Monday, October 10, 2011

A note from Coconut

Hello Everyone! The end to my Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is here.

I did not do any garage saling as the past couple of weekends were horrible, so I went and did some thrifting on Friday instead. I told you all I would show you my finds soon... but have been rather busy stuffing myself with turkey, yams, potato's, pickles and olives.
After dinner (You know the point where everyone is lazy and does not want to move?) We watched Breakfast at Tiffany's

(Everyone liked it Surprisingly)

*This is my decor for the middle of the table*But something was missing...

*Ahhhh Perfect* It really did stay there all through our dinner. *BWAHAHAH*

It was the first holiday these pyrex bowls spent with us

Also the very first time I got to use my lucite grape candle holders

(Did you know The Brady Bunch had a orange set on their coffee table in some episodes??)

NO? well now you do!

Now this is the area where you see me standing in the top pic holding a turkey and wearing a lobster suit. The reason for that photo is: I went here today and took some pics in something I found on Friday. But since I have not got all my (Find) photos done yet. I did not want to see what I was wearing. I need that saved for my next post.

x__ Vintage Coconut


  1. Sounds like it was a fun and fattening weekend. I totally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the millionth time on the weekend too. I think you just wanted an excuse to have you looking like lobster didn't you? ha ha

    Em x

  2. Happy slightly belated Thanksgiving, with added Lobster! I had pumpkin pie for the first time yesterday, courtesy of my Canadian neighbour. I must admit I'd never expected much from it - it doesn't really sound appealing - but I am willing to accept I was wrong! Marshmallows in savoury food however - just wrong. Or is that an American thing?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Love your little lobster on the table, made me chuckle. Looking forward to seeing what you bought! Scarlett x

  4. Canadian? How did I not know that you are Canadian? WHat's happening in the world???

    The lobster table decoration is EXQUISITE.

    Sarah xxx

  5. Your lobster looks perfect on the table, I'd have been disappointed if he hadn't been there!
    I still haven't seen Breakfast At Tiffany's, the dvd's been next to my TV for 6 months, terrible aren't I? I prefer a war film! x

  6. Who doesn't have a lobster on their Thanksgiving table? Hahahaha!
    Ooh, all that food sounds marvellous, and I'm itching to know what you are wearing under that lobster suit, you tease! The river setting looks beautiful, can't wait for the pics. xxxxxx

  7. Are you a Brady Bunch geek??!!!! hahah! No,I did not know that!
    Yay for the lobster centrpiece!!! You need matching earrings!!!

  8. Lucite!!! Argh. I thought they were acrylic. Is it the same thing? Whatever they are they are super groovy. And your lobster is the perfect table companion.

  9. mr crab on the table.he is to cute.You look cute in your crab costume.Can't wait to see the outfit.

  10. Too bad we can't all get together and have blogger dinner parties and use all our cool vintage stuff and show it off to each other-how good would that be?!

  11. happy thanksgiving my dear! and i really love that fabulous decor of your table!