Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea time & Show and tell

*Apple tea is delicious*
Have you ever accidentally posted your blog post before you were even near finished? Well it just happened to me for the second time. And I will tell you what, doing that always makes me super anxious. *lol* (I start freaking out thinking) "omg omg what do I do ahhh hurry fix it"

So here is the secret item I was holding whilst caped in the wilderness. One person guessed right to what it was. It is a 60's picnic set!

I have been wanting a Picnic ball for awhile now and whenever I came across them I thought they were over-priced. But guess what? This one was sitting on the shelf with a price tag of $2.50 *SCREAM* I grabbed the handle so fast thank God it was all put together right or I could have flung plastic dishes all around the whole isle in my happiness. The set is missing one item (a cup) I won't worry much about it right now as 5 seems like plenty.

*Men's vintage hat*

*Inside of hat*

*Funky Faux Fur*


~Story time~

I see this hat on a shelf in a thrift on Sunday afternoon. I dashed towards it as.. well it is rather unique. Thinking it was quite nifty I picked it up and went looking for Mr. Coco. Once I found him I said "Look at this hat isn't it cool?"

He said: "It looks like a POO" *Laughter ensues* "No! (I reply back) It's ribbed for her pleasure!!! *More laughter ensues*

So then I wasn't even gonna get the damn thing since Mr. Coco said it looked like Poo. But when it was almost time to leave I just NEEDED to try it on.. He was with me when I did and then said: "Well it looks nice on"
I really don't know.. But I did not wanna leave it behind.

What do you think? *laugh*

*Ceramic pomander Ball*

Blanket folded together so you can see all the pics
*Adorable embroidered baby blanket for future Coconut babies*

Just found this today (Was hidden within a shelf full of Afghans)



*Kitten* (It may seem odd I chose those two animals to show up close.. It was not intentional.. I am just starting to realize the weirdness over it right now. And that is why the animal above is being called a kitten.)
*lol* Gorgeous green dress

(This dress does not fit me, if it had I would have totally wore it for FOF)


Sexy Garter (Which is so flipping tiny I have not a clue who would have owned it. )
BUT.. I stuffed it in a bag sale and will sell it in the future.

*Look at the sparkly Ric Rac*

And the brand engraved clips
(It really is too darn sweet)

Now we will go from HOT to cold with these Snowbelle winter boots I found.

They had a $5.00 price tag and are in excellent condition.
Maybe they will look nice with my white furry ball hat I found last week.

(Am not even gonna say.. what it is)
"He called out to me from a huge pile of unwanted stuffed fuzzies"

He has a tag on him that says his names "SKIPPER" and the company that made him is called Maplefootedbabies. *heheh*

*Shhh now... don't tell anyone I was here, or my where-a-bouts, what I bought or my recipe for chocolate chip mint cookies*
*Disappears into a thick fog*


  1. Great picnic set! Those sure are neat.
    Did you say $250? Or did you mean $2.50?! 250 seems steep to me, (mind you $2.50 is ridiculously cheap..) but I'm an op=shop scrooge!

  2. Hahahaha!!! I love the poo hat! It's fabulous!And that picnic set!!Squee! Ha,Op Shop Mama and I come from a long tradition of op shop scrooges!!!XXX

  3. @OP SHOP MAMA Oh LORD no not $250.00 *heheh*
    Just Two dollars and fifty cents. *hahah* There is a little decimal in there but my blog font kinda messes with it.

    Gosh I have not one clue what I would pay 250.00 for at a thrift shop... Maybe a antique piece of furniture in immaculate condition. But that is about it. (I am a cheapo!) haha

  4. Oh how I love your Show'n'tell posts!
    So much to admire...
    Fabulous picnic set, never seen one like that before.
    Hats... all great, I rather like the furry poo hat, I think it's more like a Mr Whippy ice cream, does that make it more acceptable?
    The future Coconut Baby is very lucky to have such a gorgeous blanket waiting for him/her (beavers and "kittens" indeed, hahahaha!)
    Lovely dress, garter and boots AND a lobster - does it get any better than that???
    You sure did well, but shhh, I'll keep it a secret...

  5. I have totally accidently posted halfway through sentences then I hurry to finish. I bought a garter recently too it is so freaking tiny. You're lucky the vintage hats are so cheap, here they want anything from $10-$25 ridic I tell ya. Great job I won't tell anyone what you bought but that's only if you give me a cookie.

  6. O M G That picnic set is the BEST! I love it! And the poo hat is fab - I actually thought it looked like a soft serve ice cream!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Now didnt I have a right old giggle with the poo hat and for her pleasure converastion still laughing now.I love the poo hat maybe we should call it the soft serve lol and the other go go hat and I adore that lacy dress.
    I see a baby coconut in your near future!! Did I tell you my sis calls her kids little cocnuts as their dad is Fijian?
    You have a lovely little lobster!
    Ok Sherlock love that hat too dont eat tooo many choccie bickies or you will get a belly achie.

  8. Dear Lordy that vintage frock is fabulous, what a shame it doesn't fit, I'd have been beside myself!
    I love that hat on you. All the ones I come across are far too small for my massive head. It's far more ice cream cornet than a poo, how rude!!
    Those furry boots are so cute, you'll be looking fabulous this winter that's for sure. x

  9. I think it looks like an ice cream not a poo!

  10. I was thinking it looked like ice cream too lol I loove that first hat on you, and that picnic set is so cute!

  11. haha where did you get all this fabulous hats darling;) well i love this mens vintage hat, you look very foxy with it ;) and the second hat is really funky it looks like ice cream or a snail i´m not quite sure yet but with your cute and charming puppy dog eyes you can wear every kind of hat;) oh and this dress is so beautiful, it´s a shame it doesn´t fit :(
    love and kiss,mary

  12. you find the coolest hats.love the picnic set.Skipper is a cutie pie.Love the dress and that garter is sexy.It would fit me.Mmmmm apple tea sounds nice.I bet it's good like warm apple cider.yumm yumm.

  13. The "poo" hat!! Bahahahaa!! Too much! lol! I Like the last hat on you a lot! The dress is so pretty and the color is awesome! I also adore that lobster, "Skipper!" I have a weakness for lobsters too! I won't even eat the real thing! Whenever I see them in a tank at a store or restaurant, I want to set them free! Makes me sad! Nevertheless, that garter belt is hawt! Too bad it is so tiny because I would take it in a heartbeat!

  14. heheh you're going to get the same kind of pervy blog keyword searches as I do now - what with all these close up beaver and pussy shots!

    I think the hat is more like a fluffy ice-cream than a poo - honestly, men!