Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Floral Dress

I found it in the back corner of a old garage on a table at an estate sale. The Children were selling off the parents belongings. I suppose the parents had either died or went to live at a seniors home. The dress was amongst old pillows, sheets, afghans and curtains. I am sure their son who was tending to the items in the garage did not expect anyone to buy the small pile of clothes but I did. I wish there had been more, I liked this Lady's style (Whoever she was).

This was the best pic of the dress taken from the side. "Why I am making the weird face I do not know" I got two more dresses from the same sale. And that was all the clothing that was there. I will show you the other two in the future.

The previous owner handmade the dress. She did a fantastic job. I would have guessed it was store bought until I did some serious looking over to find little handmade details here and there. It also has a matching belt that I did not wear for these pics.

Here is a closeup of the fabric.. which took me over to the park to take pics amongst the flowers.

Whoever she was she did not wear this dress very many times. It looks next to new. When she did wear it I wonder where too? Did she wear it to the park and make faces next to sunflowers? *hehehe* Somehow I don't think so.

Did she crawl up a log and balance on one foot?? Maybe at one time.. but I don't think she did it in this dress. Whoever you were or are, I just wanted to tell you.. I like your dress it's pretty. You did a wonderful job sewing it and I love the fabric.

*Thank you*


  1. I am loving your pretty new dress Ms Coconut...perfect for afternoon tea parties don't you think? Perfect for any occasion really...I often ask myself the same questions when I find new treasure... all part of the addiction to vintage I suppose...x

  2. How sweet you look VC next time you find a sale like that ask them the name of the previous owner and when was she born or things like that I do when I get the chance that way a part of that person lives on in your memory,I have a brooch/pin I wrote about in the very bginning of my blogging and I knwo who owned it and her name etc makes for great archiving for the future,Looking forward to seeing your other dresses.Will you balance in the too?Please. lol

  3. Oh total score, that is brilliant!! Shame about the original owners but yay for you breathing new life into the wardrobe. Love Posie

  4. I love it! The fabric is so pretty. I love finding handmade vintage clothing you can appreciate the time and effort it went into making something lovely!

    Great find can't wait to see the other dresses!

    E :)

  5. What a fab find... and I bet somewhere the seamstress is smiling knowing you are showing off her handiwork... on one leg on a log to boot!

  6. I'm always stunned when I find a vintage hand-made frock that fits perfectly, it's weird to think we have body doubles out there.
    That dress is a beauty, the lady who lovingly made it would be so proud of you. x

  7. LOVE that frock and you look bloody GORGEOUS in it - I would wear it in a flash!

    I think the lady who made it was named Frances.

    Sarah xxx

  8. can I send you my address? I want your dress!
    i love going to estate sales because you can always find the retro, vintage goodies, but at the same time my heart is sad to see that all the things being sold was once a part of someones life and its all being sold away to strangers.

  9. What a great find. That dress is perfect on you.

  10. I love that floral design, it's great when you find something perfect almost by accident!

  11. @Kylie Yes Kylie I guess it does have to do with vintage loving. I always find myself wondering "Who's was this? What did they look like & Would I have liked them?." I surely don't get that vibe shopping at a department store! LOL

    @Nelly I wanted to know about the lady but some people seem more easily approachable than others. And in this case I didn't really feel comfortable asking.

    @posiepatchwork I am not the kind of person that could throw away past memories. Although there is some exceptions I suppose. There is also no way I would be able to have kept all the stuff they were selling. So it is sort of understandable. Who knows maybe they kept a few of her dresses.

    @VintageSweetheart This was the newest looking of the 3 from that sale. One of the others is 50's looking the other early 60's maybe?! I am not too sure. It's cute but shows wear as it should. =)

    @DearHelenHartman I shall call the pose the one legged log! hrrmm that sounds rather strange.. AH WELL! HAHA

  12. awww sweet you! gee, when I die I want someone like you to own and love the things I did. :)

  13. @Vix Yesterday was the first day I tried it on since I bought it. I was quite suprised that it fit as well as it did.

    @Misfits Vintage Frances hmmm yes Frances Lavender maybe! =)

    @CRY I agree! The thing I really hate is when they get rid of very peronal items. Like a pocket watch or wedding ring stuff like that.
    Also when people donate pics of their family to thrift stores. "WHAAAA?!" That always irks me. The times I have come across them I want to buy them and rescue them from being gawked at by tons of random people. I have one I will show in the near future. (I figure we are not random people we are vintage lovers so it should be okay.)

    @Barefeet In The Kitchen Estate sales are rare here. So I count myself lucky to have found the dress. Even luckier that it fit well enough to be able to wear.

    @Perdita Yes the design and I also love the colors they put together. The orange and the blue make it scream HAPPY DRESS! hehe

  14. @1950's_atomic_ranch_house I gotta say WHOEVER ends up owning your past will be one lucky person! All the stuff you show us is immaculately beautiful. Even if you have to deal with moronic ebayers from time to time. ;)
    I think most of us vintage lovers on here all feel the same way abou the things we find.

  15. Just love that look great.and love all the pretty flowers you posed with and mr log.hee hee.xx