Monday, July 25, 2011

Psychedelic Wig Out

Dress up TIME!

*Hiding from the neighbors*
Who kinda ruined my fun.. I surely did not want them to see me wondering around on my patio in a red wig and big black velvet hat.. I don't need to give them reasons to think I am WEIRD.


*Vintage Shoes from previous garage sale*

*Uhmmm HI*

*Inside tag of vintage piece I purchased for $4*

*Is it a coat or Pjs?*

*Detail detail detail*

*Pretty flowers*

*Another sale find from some weeks back*

*Velvet and Rhinestones*

*Inner tag of hat*

*Black Heels*

I am currently listening to Bing!
I got the trinkets off of the top of my record player today and have been listening to music all day long.


  1. Oh VC I love that Hi pic of you Your as much a goose as me. made me laugh.
    Neighbours need something to talk about so go nuts with those wigs. That pattern on the dress is lovely and that hat very

  2. Love that dress/coat/pjs!!

    Why would anyone think your weird??


    E :)

  3. Pah! to neighbours I say, God knows what mine think of me- I wash an awful lot of wierd and wonderful clothes but am only ever seen in trackie dacks, LOL. I'd call that dress a housecoat or brunch coat.

  4. Haha that adorable photo of you peeking at the camera!

    My neighbors already think I am either crazy or eccentric, I suppose they are the same...

    Luckily, the older you get, the less you care about such things. :)

  5. I bloody love it and would happily wear it as a dress though I agree with Kitty that it is actually a housecoat. I wear mine out in public all the time! The pink hair is FAAABULOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  6. That pink hair so suits you, I love it!
    I agree with my fabulously stylish and knowledgable friends, Kitty and Sarah, I'd call that a housecoat but it would be a crime to keep a print that vibrant indoors! x

  7. those shots are so fun. awesome wig!

  8. I habitually go outside wearing weird outfits so my neighbors are used to it--we live in the country so nobody really cares what other people look like. You look like one groovy chick, babe!!!

  9. Loving the wig!
    Stuff the neighbours, if they think it's odd that you parade on YOUR OWN patio sporting some seriously groovy clobber, looking fabulous then they need to get a life, eh!
    We've got builders in the downstairs garden that stop working to peek up at the goings on when hubby takes my outfit pics, I felt a bit bashful at first but now I have a bit of banter with them :)
    I think they welcome a break in their arduous labour and it gives them a wee giggle too, which I am more than happy to provide.
    That is definitely a housecoat, I've got one from Denmark myself in a different colour. I wear it as a dress with a belt, like Vix wrote "it would be a crime to keep a print that vibrant indoors" ;)
    Take care love,

  10. Wow Ms Vintage Coconut, I am loving your blog!
    Thanks for following mine and leading me to yours...I'll def be back for more.

    p.s. I love your bark cloth's beautiful.

  11. very cute
    dont worry if your neighbors might think you are weird, at least they can see beauty when they look over in your yard rather than nothing at all when you are out there

  12. love it.Maybe it's a house coat?Love the hat.You would be so cute with that hair color.xx