Saturday, October 22, 2011

100th Post (Retail, Vanity/dressing table search)

Hooray I made it to 100 posts! In 2010 I joined Blogger in Feb and only did 28 posts the whole year. This year so far I have done 69 *heh* So I either got better with my blogging.. Or I blab too much!!! (One or the other)

Last week Mr. and I celebrated our 12 wedding anniversary. We decided we wanted Chinese food so we went to a lunch buffet.
The food above was my plate.
(Is now hungry just looking at it)

Part of a gift from my parents was a $25.00 gift card for WINNERS.
I like what they carry there but do not go there much as I spend most of my shopping time in thrifts and buying my other bathroom necessities, makeup and such from places like Walmart or Zellers (Zellers is a Canadian store very similar to Target).
When Mr. and I get a gift card we first try and find something for the house we both agree on. But if there is nothing that is too thrilling we split the card in half and buy what we want. (We are pretty good at sharing since we have been together since we were 14 years old. Even though my Mother said I was not allowed to date until I was 16. I sure showed her... *laugh*) So with my half here is what I purchased.

~Pink Leopard Hair Wrap~
I used to have a cheepie from the dollar store but haven't seen it around in ages. Plus this one is sooo much cuter! *lol*

~Lavender Talc Powder~

It was the metal tin that got to me.. but it smells lovely and will make me feel fancy!

I might just wear it out tomorrow like a hood


My search has become a slight obsession. I have my money stashed and hidden away from my Birthday just waiting for the perfect vanity table to come my way. Now why is it when you do not have the money for something it is plentiful but when you finally do they seem like a rarity!

My search has become part of a daily routine. Added onto my morning coffee with blogger I now turn to the classifieds in my area ready to click on a ad that shows a vanity table and message the seller as fast as my fingers can type before someone else does. I leave the page up on my computer all day pressing refresh whenever I remember. *Seriously* One did pop up that I was in love with at first site... But it's a little farther than I am willing to travel to go get it. *sigh*

The money it would cost in gas could probably buy me 8 bag sales.


So as long as all goes well... Next weekend Mr. Coconut and I will be taking a out of town day trip. We plan on thrifting and trying to find a vanity table in a few towns over from where I am. We will actually be going to two different towns and to thrift shops we have never even set foot in before. So it will be quite a fun adventure *I imagine*. I also looked up some used furniture stores in those towns and found a couple that (Judging by google maps) Look like they very well could have a vanity table inside them. *hahaha* "Stalker-ish huh" Now I didn't actually see a vanity table in them.. just by the pics it looks like they carry vintage furniture.

"Dear Vanity: Even though you do not yet exist in my life I have been preparing for you. Last week I bought you a pretty little lamp that is going to make you and I feel sooo glamorous. I have jewellery I want to keep in one of your drawers and I have a tray that can sit on you and hold my small perfume collection. I have hair flowers that need to be cozy for the Winter.. and a BUNCH of other stuff. So if you could just do your part... and try to find me too. I would be very grateful. *Hope to meet you soon* I will be waiting with arms wide open and a bottle of Old English Lemon oil to condition your wood! *If that doesn't make you excited?! I don't know what will!!"

Love always: Coconut


  1. Woo hooo hooo your a century old.
    I love the way you and Mr C get on so well and been together all that time and share vouchers so sweet. Mate you could have been a mum of a teen by now if you wasnt such a good girl lol.
    I hope hope hope you get that dresser

  2. I know just how you feel about that vintage vanity, I want one sooo bad. You've actually saved for one?! Such dedication! Good luck. You and Mr C sound like a lovely pair :)

  3. Omg I'm bad I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS! on your 100th post!

  4. aaww congratulations and happy anniversary to you both ;-) And congratulations on 100 posts to its amazing when you look back and see how much etc you have written and quite magical really. Im loving the lamp and i know just what you mean about not being able to find something you want when you have the money its sods law. Good luck next weekend you find one im sure. dee x

  5. Congrats on your anniversary - how fabulous!

    I love your new lamp and hope you find your vanity soon.

    And I LOVE your pink leopard hair chamois - I WANT ONE!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Happy anniversary to you both!!
    Love that leopard print hood and the new lamp. x

  7. Aww happy anniversary.That chinese food looks so yummy.It's really making my pizza rolls look will send you beautiful vanity vibes.That lamp is so pretty.I know you will find the prefect one.I am now looking for the perfect vanity chair.xx

  8. Congrats for both the 12 years and the 100th post.

    Hope find what your after. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  9. When you stop looking, you'll find it. trust me on this! And then you'll find like ten- because things ALWAYS come in runs.
    Just don't ask me why!

  10. Congrats on two anniversaries - any old person can get married but it takes dedication to get to 100 posts! ;-)

    I'm sure any vanity table which is reading will be hopping up and down on its spindly little legs trying to get to you and your bottle of lemon oil! Good luck in the hunt! xx

  11. Congrats on your two anniversarios amor!
    When you least expect, you will find the perfect vanity. love your vanity crystal lamp. you look adorable in your leopard pink hair wrap. I need of those now.I will be celebrating my 3 year anniversary being married next month and we also love going to the Chinese Buffet.

  12. Congrats on your 12th wedding anniversay!!woot!

  13. Congrats on the big 100 and your anniversary - hoorah! That vintage vanity will find you and im sure it will be a beauty :o) Scarlett x

  14. 100 posts and 12 years??? What great milestones!
    I can't believe you and Mr C got together so young and it was such a good decision - the boys I liked at 14 (who did NOT like me, let me tell you!) would so not have been keepers!
    You've obviously got your head screwed on right, so well done you!
    Keep looking for that vanity, you'll find it eventually and it will appreciate the lemon oil and the love you're going to lavish on it! (Could the oil double up for massage in the meantime? No, perhaps not...!)

  15. I love your hair and makeup! =)