Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jewellery Polish & Pyrex Garage Grabs

Hello all! Here I am with this weeks garage sale finds. I was super excited to go this week as last week I did not go at all. Allergies that I never had in my life were bothering me. So instead of yard shopping I went to the clinic to find out if I needed anything. I didn't and got a pat on the shoulder from the Dr. When I left I was super mad!! Why? Cause I should have went saling! *hahaha*

Best find I presume is this Pyrex bowl. It is like MiNt!!

I looked it up to find out it is apparently a Holiday design bowl from 1961. I purchased it for $2

Vintage Children's books from 1975, 1962 & 1961 10 cents each!

I got this awhile ago but forgot to blog about it. A Lucite napkin holder! I love it!

Vintage baby crib sheet 50 cents

I loved this sheet when I found it. I then envisioned my future babies room being Circus themed. My husband was NOT HAPPY! He said NO! I do not want that.. I hate that idea! *lol* Trouble is.. My husband hates clowns.. might even be scared of them. *wink* I told him we don't need to have clowns in the room!!! But he still wasn't lookin too happy. So then I said well what about a carnival theme like Rides, cotton candy, popcorn and games.. he then said well that's a bit better.. But why can't we just have a normal room??


Flamingo stix! 50 cents for the package

O.P.I Full bottle $1.50

And now here we go with the Jewellery. One of the sales I went to had a metal box of misc jewellery. There was a sticker on the box that said 50 cents each. I grabbed $5 dollars worth and told the seller "I have $5 worth here will you take $4 for it?" She said: "sure!! I was going to mark it down anyhow!"



*Three Strawberries*




Gold circle

Wood ring

Gold Leaf

Animal beads

Funny thing is Months back I kept seeing the strawberry necklaces EVERYWHERE! I wanted one.. but was too cheap to pay the 10 - 15 dollars for one. I mean really it's plastic on a chain! Well see.. Good things happen to those who wait. I have 3 now for less than $1.50

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I will leave you with a picture from one of the kids books I bought.


  1. Lovely finds, the jewelry was so inexpensive too! I actually have a similar lucite napkin holder but the flower is yellow. I also haven't seen that Pyrex pattern before, I imagine it's one of the holiday promotional pieces.

  2. Well done VC you did so well .Dont you hate going to the Drs and come out feeling like a hypochondriac? Its why I never go.
    Saling is a better therapy I think.
    I love all your fruity bits and no I agree with hubby clowns are not a good idea lol.
    Ps Did you read my post the other day?You better go read as I asked you a question xxx

  3. Lots of stuff yet again, I just wish I'd known about garage sales ten years ago!
    In Australia we sa 'go hard or go home', so far away in distance yet so similar in culture.xx.

  4. Nice finds. My husband doesn't like clowns either, he also dislikes owls (which is annoying as I love them) - he turns any owl cushions or nicnaks I buy to face away from him!!

  5. Woah! Love all those sparkly jewels! My favourite has to be the apple! What a bargain!

    The pyrex dish looks gorgeous.. If it were mine I'd have it out at Christmas full with all kinds of nuts!

    I share the same dream as you! I've always wanted a circus themed bedroom for my future babies! Love that cot sheet! How amazing! xxx

  6. Let's see if my comment works this time!
    I love those flamingoes so much, they are so cute and fabulously kitsch. The apple's lovely too. I'm afraid I'm with your hubs on the circus theme, clowns are really scary! x

  7. @The Thriftaholic (Leilani) Yes when I looked it up it said it was a holiday promotional piece. I will surely use it for something at Christmas time. Until then I will stare at it. lol

    @Nelly YES I hate it. I also hate the Dr.s to begin with.. it always gives me the heebie jeebies going there. I hadn't been there in almost 3 yrs you would imagine the guy would realize I was worried cause I felt crappy. Then he decided to check if I had a fever! OMG I ALREADY KNEW I did not have a fever.. silly Dr. lol I went and read your post. I tried clickin on your E-mail contact thing and its not doing anything. lol I CAN'T CONTACT YOU *BOOHOO HOO HOO* =p

    @Kitty I am glad I haven't been garage saling for the past 10 yrs. I would have been followed by cameras and on the show Hoarders by now if that was the case. I plan to have a garage sale of my own in a couple weeks! *WOOHOO* I can make room for more STUFF!

  8. @Perdita The owl thing really had me giggle. I have a few owls around here myself. I guess I am lucky my husband doesn't rearrange mine! *heheeh*

    @VainGlorySinner I will surely be using the bowl during the holidays.. Maybe I can push for a bit earlier and get it some use at Thanksgiving too! I sure hope my future house has a 50s/60s Kitchen, I am going to need alot of space. My Husband is probably hoping I will change my mind on the baby decor.. who knows maybe I will.. but maybe I woun't "It just seems so bloody fun" =D

    @Vix It worked it worked *woohoo*
    Jeaz there is alot of clown haters in this world. LOL My Husband hates thembecause of the movie (IT) did you watch that too? haha

  9. Ohhhh the red Xmas bowl and the cherries!!! Sweet! What lovely finds!

  10. What great finds amor,
    love the pyrex bowl, so chrismasy, you cant put holiday candies.
    napkin holder love it, never seen one that kitsch.
    cool fruty shiny necklaces, oh love the cherry one.
    circuse theme sounds lovely.

  11. Hey, I have a bowl like that! It really is stunning, isn't it? The jewels are real gems, too. And the pink flamingoes are neato.

  12. I love that you're already planning your nursery:))). The jewellery is such a score - patience is a virtue huh? Such beautiful pieces - and I love Little Golden Books too:) xo

  13. What lovely it all.I used to have that ragedy ann and andy book.think I still have the cherry and apple necklace too.