Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gettin my SWAG ON with butane!

I had a delightful Saturday! My alarm went off and I actually thought for a second about shutting it off and just not going garage saling... just simply sleeping. But then of course came thoughts of "What if you miss something good", "Oh you will regret it", "Today could be the day you hit the mother load!". Needless to say I got my bum outta bed and got ready.

First on my list to go to was a place that's ad said (Estate sale Seniors moved to retirement home.) I walk into the place and the right in the front entrance hanging there in all it's swag beauty was this lamp. Everything had a price sticker but the darn lamp! It was the elderly couples Son holding the sale and he seemed very friendly. I kept my eyes on that lamp and muttered to my other half at least 4 times. We need to ask how much that is!!! lol Finally there is not people asking him about this that and everything so then came our chance. "How much is the light?" He looked up rather confused.. like he had never even thought to sell it or he was thinking, who would buy this? He replied: "Uhmmmm a dollar???" I replied: "SURE I'LL TAKE IT" I pretty much ran outta the house to the vehicle!

These are pricey nowadays. Here is two similar swags on ebay right now look at those prices! I am happy with dollar purchase.

I gotta say I love swag lighting. I remember as a kid admiring the hanging globes of lights people adorned their homes with.

Vintage jewelery box with flower detail & red satin inside.
50 cents

Can we ever have enough jewelery boxes?

Starburst pattern butane candles

I loved them instantly as soon as I laid eyes on them. Priced at $5 I left them and went off to another 5 or so sales. Went back with my fingers crossed they were still there. They were and I got them for $3!

Now I just have to get some nice holders for them. I am thinking brass ones.

Speaking of candles look at this big candle in bamboo
This was on a table with a price sticker of 25 cents My mind said: WHAAAAAAAA?! seriously? So I had to grab it, flash the lady the sticker, pay her a Quarter, walk away slowly in case it was a mistake (Well shes not running after me, She's not chasing me down! I guess it was 25 cents after all!) *lol* This bamboo candle thing is about a foot and a half high!

I did some searching here and there and found something quite similar. I am thrilled with the money I saved by garage saling. Although I suppose had I not stumbled upon this bamboo candle today, I still would not own one and who knows if I ever would have in my lifetime or even thought of one for that matter.

Another brass plant stand. I paid $1.00 and put it to use right away in the backyard on the deck. It now holds my pepper plants and oregano!

I also got a large wicker basket with metal hardware for $2. It would be perfect to take to a farmers market or something. I will show you pics of it in my next post because I completely forgot to take one today.

I also purchased some other little things. Like a key chain that says "I love my dog", a lovely big green jar candle that smells scrumptious, and a solar powered plastic dancing flower *lol*. All in all I loved this Sat! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and that you also found something that made you smile and happy.

p.s. I added my E-mail at the bottom of the About Me area, so if you feel the need you can send me a message.

(Lovely Nelly) send me a e-mail and give me your e-mail address. *lol* For some reason I cannot contact you through your send e-mail link on your blog. *BOOOH!* You are a hard woman to get ahold of! *wink*


  1. Wonderful finds darling VC that light was a treasure!!! I sent you an email last week wonder where it went?I shall try again so I can get your addy shall I??? xxxx

  2. You've chosen well! According to me, anyway ;) The swag lamp is a beauty and I love the starburst candle holders...I'm a sucker for anything starburst though! I've seen starburst candle holders on American ebay that would fit those, sort of like a tall drinking glass but flared outwards at the top with a 'frilled' edge, gorgeous.
    If I get lazy and sleep in on a Saturday morning I get so pissed off it's unbelievable, LOL, I can't stand the thought of missing out on things!

  3. Just sent you an email again last one was sent on the 12th let me know if you get the new one xx

  4. @Nelly HAHAH Well I surely did not get it the first one. someone else must have got the email! *lol*
    I tried asking you for yours on your blog and that wasn't working out. *DAMN this blogger place* I just checked now and I don't have anything yet but sometimes it takes a bit. If this doesn't work lemme know what your e-mail is and we will try that way. *rolls eyes* "Modern technology" *hehe*

    @Kitty LOL we must think alike! I have also been upset the times I decided to be lazy. So now my brain just hypes me up all in a frenzy so I get a move on! I will browse some candle holders on ebay to get a idea of what would work good with those. I hope you found some great things on your saling.

  5. Hi I found you from you finding me hehe

    That lamp is pretty sweet $1 thats a bargain!

  6. I love the plant holder and the huge candle, they'd both be perfect on my deck! x

  7. those starburst candles are amazing!I love swag lamps too

  8. Used to collect those jewlry boxes

  9. Firtly,I love that first pic!Your hair looks amaaaazing!
    Secondly,love that swag lamp! G and I quite like them,but have none,and hane't ever seen any for sale! We thought we might make something up when we get our new dining a few years!
    Lots of fab scores,thank goodness you listened to your bargain beacon and got your ass out of bed!I just have to do the same sometime!