Friday, October 14, 2011

Glamour Gal stranded at the cattle corral Frock on Friday

"Ohhh Dear it smells like cows here.... My vehicle broke down on the way to the ball, not one car has driven by since .... I am doomed."

"I suppose I will have to make the best of my misfortune."
*Strikes a pose*

"Where's all the cattle?"

Bibbety Boppity Boo

I feel like a Genie, Where is my lamp??


~Dress Tag~

*Fabric close up*

Rocking my Fuk Wing shoes!

Please let someone know I am out here... This would be a scary place to sleep.And it doesn't smell that great either.

P.s. If I told you I did not get weird looks in this outfit, I would be lying!

One person even stopped in the midst of what they were doing and just stood there frozen staring at me. *lol*


  1. You look so pretty.Love the pattern on that dress.Hee hee i also put strike a pose as a capton on my pics the shoes too.Hope you got out of there safe.xx

  2. Fecking hot frock,love,and I adore the "on location" shoot!! Yay for Canadian scenescapes!
    Weird looks?! Hell,I imagine I must get loads,but I deliberately do not look at people when I'm out and about,as I don't like negatives,and if they have something nice to say they'll usually approach me!
    Strike a pose!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. When will you come over and visit me we would have so much fun ding photos lol You are such fun!!

  4. Did you get to the ball or continue to be overdressed by the cattle shute?? Love Posie

  5. I can so see you and Nelly striking a pose together!

  6. I agree with Helga this on location shoot is fab...definitely the way forward me thinks! I'm not sure why you got the funny looks and blatant stares though unless these people have never seen anyone fabulous before of course, then that would explain it! Beautiful ensemble & I recognize that label, I think I may have a frock by the very same one lurking somewhere...x

  7. Great dress, is the hat actually matching? Looks it from what I can see.xx.

  8. FABULOUS shoot - I do love a location! Your frock is spectacular and you really are such a supermodel, Coconut!

    Sarah xxx

  9. What a splendid location and a killer frock.
    People have given me funny looks all my life, I don't even notice anymore. xxx

  10. Love the turban!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. I love that someone stopped and stared at you! The frock is fab and I love the turban too.

  12. You look amazing, of course you're gonna turn some heads!
    The setting is wonderful, you're getting into the locations - I like!
    The dress and the fabric, and the turban too - all gorgeous!!

  13. Nu-Mode. So chic! Love the story with the frock today.

  14. Stylish ♥ I also like the location !

  15. Love your dress and the mood of this shoot! So fun! The background scenery is breathtaking!