Thursday, July 21, 2011

The wearing of the faded sun dress

My day in the dress and your all of your advice..

Vintage Vixen, Pull your socks up!, 1950's_atomic_ranch_house, Barefeet In The Kitchen, Kitty, Misfits Vintage & VintageSweetheart All said to wear the dress as is. Which I did.. And I found while wearing it the fade really did not bother me! In fact for now it has grown on me.

Nelly just could not decide what I should do with the dress and told me to

"Go with what the smart people above her had wrote" So that is why I just stood here lost holding this leopard umbrella I love. It was sprinkling outside when I took these.

I have no clue why but I am always drawn to this style of dress. They are not very figure flattering... especially due to the fact I am about 5'4" *lol* But in the hot summer they are breezy and cool, whats not to love about that? Pardon my paleness! I have not tanned once this year.. And even when the rest of my body tans my legs usually don't. I think I was born with spf 50 legs!

"One time when I was outside trying to tan my next door neighbor called me *Pale face*"

Des from Pull up your socks! said "Just wack on heaps of nutty plastic jewellery and it will look awesome with some mental shoes" (MENTAL SHOES)?! Are these mental enough? "What you can't see them cause my legs are blinding you? *AHAHAH*

THESE!! Just look at all those little volleyballs even a black flag in there that says *SPIKE* "I am really not sure if this is what she meant.. but heck I hope I was close.

fallingonabruise, & Cry Suggested either making it into a bag or dying it. (Perdita also suggested dying)
Now of course I did not want to cut it up, but I do have to admit it kinda would make a cute beach bag. Maybe had it been dyed it would have turned out something like this.

Now if it would turn out like this that would be quite alright but I had big worries that the red would turn some kinda brown and I really didn't want that.

The white dress I was wearing in the picture where the dress is supposed to be a handbag was a thrift find from 2 weeks ago. It was included in a $5 clothing bag sale. I washed it up and then hung it and had slightly forgotten about it. Didn't even try it on *GASP* So when I needed to put on a diff dress I grabbed it and I am glad I did. I freaking adore it!!! I am happier now about it than the day I found it. It has a nice big flowy skirt. When I was wearing it I thought... "Oh I want to wear this alot" Then my mind said: (No you will wear it out, get it dirty and wreck it.) Then I told my mind "Remember Kittys blog post (ENJOY THE THINGS YOU LOVE) don't save them for later. When I had the dress on I felt like a princess.

Only 1/2 of the bottom had that cute cut-out design. *how fun*

The dress is a little see through so don't look too hard... HA

*FLASHER ALERT* Thank God the mailman had already came "wouldn't that be embarrassing" I mean how would I even explain...

Remember the orange and white background for the items I showed you I bought in yesterdays post?? I totally forgot to tell you about it. It's this lovely blanket. I paid $2 for it. Besides one small mark the size of a penny and one small worn circle the size of a quarter... it's perfect! I love the fringe

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to go get, and learn how to use contact lenses. *I am nervous* What if I poke myself in the eye a bunch of times when they are teaching me how to put them in? *LOL* I asked my Mom if I should cut my nails.. *She laughed and said no.. my nails shouldn't go in my eye* I like my glasses but have not worn ANY SUNNIES at all this year.. I need contacts so I can shade my eyes of the bright sun. Plus I have the sweetest pair of green vintage sunglasses I want to rock a few times before fall. I plan to wear contacts 50% of the time and my glasses the other half.

Thank you to all my followers! You guys are all great and a buncha fun!
It's almost Friday! (I hear Angels singing in the distance)


  1. the white dress is so cute and comfy looking.Looks thin which is perfect for this summer heat

  2. So what will you wear when you join us on Frock on a Friday? HMMM
    Hod did your contacts go? When you are rich get laser done LL has been happy since 2010 no glasses ever again.She and my sis cant wear contacts.
    Hope you can xxx Love the dresses on you.maybe since you are a shorty like my ledest you can take the hem up a bit on the dark one.The white one looks lovely on you.

