Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who I apparently look like...

Picture One

The great and gorgeous Nelly from did a post today asking "Who do you look like?" You find out by using a fun website that matches your pics facial features with celebrity facial features.
Nelly said she would like to see some results so here is mine.

Picture Two

Picture 3

And a picture without bangs to see what sort of difference it would make.

I showed my guy my results and he said "Wow you have alot of old people on there" I said: Do you think that is why I like vintage so much. He said: Yes I think it could be. *lol*

So there is my results and I am with Nelly on wanting to see some of other peoples matches.


  1. Very cool and you got alot of hotty matches My eldest Grandaughter said you looked like Lilly Allen GD is a Lily too.Lets hope we have started somethng lol

  2. I had a play earlier and got Angelina Jolie, Natalie Imbruglia, Halle Berry and Christian Slater! I think it's my cheekbones.
    It's a fab game to play. x

  3. what fun, I will have to try that. I think the first girl on the first slide is the closest. your a pretty one. wander how well I will do having dreads, think Bob Marley will come up? giggle

  4. @Helga I think I played with the thing for 30 min. After I tried my pics I did my family members. lol

    @Nelly I like Lily Allen so tell your GD thank you! lol

    @Kitty Did you try it? Huh? huh? ;)

    @Vix Yes it surely is Fab! oOOoo Angelina Jolie she is a real hot one! =)

    @CRY HAHAAHAH don't worry it usually cuts out your hair for the pic, but seriously that would be really funny!

  5. that looks fun.I have never tried.I know cher will be on