Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My $5.00 fall outfit / A message to Kate Spade

~*Complete outfit cost me $5.00*~

It might not be completely fabulous or utterly exhilarating. But I did think it was cute.

*Back of Jacket*

Jacket cost 0.50 cents

*Madonna tour t shirt 0.50 cents*

*Vintage Leather boots purchased last fall for $1.00*

*Tag inside boots*
Now the outfit does look kinda serious and grown up... but what people don't know is that hidden inside these leather boots is a burst of HaPpInEsS!
Would you like to see?



*You gotta love socks that make you smile whenever you look down at them.*

Clearance rack Walmart $1.00

I wore the above outfit out to get glue sticks. I was borrowing my Mom's hot glue gun that is dusty rose and has glue all over the dang thing.

(Mine is packed away somewhere.)

So while looking at the glue I saw this blue gun for $4.99. Just to think its cost me more than everything I was wearing.

I wanted to make some fall leaf hair clips.

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. Maybe I should make a turkey clip


*Sock in traffic*

And now a message to Kate Spade

Dear: Kate

You do not know me... I am just a odd Chic who resides in Canada and is obsessed with shellfish. Mainly Crabs and Lobsters but I am in no way mollusc, crustacean or echinoderm racist and love everyone in the salty waters equal. Very recently while having a craving for red claws, I of course gave into my urge to do some lobster googling. (Am I the only one guilty of Lobster googling?)

"I wonder"

That is when... I came across your Cape Cod lobster line.
*feels flush*

I about fell over. As a woman with a love for crustaceans I immediately had strong urge to own one of your bags. I immediately imagined myself skipping to the beach, Optometrist office, Subway (sandwich shop) & Insurance office with one of your bags. While imagining all of this... I felt like my life would be so much more happy, complete and fun if I was carrying one.

Trouble is I am a cheapskate. So if you ever read this... and feel like fulfilling my weird obsession. I will be eternally grateful.

Thank You


  1. LOL! Let's start a pass it on thing and see if Kate Spade ever gets this post!

  2. Bahahaha! If you don't ask,you don't receive!!!
    If she doesn't take heed,you might just have to make a fabulous version with plastic crustaceans!! You must like Shiaparelli,then?!
    I adore your $5 outfit,it's damned funky!I love Madonna!!! I look like a marshmallow in t shirts,dammit.
    Glue guns!Reminds me,mine broke,and I need to get one!!LOVE the hair clips.Definetly a turkey,love.DO IT!

  3. @Konad-licious If she ever got it my face would be as red as a Lobster Claw! *hehehe* But you never know... Miracles can happen. ;)

    @Helga! DAMN YOU DAMN YOU WOMAN!I do not know much at all about Schiaparelli I googled her and up popped the most amazing white 1937 dress with a bright red lobster on it. Now I will be busy with research for a few hours.
    This obsession is getting out of hand, but as long as it does not turn into a fetish I think we will be okay. *giggle*
    (Making my own... I will give that some thought)

    I highly doubt you look like a marshmallow in a t shirt! Someone as fabulous as yourself could never resemble a marshmallow.

  4. I was thinking Shiapparelli, too. I saw the real dress at an exhibition in Barcelona.

    I love crustacia, there is a giant prawn by the seafood stand where my sister lives. They dress is up and I always take a 'prawnographic' photo!

  5. You $5 outfit is great, and I love your leaf clips. Now you have the glue gun sorted, I feel you will be making all sorts of accessories, which may or may not involve crustaceans. A lobster would make a fantastic headpiece, don't you think? Very Helga-esque!
    Somebody forward this post to Kate Spade's people, she couldn't ask for a better advert than lovely you!!

  6. Your socks are awesome! Made me laugh...haha! Great outfit for $5

  7. I love your $5 outfit! The secret socks are pretty darn awesome too. I used to be addicted to hot glueing shells to things ah the good ol days. Those clips are super cool.

    Crossing my fingers Kate is listening because those bags are so you. Maybe you could dream about finding one thrifting??? hahaha

    Em :)

  8. Of course I love the boots and at that price! The KS bags are awesome. With you on the lobstermania (think it stems from living in Maine as a young child). The glue gun is just the beginning of many amazing things, like your hair clips.

  9. That's a great $5 outfit. Over here we have a TV show where a really cool stylist creates a high fashion outfit for £50, I reckon we should have our our You Tube channel to show him how much better we look with our finds.
    Those boots are fab, do you think Carlos Santana made them?
    Kate Spade should make you a bag. xxx

  10. hehe - those bags are mighty fine so hope yoone comes your way ;o) Scarlett x

  11. @Perdita It must have been exciting seeing the actual dress it is WoNdErOuS!
    LOL @ the Prawographic photos (Sounds so seafood sexy) *HEHEH*

    @PastCaring YES I can see a fabulous lobster or crab hair clip showing up in the near future. *lol*
    I wonder is Kate Spade blogs? =O *lol*

    @Trishie Happy socks = Happy day Even if I am the only one who knows I am wearing them.

    @Vintage Sweetheart You never know.. one could show up in a thrift store... but I bet it would not happen until 2013 because by then it would be considered (TOTALLY out of fashion) And the owner would cast it off like nothing. Then a crazy female thrift shopper would find it.. snatch it up like it was gold and even do a blog post for it as if it was the most fabulous thing since sliced bread. ;) *HEHhe*

  12. @DearHelenHartman I plan on moving ALOT closer to the ocean in the next few years. I want my future munchkins to be able to enjoy Sun, Surf & Sea water. Some of my favorite childhood memories is when my parents took us to the Ocean. I think this glue gun will turn into a good friend. =)

    @Vix People who don't thrift or Garage sale have NO CLUE that you could fully dress yourself from head to toe in under $10. When I see in magazines the compare outfit prices they are usually (This outfit costs in the thousands) you can have the exact look for (Some number in the hundreds) And I am thinking to myself. PSSSHHH I could do way better! *LOL*
    I should find a pic and try and copy it and see what I come out with. It would be fun to do.

    As for the boots, I don't think so. There is quite a few pairs of vintage Santana made in Canada boots on Etsy and Ebay. And none of the listings mention Carlos Santana... But I don't know.

    @Scarlett I think it would be a miracle! *lol*

  13. Awesome outfit and love your clips and the socks too of course.I do hope Kate sees your plee lol You know everytime I see a crustacean I think if you right?

  14. You are so adorable and funny.Love your outfit and those socks rock.Now I want one of those bags.Love them.Hope she sees and you get a prezzie.xx

  15. Amor,
    what a cute outfit and a bargain.
    lobster bags are so cute, I reckon you can make one. love the fall clips. yes, make some cute turkey hairclips/hats.