  3. It looks awesome and that white dress rocks! Those shoes are a good way!!!

    E :)

  4. You are a genius, I adore these pictures, especially the one with your wielding a bird of prey.
    I'm so glad you've worn the dress, imperfections and all. I actually like my vintage clothing to have a few flaws, it injects personality. Hey, at my age I've got a few flaws but I don't rush off to have botox, I wear them with pride.
    The white dress is a beauty, too. I'd love you to do a hair tute sometime. x
    PS Good luck with the contacts.

  5. liking what you did there, with the options, lol, and I got a mention ! yay !
    hope all goes well with the contacts :)

  6. You are such a cutie pie, great poses amor.
    I love the white dress goes so well with your skin.

  7. the dress looks GREAT on you as does the others.
    the neighbor can be told she looks like leather or beef jerkey!
    you have beautiful skinl if you dont like it i will trade you skin, giggle.
    your a doll and youll be fine with the contacts, i wore them for years, soft and hard.

  8. I turned my dress into a top and a bag (with bamboo handles, of course) and it suits me and my "needs" much better.

    I do like your dress as it is but it does look awesome as a bag.

  9. @art deco dame It is quite thin, cool and flowy. I hope to find a few more slightly like it in the future.

    @Nelly I was thinking about Frock Friday.. Give me the low down on it.. Can you only wear dresses? Do they have to be fancy?? uhmm anyting else I need to know.
    The contacts thing went very well. I have had them in for about 3 hours one more hour to go then I am supposed to take them out. 4 hrs first day 5 hrs second day 6 hrs third day so on and so forth. The thought of laser scares me.. cause of course tv had to air some thing on peoples lasik that did not go well.. I always have that thought (What if..) Ya know?? I am glad your daughters went well and that she is happy! THAT IS AWSOME! Plus Nelly I will never be rich ya know?? I shop too much! HAHAHAHA

    @Vintage Sweeheart I AGREE, the shoes are insane.. I feel like everyones staring at my feet when I wear them... *Wait they probably are!* lol

    @Vix I don't see any flaws on you Vix! I see a kick a$$ woman who doesn't seem to give a rats a$$ what people think of her! And that is very inspiring. Also I once spotted yoru twin a few block down from my house.. It was so weird she had your, body style and looks.. cept she was in a bikini so I don't know if she wears vintage. haha I hope to see her again.

  10. @fallingonabruise The contacts thing has went well! THANK GOODNESS.. I thought I would be in there hrs trying to get the darn things in my eyes.

    @LaDama I really hope I have more dress finds like that one. A diamond in the rough it was!

    @CRY About the neighbor... (He really does look like beef jerkey *lol* He sits out in the hot blazin sun everday all summer.. By mid August he reminds me of fruit leather! But of course.. I would never tell him that. *hehehe* Do you still wear contacts? I am trying out the soft ones right now, so far they seem to be working fine. I am just so excited about being able to read things without a pair of glasses wrapped around my face.

    @Little Rascal I saw what you did there with your dress and you did a wicked job. The top and bag turned out so cute. I would really need to get better at sewing before I attempted something like that. haha

  11. Hi darl, sorry for the late comment! I used to want coloured contacts until I realaised I simply couldn't put them in...I hope you do better than me!
    Love your cute photos esp. the ones in the white dress, so cheeky, awesome.
    Looking forward to seeing what you find at the sales this weekend.xx.

  12. Oh you are so adorable!

    Remember stone-washed jeans? Of course not, you are too young lol. Anyway, people used to pay a pretty penny to buy the "faded look".

    Glad you wore the dress as-is, tell people it was made that way. ;)

  13. @Kitty Late comments are accepted here! haha
    I have put them in twice.. in a few hrs I have to do it for the first time today. I have a harder time taking the flipping things out! I hope it doesn't take me too long to get the hang of it.

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house Well maybe not stone washed so much but I do remember Acid washed. *LOL* I was born in 81 so I was a child of the 80's *drops head in shame* Spandex, fluorescent clothes, big weird hair & lots of hairspray! lol

  14. Well hello gorgeous!!! Yes the shoes are the just right kind of nutty - they would be perfect for schlepping off to a Honolulu beach diner for a Nehi and banana sundae - you look like you stepped straight out of a 60s surf beach movie - it LOVE it!!!!!! The dress is amazing on you and I just knew you'd feel right in it once you wore it - the fading is nothing - meh!!! You are amazing my friend:)) xoxoxoxo