @Vintage_Kitten I agree about the flamingo lady! haha I hope I find another lady like her in the coming weeks. *fingers crossed*

    @Little Rascal *haha* Good question! Well I admit right now from the passed few weeks of sales the house is in slight disarray. In a couple weeks I am having my own garage sale. And after that it's time to organize! I have half a storage room designated for my vintage finds. If I find stuff that is better than stuff I found in previous weeks.. I then get rid of the (Less exciting stuff) on craigslist (online local selling site)I sold on E-bay in the past but I am taking a break from that at the moment. Starting in late August or early Sept I will start selling on Etsy. When I want to display new vintage finds I store my other ones I like in a storage bin. Hopefully in the next few yrs I will have a HOUSE!! Then I will have more than enough room for all these finds.

  14. @Kitty With all the saling I do you would think I would have found more flamingos.. Those are the first ones I have found here!
    Pssshhh I wish I could model that dress! It is definitely too small. I have not tried.. it just looks small. Galaxie is wearing it right now.. but she doesn't exactly fill it out in the bust area.

    @Pull Your Socks Up! OMG DES! EXACTLY! I am not having much troubles getting the darn things in.. Its taking them out that scares me. Tonight will be my 4th time taking them out.. I hope I do better than I have been doing. *lol* I was super scared when they sent me home with contacts in my eyes and I had only taken them out once in the optom office! LOL