Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something in the mail

Hello! It's almost the weekend so I hope you all are excited. (I AM!)
Yesterday I got a package in the mail.

Tara from had a giveaway for reaching 250 followers I entered along with alot of others and won. *WEEEE*

See this cute little tin she decorated?! I love it!
And as soon as I saw the envelope I smiled because of the little starburst she drew. (I am the same way... If I am not drawing pics on shipping envelopes I am decorating them with stickers.)

~The Winnings~

I was quite suprised when I spotted the pink pendant. It is soooo sparkley and Tara made them herself out of resin. I remember her post on them months back. Also I have never owned any MAC makeup (I usually just purchase my stuff from a drug store or Walmart or something.) I always have heard reveiws on these lipsticks but... never knew a thing about them. (Still don't) But what I do know is I put it on today and WOW it lasts a good long while. (Didn't kiss off) I tried it on Mr. Coconuts cheek! "He even had to double check in the vehicle mirror" It smells good (I found that weird.. My lipsticks dont normally smell pretty.)

I wanted to say thank you to Tara & the sugar container she drew my name out of. *lol*

See you Tomorrow for Frock on Friday. I am looking forward to all you glamerous babes strutting your stuff!

x___ VC


  1. You have such fun posts I always am grinning when reading them I lve that creepy pic am off to see what I can do with mine

  2. You look SUPER cute - love the hair flower and sparkly pendant - congrats, Coconut!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Score on your giveaway win! I've always wondered how you did the moving pic posts. I have never used a MAC product either though I'm not big on make up.

    Ps. Those wooden pics were actually my grandparents. They had been on their walls for as long as I could remember.

  4. aawww i just popped over from Nelly's blog and im so glad i did. What a lovely little blog you have. Im loving your finds the green dress in your last post is gorgeous and im loving the picnic ball i have a similar one in brown and cream but mine is a 70's version they sure are good fun. Congratulations on your win how lovely...Enjoy your lovely things, dee xx

  5. You look gorgeous! Love that dramatic lipstick, flower and the blingy pendant and captivated by the gif (and I learnt a new word today, too). xxx

  6. Congrats! That's a pretty little kinda creepy gif!
    You look lovely with the lippy. :0)

  7. Ooh great win!! that gif is very funny, you always look so cute in your pics.xx.

  8. Fabulous win. Lucky you. Love the gif, thanks for sharing that. Have a brilliant weekend.

  9. What wonderful winnings! I love MAC lippies! They smell like white chocolate! What colour did you win? I don't think you mentioned it!

    Thanks for the link to the gif maker! There has been many a time when I've taken a series of pictures that I thought would make a great gif but not known how to do it! xxx

  10. Thanks for the link! I'm tres jealous of your pendant it's soooo pretty!

  11. @delia hornbook
    Nice to meet you! =D

    @VainGlorySinner "Yes white chocolate" *mmm*
    The color is Ruby Woo.

  12. Ooh, gif! I too have learnt something new today, thank you! I will have to investigate; I think you look great, not creepy at all, just cute and gorgeous!! But then you always do.
    Now I think I'm right in saying that Ruby Woo is the Mac shade of lipstick that the divine Desiree of Pull your socks up! swears by, so you are in very good comapny. It looks wonderful on you. Keep up the kissing practice though, that lippy needs to be put through its paces!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. What pretty winnings love the lipstick on you.I have never tried mac.I know I will be in big trouble at that counter.Cool links I will have to try it.xx

  14. Beutiful wins amor!
    I love Taras blog, she is always so creative.
    You will love Mac lipsticks, plus the color last ages. trinket box is so pretty and pink resin pendat is your cute creepy gif.