Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shhhh don't tell anyone... I went thrifting

I had no plans to go today, but sometimes you just get a swift kick in the pants.. or dress for alot of you. I woke up and was about to start applying my makeup. Normally I browse online selling sites (example: Craigslist) and see what's being sold. After that I enjoy some blogger with my coffee. This morning was different! I got on the computer starting browsing ads when I seen "Five Dollar bag sale" (At a local thrift in town, that I do not go to often because there prices are higher than some others I frequent. It said it included clothes, books, housewares & toys. Pretty much everything except their prized items.. You know the ones they want the big bucks for.
Well so much for makeup!! TO HECK WITH IT! The ad was posted 40 min or so before I saw it I need to get there quick. I jumped into some flip flops, grabbed my phone and wallet and was out the door like lightning!

Here is what I managed to get in a plastic grocery bag.

~Cute dish * Made in England by H&K Tunstall * It has green on it~

~These poodles wanna say a hello to Vix!!~

~Starburst glass * Just one * I couldn't leave it there *~
I am not touching this to my face cause it hadn't been washed yet YUCK!

~Shimmer shimmer glimmer glamour gold stretch belts~

~Velvety clutch * I LOVE THIS~

~Pretty candle holders~

~Awwww Kewpies!~

~I think these dolls are the cutest~

~Hello * Nice to meet you~

~Floral purse * Hate the strap* But I can fix that~

I also got a 80's Hawaiian print dress, some kinda silky beach cover-up or nightgown & a hippy-ish tunic top. They are all currently in the washing machine. Will show you them at another time.

Now Below is stuff I picked up yesterday. (One reason I was not going to go do any shopping today.) Lately I have been only garage saling.. so I guess its okay to go two days in a row.

~Pretty necklace $4.50~
~Silver plated zinc S&P shakers~
25 cents

~ What is it you ask?? A COCONUT!!!! candle ~
Half of a coconut shell with a wax filling

50 cents

~Some more to ad to the collection~

40 cents worth
*Note to self* Maybe stop purchasing knives*


~One day I hope to be able to do a sweet dance with these castanets~

*In the privacy of my own home of course*


~Ahh the innocence of this little flower headed pixie~


~Enamel bowls * With chips and all~


~Set of 3 matching bowls leaf pattern bowls~
75 cents

*They were half price*

With all the stuff I purchased recently *Thank Heavens* I am having a garage sale of my own in a few weeks!


  1. I just love enamel plates and I'm so glad you made it time to bag those Kewpie dolls!! The stretchy belts are amazing! I have one in silver - in fact you've just reminded me about it - the green candleholders are so lovely:))) xo

  2. @Pull Your Socks Up! Des funny thing.. When I seen the gold belts your fantastic self entered my mind. *lol* I thought these are so Des I love them!!

  3. Wow you'll have to open a shop at this rate!!! What are the green candle holders made from??

  4. Nice finds! I love the cute pic of you at the top of the post. It made me grin. I found an ice cream maker yesterday that pretty much make my thrifting month. :) YAY!

  5. @Kitty Some kind of plastic.. But they don't really have the plastic look. I thought they were jadeite when I first spotted them.

    I am not for sure but I think I may do flea market stall a few times in Aug if I have enough vintage to sell. I am not selling much vintage at my garage sale because people just want cheap cheap cheap.

    I have a bunch of brand name clothes to clear out of my house. I was selling them on ebay.. but jeaz the shipping costs are ridiculous! I would rather sell clothing for low prices and not have to package them all up and go to the post office for 30 min! lol

  6. @Barefeet In The Kitchen
    An ice cream maker!! I would be ecstatic too.
    The last ice cream I had was cookies and cream *mmm* So good!

  7. Those purses are so cute! I need to go opshopping it's been over a week!

  8. That carpet bag is fabulous.

    I think I need a clear out before I next approach a jumble sale or charity shop! ;) I should do a boot sale and SELL for once!!

  9. @VintageSweetheart Ooooo I always start going through withdrawls when it nears a week of no savvy shopping. I start imagining what might sitting there waiting! *lol*

    @Perdita I surely know what you mean, I hope to make alot of room once I sell the stuff I no longer want at the garage sale. Maybe 50% of it can stay free of stuff.. the other I can refill again. *lol*

  10. What a fantastic haul! I adore those poodles, as you knew I would, you little minx.
    The Tunstall dish was manufactured just up the road from me in my Grandpa's birth place.
    I love both those bags but the carpet bag is my favourite, such beautiful rich colours.
    You did do well. xxx

  11. Well done darling V.C and I adore that top pic of you soooo

  12. Woah! So many amazing things!

    I am a big fan of Kewpie dolls! They are the sweetest things ever! I would have nabbed them too!

    The pixie is also very adorable! Eek cuteness!

    The necklace looks beautiful and the starburst glass is wonderful! I do love a bit of starburst!

    Brilliant finds! xxx

  13. Ay, so much tresures amor.
    little cute poodles,leaf bowls so many favorites and the starburst glass, I found one similar but I think it was a vase.
    I want all the Kewpie dolls.

  14. Looooooove your hair!

    The dolls and the glass are my favorites.