Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garage Sale Paraphernalia

Did that make you feel sad? *LOL* "He's lying" I go home midway through and let him out and play with him before I do the other area of town.

I found some vintage dresses today, but will post them in the next post.

For now it's the Paraphernalia
I just posted on someones blog the other day that I want more bracelets. I have a small assortment but had not found many at all recently. Well lately for me if I think I want something.. I usually come across it within a few weeks.

Bangle set $1

*Confetti Lucite Stretch $2*


I gotta say I purchased this at the first garage sale I hit. I wore it ALL DAY!
My guy and I made up a (stupid) game. When we found something good at a sale I would celebrate with a little shake of the arm and dance. *hahahaha*

This bracelet is loud and fun

Price paid: $2

*Big glass dish (Made in Indonesia)*

50 cents

*Powder holder*


I keep looking for vintage baby books. I want one for my future munchkin.

This one I found today is from 1967. It has not been written in at all. The only flaw is the black felt mark on the front. So as of now this will be baby Coconuts (Who does not exist yet *lol*) baby book. Unless I find something older in the next year n a half or so. My Dad was with me when I was getting it and he said (Why would you want that? Your kid woun't be born in 1967) *LOL* "Uhggg yea I know Dad considering I wasn't alive then that sort of makes sense" I explained I want a vintage baby book and I will buy new one when I am Pregnant and then when my kid is older they can decide which they want. (Vintage or new) It does mean I will have double the filling out to do.. but it seems like the only answer.

Just look at the cute pictures!

Doilies $1

*These just keep popping up lately!*


*I love the colors*

50 cents

Now this part of the post is for 1950's_atomic_ranch_house
She did a post about a sweet little horse she purchased off E-bay that arrived with broken legs *Sniff*. I never knew anything about these sort of horses and don't even know if I had ever seen one in my lifetime. Well it happened again... she wrote her post 2 days ago. I found these horses today!

One big one and one little one. The little one is yours if you want it Ranchie.

(Let me know I bought it for you)

And I think I know why yours didn't make it..

It seems with age these horses can kind of corrode. After getting them home I was looking over the big horse and he has some wounds I can see into this crack on his front And there is some fine cracking going on around his back leg. So I will keep him in a safe area where his leg will hopefully stay on and we don't have to deal with a tragedy.

The man who sold me these horses was 72 years old. He told me he saved up his money and purchased the big one for $7 at the age of 7.
That would make big horse 65 years old.

Little horse from what I can see is in very good condition with no scars or sores.

The plant stand, glass bowl and the horses came from ("The horse man") Last week we heard about Flamingo lady.. I wonder who I will meet next time.

Any of you shop this weekend? What did you find?


  1. Oh VC what a great day for you.I stoppped at one GS yesterday bit was very expensive and only had big stuff.Isnt it great when what you are looking for you eventually find sometimes faster than others tho.Atomic will lve that horse.Did you get that mans name etc?For archiving sake?

  2. Oh your dog is so cute! Just wanna give him a big cuddle! ha ha. Those first red bracelets remind me of candy canes! I name the people I buy from too! The suitcase lady or the mushroom lady! If only they knew what we call them.

    Em :)

  3. You found heaps of treasure Ms Coconut. Scarlett(Loves Elvis) would love that pretty pink powder holder and I especially love that 67 baby book.

  4. Oooo so many beautiful treasures! I'm loving that pink powder pot - how beautiful is that lid?!

    The bracelets are gorgeous! The red ones remind me of candy canes and if I found that metal one I would have went mad for it too - it's amaaziiing! xxx

  5. Such great treasures this week. All of those bracelets are great. Tip for that baby book: I highly doubt Baby Coconut will have an opinion on whether the book is new or old. By the time, say 20 years down the road, he/she is old enough to have an opinion or be ready for their own kids and interested in the book, whatever book you choose will be vintage. :) I say, use whatever works for you. That book looks perfect to me.

    My find of the week is a fabulous Sunbeam Toaster. It works, it's all rounded chrome and it is gorgeous. For $2, I couldn't be happier. I can hardly wait to set it up at our cabin next time we are there.

  6. Oh you are so adorable!! My goodness! Oh keep the two horsies together. They have been together so long. Not to mention, I found another on ebay and won it already! They are quite common, but as you can see, more fragile than you'd think.

    awww thank you so much for your kindness tho. What a coincidence you found these just as I blogged about them! I know your horsies will be happy together, and thank you so kindly for thinking of me. You are a Dear!!

  7. I adore your doggie, he's the star of your post today, I'm afraid!
    Close second is that stunning Indian bangle, what a beauty. I'm rather jealous of it. x

  8. @Nelly I did not ask his name as I thought he may think I was asking... so later I could steal his identity. (LOL) I know some people wouldn't mind being asked and others would think it was weird I was asking. I just can't tell which type are the ones that would realize your asking cause your a lover of vintage and want to know all the juicy details about the items we purchase. Or they are the kind that would be leery and think your asking cause your some sort of psycho. *hahah* But I will write down what I do know and just call him a nice guy at a garage sale.

    @VintageSweetheart He took a liking to the vintage blanket I purchased. I have it along the back of the couch right now and he always seems to get it down and snuggle in it. lol

    Mushroom lady! hahah I like that one.

  9. @Kylie Thank goodness it was all quite small treasures, it will be easier to find a place for. *lol* The baby book is also one of my favorites all the pictures are so sweet. I think its alot cuter than some of the stuff they are coming out with now.

    @VainGlorySinner The pink pot is just missing the little puff that sits between the lid and the bottom. But other than that and it needing a quick cleaning its in rather good shape. I almost passed by it but the lid caught my eye. =)

  10. @Barefeet In The Kitchen Thats something on my list to find. A old good working toaster. I am glad you found yours, and 2 dollars?! WHAT A STEAL!!!
    Also I think you are right about the baby book. I like the one my Mom put together for me because of the way she put it together not because what it looked like. Plus if future coconut is raised in a house covered with vintage.. well it would seem fitting their Mother would find them a vintage baby book too! haha

    @1950's_atomic_ranch_house Well Ranch you do not have to twist my arm! heheh If you already found yourself a new horse (I knew you probably would have) *hehe* Then I will keep these two together they will go perfect next to my little mini 3 legged lamp. And I will call the little one Ranchie. *lol* I really did think it was WEIRD I came across them. And I thought "Nooo this can't be the same thing?!" So when I got home I re-looked ovr your post and it was. They are quite lovely I can see why you wanted one in your home.